Reality behind “White people stole my car”

White people stole my car

White people stole my car

On August 2009 the phrase “White people stole my car” has gained a lot of popularity over the internet. Though this phrase is not at all common and only a small amount of people searched for it on Google. Google showed some results on this weird phrase and most of them were either came as spam or full of malware.

In the end, after a bit of research, the mystery has been solved and the reason of popularity of such a keyword. If you have seen the screenshot, you will come to know that after googling the phrase “White people stole my car” you will see did you mean? Black people stole my car just below the search box which is certainly not a good thing.White people stole my car reality

Is it fake or real? The detail that we came to know till date is that Google didn’t this in a racially insensitive way instead it was just done in order to make people check the spelling. Google is just showing the suggestion as it does for the rest of the spelling mistakes.

As per many people, they have got a mail with the screenshot in which the Google search box is filled with the phrase. It seems this is done in order to spread some kind of virus or malware to the computers or the devices.  This incident might not have happened but we cannot guarantee or give any kind of surety but this type of racist things is not good.


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