What Does Ova Mean in Anime – Top 5 Ovas of All Time

Anime is an excellent expression of graphics and storytelling; people worldwide love Japan for this! However, we are often stuck in the language barrier and limited to reading subtitles. Today, we will clarify what does Ova mean in anime to help you understand this genre of entertainment a little better!

OVAs are nothing but anime episodes or films you cannot find in theatres or OTTs before you see the release on television. Sometimes, a short clip of the OVA is released for promotional purposes. DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and VHS tapes distribute OVAs.

Difference between Ova and Special Episode

If you are already a fan of anime but have never seen an Ova before, you will be able to distinguish between an OVA and a special anime episode.

Now to qualify for an OVA, the episode will only be available to be viewed at home via DVDs, etc. But in the case of anime, they are readily available on television and in theatres.

Since this is premiered with the other episodes of the series instead of broadcasting it separately, this is released first only for viewing at home.

For example, if you check episode 5.5 of The Promised Neverland Season 2, it is a special episode, not an OVA.

The regular and special anime episodes tend to be longer than an OVA but may vary. Some OVAs are more extended, depending on the episodes.

Some fantastic, memorable episodes have no connection with the existing plots. These episodes are like a spice that gives the story an exciting flavor to attract.

Do you know that there is a separate stand-alone production unit for OVAs? Featuring high-quality animation, these production houses only produce OVAs. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may find the complete series. But then, it is not common.

Are OVAs considered a Canon?

One of the most common confusions is whether an OVA is a canon or not.

The simplest way to answer this is that some OVAs may be canon, and others are not. This depends on the anime, whether the OVA is canon or not.

Few producers produce OVAs which are Canon for the anime series. But one thing you must not forget, being an anime lover, you must never miss watching a canon ova.

If you miss the canon OVA, you might also miss some of the most critical scenes of your favorite series. But the non-canon one is not connected to your anime series and can be skipped if you want.

So, ensure you don’t miss the canon OVAs if you don’t want to miss twists of your series.

How influential is an OVA in a series?

Are you wondering whether you are watching an OVA for the anime series you have been following? Well, that depends on what series you’re watching. Some OVAs and anime series are interconnected, and some aren’t.

A few unrelated OVAs can be skipped and watched only if you want to. Like you don’t have to watch such OVAs mandatorily. But if you are an anime fan, you would love watching an OVA for entertainment.

The OVAs, which aren’t connected, their quality also vary. For example, the series of Seitokai Yakuindomo has about 15 OVAs. But do you know the best part? The stories are independent and can be watched separately. All the characters are also different, so there’s no pressure to finish them one after the other.

Note that there are exceptions because a series like “The World God Only Knows” is one such anime ova series that must be watched like a regular one. They are all interconnected with one another.

Can you start watching a series with OVA?

If you already know about anime and OVAs, you will also be able to distinguish between the two. But the question is whether you can start watching a new series with an OVA.

Now that depends on whether the OVA is a sequel or prequel of the anime series you have decided to watch. If it’s a prequel, you must watch it before the original series and vice versa.

The most usual thing you must have heard is that OVAs are not much connected with the original series. But they have their charm; the characters and storyline are something you would find in a regular series.

Hence if you are a true fan, you must watch OVAs whenever you can. It keeps you entertained, hooked, and updated with the original series. Especially try watching an OVA that has your favorite character. It will be much more enjoyable.

What does Ova mean in anime?

If you are new to watching anime, then understanding what does ova mean in anime is important to interconnect it with the main series. Because OVAs can instantly make you fall in love with the anime series.

1. Added income stream for makers

Firstly, OVAs help to increase revenue. The creators can make money from it because they can use DVDs and VHS tapes.

2. No time limit

Then as average anime episodes have a standard length of 30 minutes, OVAs have no such time limit. So, the creators of the OVAs have no pressure to cut it short within the time limit. They can happily express the characters’ emotions in an OVA, making it worth watching and keeping you glued to it.

3. Only available for hardcore fans

Also, OVAs are not readily available to the public. You got to purchase DVDs or VHS tapes to watch at home. Because of this, the quality of the OVA is much better than the anime episodes.

4. Expresses characters in-depth

Now coming to your favorite character, wouldn’t it excite you to watch your favorite character for a more extended period than in an anime episode? Of course, yes!

Some OVAs feature only characters, which helps you know more about your favorite story and personality.

So, it is a win-win situation for both you and the creators. You get to watch more about your favorite character, and they are above to make some extra money by making OVAs. Now you know what OVA means in anime.

Best anime ova to buy and watch

Being an anime lover, the OVAs are just a level-up from the original series. Now there are a few favorites listed below which you must watch if you haven’t yet.

1. No Remorse in Attack on Titan

In this OVA, Levi Ackerman has proven to be one of the most favorite characters, which features the details of his origin and complements the original series.

The story is about a young boy who struggles and battles to survive in the horrible ghetto, where there’s no way to be out.

Now it features Levi Ackerman and his friends, Isabel and Farlan, who commits crimes for their lives as they aren’t left with any other choices. Like they take up the assassination task of murdering Erwin.

Smith in the hope of earning citizenship. This is one of the favorite OVAs of all time, with so much action to encounter.

what does ova mean in anime

2. Hellsing Ultimate

This OVA is a fun watch if you love vampires. And the best part of Hellsing Ultimate is that it has ten episodes. That’s quite a lot. To keep you entertained. It features Alucard, a beautiful vampire who alliances with the group of Hellsing to exterminate his species.

But to keep you posted, this OVA is horrifying and includes many killings. So, if you are okay with that, the Hellsing Ultimate is your game.

what does ova mean in anime

3. Loyalty And Treachery In Samurai X

Hitokiri Battousai, known as Kenshin Himura, is an assassin that kills for political gain in this OVA. However, he gradually realizes he needs to change and live everyday life. And then continues to battle to save people from danger.

The most adorable part is how a cold-hearted mercenary turns into a sweetheart. Samurai X: Loyalty and Treachery keeps the viewers glued to see the change of emotions in character.

It depicts the hardships and brutality of Kenshin’s environment that made him make harsh decisions over time. Also, it is very well connected to the anime Rurouni Kenshin.

what does ova mean in anime

4. Yamato 2199: Space Battleship Star Blazers

This is worth watching since it’s a recreation of the 1970 series. This OVA, released in 2012, did a fantastic job of preserving the originality of the old version by giving it unique animations and designs.

This OVA shows life in 2199 when Earth is no more habitable because of continuous attacks by the alien civilization known as Gamilas.

Now it revolves around how they discover an exotic planet known as Iscandar with the help of technology. And which will help to get Earth back to its original splendor.

5. One-Punch Man: Hero’s journey

This OVA, One-Punch Man: Hero’s Journey, is a story of Saitama and his tailor. Sounds funny, right? But it has a lot of action and genuine emotion if you start watching it.

Saitama goes through rigorous training and frequently tears up his tracksuit; now, a gracious neighborhood tailor repairs it free of cost to him.

The story takes a turn with the entry of thugs that harasses his adorable tailor get to threaten to lose his store. This is when the hero Saitama shows his heroism in helping him.

what does ova mean in anime

Final thoughts

It is finally time to get your hands on Ova of your favorite anime series to understand the storyline of these series in-depth. Ovas create an alternative point of view that anime fans often miss out on when watching the regular episodes. So, if you want to have a different outlook on some of the best anime series, buy their Ova episodes and watch now!

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