What A Day in The Life of Your Family in Limassol Looks Like

Are you looking at houses for sale in Limassol? Whether you want a home away from home or a rental investment for passive income, Limassol in the southern part of Cyprus proffers so many advantages. You can learn more about what it’s like in this thriving town by reading this detailed article about the life of your family in Limassol. 

Many foreign investors choose to buy houses for sale in Limassol because of the competitive pricing. Moreover, the city’s close proximity to the European Union is a huge come-on for a lot of people, especially businessmen. Best of all, a certain monetary investment can grant you legal permanent residency or even citizenship. 

Do you now feel curious about what life is like in this island paradise? You can take a look below. This could be your future life if you decide to find property in Limassol. With excellent business opportunities, good education, and pristine beaches, anyone who comes here will be living “the” life. 

An Ideal Place for Families

Checking out houses for sale in Limassol means you are a step closer to making this beautiful place your home. This beautiful town in Cyprus is an ideal place for families, especially those who have children. Local Cypriots love children, and they generally accept foreign nationals with a big friendly smile. You will feel comfortable settling down here with your family because:

  • Good schools, both public and private, abound
  • Unbeatable safety and security ratings
  • Abductions are virtually unknown 
  • A clean and pristine environment

Noteworthy, the majority of Cypriots speak English, so communication should not be a problem. That being said, locals also speak Turkish in the northern part because of its proximity to Turkey. Meanwhile, southern residents, where Limassol is, speak Greek. Many foreigners prefer this location as they see it as a gateway to the EU via Greece. 

Enjoy Modern Conveniences

If you finally sign a contract for one of the houses for sale in Limassol that you love, you will not regret it. Though Limassol assures you have access to beautiful coastlines and pristine beaches, you can still enjoy modern amenities that are at par with the rest of the EU. You will have access to:

  • Shopping plazas
  • Well-stocked grocery stores
  • Restaurants with all kinds of cuisines
  • Quality medical care
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Public buses

Should you decide to settle down here, you can also buy a vehicle. Foreigners can own vehicles easily by just presenting their passports. The prices of vehicles and car insurance are so much cheaper than anywhere else in the EU. 

Moreover, you can drive here with an international driver’s license, or you can use your local license for 6 months. After, you have an option of replacing this license with one issued by the Cypriot Department of Road Transport. 


Live the Best Island Life 

The best thing about buying houses for sale in Limassol, tourism is at an all-time high. Hence, you don’t have to worry about tenancy should you decide to rent out your villas or apartments while you’re not around. 

And if you do decide to live in Limassol for the most part of the year, you will live a terrific lifestyle. You can live your days as you normally do in your country of origin. However, you can amplify your life because of the amenities and panoramic vistas nearby. 

After a long day at work, and once your kids get home from school, you can explore these beautiful locations to unwind. Apart from the scenic public beaches that call you to take a dip, check out these top 3 places. You will undoubtedly have a good time here with your family:

1. Kolossi Castle

Go on a historical journey by visiting this former stronghold outside a quaint village of Kolossi. In the Middle Age, this castle functioned as reserve storage. You will find sugarcane and other essentials. It played a big role in Cypriot history because it provided food and nourishment. 

Though this old castle ruins no longer serve their purpose, you will still find the coat of arms of the people who protected the castle. Going here with your children gives them a taste of authentic history. You will never find this kind of lesson in history books. In Limassol, you can experience it first hand. 

2. Limassol Zoo

This institution prides itself on being entertaining, educational, and scientific. The staff dedicates their expertise to care for the animals. The goals include preserving animal species and propagating the near-extinct ones. You will find many unique animals like: 

  • Pygmy hippos
  • Meerkats 
  • Specialty birds 

You and your children will undoubtedly enjoy the different animal breeds. Though this zoo may not be the biggest or most fancy one in the world, you must certainly make time for it during one of your family excursions. 

3. Fasouri Watermania

This water park serves as the perfect place to cool down under the blazing sun with your family. It provides an all-inclusive and safe experience for the young ones and young once upon a time. There’s something for everyone. 

Young children will enjoy the kiddie pools, while the older daredevil adolescents will love the big water rides. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy the massage parlor while waiting. Moreover, if you don’t feel like cooking anymore, you can dine in any of the restaurants. 

The water park’s Polynesian theme gives you that island vibe feeling. Most of all, document your fun-filled day in the cool photo spots. Now is the time to pour over different houses for sale in Limassol because there is never a boring day here. 

The Final Wrap Up On Houses For Sale in Limassol

You can find and create exciting experiences with your family if you live in the beautiful town of Limassol in Cyprus. Many people who invested in property here did not regret their choice. In fact, they encourage other family members to come over to double the fun. 

Residence in Limassol promises unforgettable moments that make your daily life truly rich and vibrant. In this idyllic town, you can let go of your stress and truly concentrate on the people you love. Your time in Limassol amid beautiful beaches and scenery will create perfect memories with your family. 


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