What Does an Expat Management Package Include?

If you have been offered an overseas managerial position, you’ll probably be wondering what the package includes. Most employers have to offer top perks when looking to lure UK professionals to the Far East; here are a few of the benefits that you could expect to enjoy with a 3-year contract to work in Thailand.

  • Top tier salary (tax-free) – A multi-national employer would offer a top range salary, with minimum tax, if any. This would be around 15-20% higher than what you would receive working in the UK; this is the only way to attract top professionals; relocating to the other side of the world is no small commitment.
  • Generous housing allowance – This might come in the form of a monthly housing allowance, which allows you to find a house to rent. The company might own upmarket properties and living in one of these would mean all bills are covered. Your compensation package might even include garden maintenance, which is ideal.
  • School fees paid Enrolling the kids in the best British international school in Bangkok shouldn’t cost you a thing; most employers are happy to pay for school uniforms, books and necessary equipment, while all tuition fees are covered. Even if you do have to pay for things like extra classes and transport to and from school, it is still a fantastic deal, international school fees are high.
  • Vehicle & driver – Your employer should provide you with a prestige car (and driver if requested). This might be limited to company use, or you might be lucky enough to have car and driver at your disposal 24/7. If you are bringing your family, you should have free use of a company car, or possibly a rental car would be provided.
  • Comprehensive health insurance – Thiis would be for the entire family; corporations tend to use BUPA, offering all their executives a top package that includes annual health examinations and, of course, any dental costs you might incur. Here are a few ways that you can find old friends using the Internet.
  • Personal expenses –This can vary greatly; from paying for business lunches to offering weekend trips to top hotels; there are no hard and fast rules regarding personal expenses; you will need to discuss this with your employer.
  • Relocation expenses – Normally your employer would pay for one sea container for your personal possessions, perhaps two if it is a long contract. You shouldn’t have to deal with customs, rather an agent would handle this and your possessions will arrive at your new home.
  • Paid flights – When you take your annual holidays, your employer might offer you free flights home, once or twice a year. There might be issues of you are not flying to your home country, it depends entirely on the company policy.

Whether you are relocating to Thailand, Hong Kong or Singapore, you should check the entry requirements prior to booking your flights. We hope that you and your family enjoy the foreign posting and life continues to be fun.

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