What Does Dattebayo Mean in Naruto Manga Series

What Does Dattebayo Mean

If you are an anime fan, especially Naruto, you must have heard the Japanese word “Dattebayo.” It’s often left as it is while translating and leave most fans with the question, “What does dattebayo mean?”

Everyone has their version of understating. Some are logical, while others are completely out of the box.

We are stunned by the numerous ridiculous theories made by people on the internet and thought to clarify confusion by helping you with the most accurate information.

Some uses of this word are self-explanatory and derive meaning that you automatically understand while watching the show. However, sometimes it gets difficult to understand what the character is trying to say.

Naruto is a popular series, and we guess the question is much more popular than it. Let’s eliminate all random theories to understand the more profound explanation of the topic and figure out everything about the series.

Do you know the creators have already released this word’s exact meaning? We have added it to the article!

If you are looking for a complete explanation of “What does dattebayo mean,” Naruto, and other in-depth details, please read till the end, and you will have no confusion left.

Who is Naruto?

Naruto is a world-famous Japanese manga series written by Masashi Kishimoto. The story of this series revolves around a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki.

He starts with nothing but later on discovers his power of being a beast. An incident in his early childhood left him with a wolf inside, but he only figured it out after rigorous ninja training.

Now, he understands his power and believes to be a mighty warrior who is afraid of nothing. The young ninja dreams of seeking recognition from his fellows and becoming the leader of his village.

This is the basic plot of Naruto, but it unfold in two parts with twists and tweaks. The first part builds the story and shows Naruto’s pre-teen stage when he knew nothing and struggled to acquire knowledge and training from his masters.

The second part showcased his teen when he had acquired immense power with abilities to fight and take responsibility. Now he is a warrior who seeks success and power in his life.

The series is pretty old, but the storyline and direction have made permanent fans who continuously different about different aspects of the series on online communities like “What does dattebayo mean.” If you like Anime, then you have to watch Naruto.

What Does Dattebayo Mean

Why is Naruto so popular?

You will be surprised that most fans consider this anime character their idol. It’s indigestible for those who know nothing about Anime, but the web believes it’s normal for Anime fans.

The fantastic storyline keeps viewers engaged, entertains them, and leaves them with learning that resonates with real-world problems.

The same goes for Naruto; he is not just another anime but an idol. He is a powerful warrior who has seen various cycles of violence and lost his essential friends and family but doesn’t fall victim to the circumstances. He stands firm and courageous enough to find an inspiring solution amidst everything wrong.

Naruto believes in ending the cycle of hatred once and forever. He fights for good, and he is a hero to many.

Such excellent capabilities of the character and his ability to stand against the wrong inspire people and draw their attention. This is why people love Naruto, and the series has successfully made fans worldwide and left them searching even the tiniest term “What does dattebayo mean.”

What does dattebayo mean?

Now, when the basics of the series are clear, let’s understand the story behind Naruto saying dattebayo and its exact meaning in the real sense.

Surprisingly, there are two meanings of Dattebayo! Initially, it was originally translated as “Believe it.” Soon after the official confirmation, it went viral and became a kind of slogan for Naruto for the early seasons of the series if it was often used with exclamation marks with the character.

The second meaning was released later, around the launch of the second season; it’s translated as “ya know.” It is then used more casually instead of the power word.

In reality, the term dattebayo has no plain English meanings and juggles between translator and translator. That’s why the word’s general meaning depends upon the sentence and the circumstances. Most of the time, it’s a self-explanatory informal statement.

You will often find Naruto speaking Dattebayo after a sentence to emphasize the overall meaning. One famous example is – “I’m not going to run away, and I never go back on my word; that is my ninja way! Dattebayo (Believe it)!”

Instead of making a separate meaning, the word is considered more of a phrase emphasizing the sentence’s bulkiness.

The interesting fact about the word is that you will find Naruto’s mother, Kushina, and son, Boruto, speaking it differently with a slight variation. Commonly these tactics are often used while dubbing anime, which also helps the Japanese viewers distinguish between speakers and make anime easy.

What Does Dattebayo Mean

Why do people often ask for dattebayo meaning?

You will often find non-Japanese viewers asking the meaning of this phrase. There can be some possible reasons behind this.

  • There is no exact meaning of Dattebayo in English. If you search it on google, you will be welcomed with fancy responses that make no sense with the context spoken. People are unaware, and that’s why they ask.
  • The word is highly viral among Naruto fans; everyone is willing to browse all possible meanings.
  • Although most of the time, the meaning is self-explanatory, some people ask questions out of curiosity to understand the opinions of other fans on the Internet.

We believe these are prominent possible reasons why people search for “What does dattebayo mean.” Why are you searching for it? Please let us know about it in the comments.

Anyways, now things are clear, and you must have understood the real dattebayo Naruto meaning.

Are there other meanings of dattebayo Naruto?

Remember, we have mentioned that multiple fan theories on the Internet make their versions of meaning believe that it’s true. At times, they also deny accepting the official statements the media released.

These theories are usually based on the occurrence of specific situation-based scenarios that make no sense if spoken afterward. People participate in those spoken sentences and claim that their version of meaning is correct.

In reality, there is no exact meaning of Dattebayo because the term doesn’t exist in English. But the released version of “Believe it” or “Ya Know” is much more believable than random fan theories.

Beware if you are also reading out those debated in Reddit fan groups. You might feed your mind with incorrect information that might make you feel embarrassed if you discuss the same with other knowledgeable fans.

Is Naruto finished?

Along with the question, “What does dattebayo mean” people also doubt the continuity of the series. As we said, it’s so popular that even the tiniest questions get viral. But actually, the telecast of the series is over in reality.

It was heartbreaking news for the fans when they heard the final closure of their favorite anime series.

The original Naruto series was written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It remained in the books for a long time until it was planned to serialize for digital circulation.

On September 21, 1999, our favorite Naruto was first aired, which successfully ran for 15 years until November 10, 2014.

Because of reduced TRP, the producers planned to bring the series and close it for good. However, after some time, Netflix noticed the opportunity and demand among fans. They decided to release the entire series in one go and aired all nine seasons on Netflix.

It worked well for a few years but couldn’t survive for long. On November 1, 2022, Netflix officially removed all nine seasons of Naruto from their platform; this Naruto is lost forever.

However, only the telecast of the series is gone, and the fans still exist. You can download all seasons to watch them one by one. If you have just started exploring Anime, then Naruto is worth investing time in.

What Does Dattebayo Mean

Amazing facts about Naruto

The entire Naruto series is fantastic, but some parts are better and well-remembered than others.

If you are looking for “What does dattebayo mean” then you must be aware of these amazing facts.

  • Naruto has broken many records to become the fourth highest-selling manga series. However, Dragon Ball and Golgo 13 have beaten it.
  • The writer intentionally added dattebayo, a popular phrase that left everybody confused, to improve the authenticity of the character.
  • Do you know there is also Naruto music, which was released in 2015 and sold as DVDs? It was popular, and you still have the opportunity to watch it.
  • The name of a Japanese city, Naruto, originally inspired the name Naruto. The city exists since 1947. Only a few people know about this information.
  • Naruto is super popular, and the stats will amaze you! The series has over 100 million copies sold in Japan alone. Worldwide stats are more thrilling.
  • Besides the digitized series, Manga books are also trendy among readers. You will find their copies openly sold in around 46 countries. Check it on Amazon.
  • Unexpectedly, the books and their digitized versions are different from each other. Many episodes of the Naruto series are fillers that were added to elaborate the story and make it more engaging for animation viewers.
  • The writer, Masashi Kishimoto, has revealed in many interviews that he didn’t know what would happen in the series. He kept writing people loved him for his creative thoughts.
  • Most of the plot twists of this series are based initially on Buddhist mythologies like ninjutsu.
  • Beware for those planning to binge-watch the entire series because there are 700 episodes.

Should I watch Naruto? Is it interesting?

Yes, we will surely recommend you to watch Naruto. It’s an exciting series with sudden plot twists that leave you surprised. It shows the poses of violence and teaches you about the path of righteousness.

The series is top-rated worldwide and loved by people for its unique storytelling, fantastic graphics, and adaptability to connect with the characters. It’s one perfect series you can watch with your family if they are interested.

However, you cannot find it on digital streaming platforms like Netflix. The only way to browse all episodes is by downloading them, or you may ask for copies from your friend or look in the nearby stores.

If like anime, then we are sure you will fall in love with the universe of Naruto. But we are sure you will not ask, “What does dattebayo mean.”

Final Thoughts

Naruto has broken many records and holds millions of fans worldwide for both digital and print versions. But it might amaze you to know that it is not the most watched anime series of all time.

Naruto stands fourth in the most-viewed anime list. The top three include Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Pokémon, respectively. Still, the series has a different fanbase, and even after years of release, it successfully sustains fans worldwide.

We hope you found the answer to “What does dattebayo mean.” It means “Believe it” or “Ya know.” We also believe that you were able to figure out some of the unknown details about the viral series that might have generated a curiosity to search more.

At last, we would like to mention that Naruto is famous worldwide for all positive reasons. If you like Anime, then watching Naruto is a must.

What are your thoughts about this popular series? Do you want to watch Naruto? Please leave your comments below; if you have any doubts regarding our explanation, please let us know. Enjoy watching Naruto!


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