Top Ten Business Ideas to Create a Steady Side Income

Does your day job pay less? Or do you have big dreams that can’t be achieved by your 9-5 job? Maybe you’re a college student who wants to pay is the tuition fee. Whatever your reason might be, a few extra bucks never hurt. 

Side hustles are a great way to generate some extra income. You can do them beside your daily job, and once you develop a steady flow of income, you can quit your job and pursue your dream career full-time. 

Here are a few side business ideas to get started. 

Amazon re-selling

Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program offers you to work as an Amazon FBA seller. As an Amazon seller, your job is to find inventory that can be re-sold. When you’re off from work, you can shop for bargains and send your items to Amazon. Once the sale is made, Amazon ships the items and provide customer support on them. You collect a share of the profits. In addition to this, you can at the same time be an Amazon Flex driver. You just need a driving licence and Amazon Flex bot app or extension to grab the blocks for you. This will double your income in a short time.

Freelance writing

This one’s common, and many people are doing it. If you’re good at writing that delights, informs, and engages people, you can source gigs from sites like Upwork and Flexjobs. Freelance writing is an easy way to bring in some extra cash besides your full-time day job. But once you’ve built a big clientele, you can turn your side hustle into a full-time business and start working from anywhere. All you need is a laptop, internet connection, and a list of clients to back you up. 

Web design and development

A few side hustles on this list would require you to have skills and expertise in certain areas. One such skill is web development. Web developers are in high demand as businesses are readily going online. There’s a need for talented web developers all across the globe. However, becoming a successful web developer requires skills in HTML, CSS, Ruby, Javascript, and PHP. Once you’ve gained expertise in these technologies, you can start looking for freelancing opportunities online. 

Another side hustle that goes hand in hand with web development is web design. While web development is the actual development of a website, web design focuses on making the site flawless and user friendly. If you develop expertise in both these fields, you can easily win freelancing gigs and earn a steady side income. 

App development

With mobile users on the rise, businesses are focusing on mobile apps. Earlier, mobile app development used to be complex and required a great deal of coding. But thanks to the introduction of easy-to-use app development frameworks, you can now develop apps without any coding or programming. 

There are a ton of templates available for creating apps, and all you need is creativity and vision. So, if you thing developing excellent mobile experiences is your thing, app development is a side hustle you can opt for. 

Online tutor

Are you an expert in your field? It could be anything, such as proficiency in a tool, skill, or quality. If yes, then you can teach people who are willing to pay for access to your expertise and experience. And if you think your skill isn’t worth teaching, remember people are making money by teaching people how to remember their dreams. 

Moreover, the e-learning industry is on the rise. People are investing in self-development and are looking for ways to become a better version of themselves without going to a college or institute. Sites like Udemy and Udacity allow you to create and sell your courses in a few easy steps. 


One of the favorite side hustles of most modern-day entrepreneurs, blogging allows you to create an awesome side business. If you have good writing skills and knowledge or interest in a specific industry, blogging could be an excellent business idea for you. 

Another benefit of blogging is that you don’t have to deal with clients to earn money. Once you’ve put in the hard work and develop a regular audience, there are tons of options to monetize your site. These include ad support, e-books, online courses, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and more. 

However, your success as a blogger depends upon the niche you pick and your consistency. Don’t pick a niche too competitive, but make sure it is popular enough to build a reputation and a large audience. 

Travel consultant

If you live in an area that attracts high volumes of tourists, becoming a travel consultant can be an excellent option. More people than ever are traveling, but they face a few common challenges. 

These include troubles with accommodation, transportation, where to travel, what to eat, how much to spend, and more. If you know the ins and outs of a place or area, you can help the tourists through their trip and charge money in return. Plansify launched a platform that allows experienced travelers to connect with tourists looking for local help. 

Podcast host

Hosting a podcast is more or less similar to blogging – you start a podcast in a specific niche, talk about topics, and grow your audience. But unlike blogging where you need to write, podcasts are audio-based. The initial setup costs might be slightly high as you’ll need to invest in a good-quality mic and audio-editing system. But it’ll pay off in the long run. 

When you speak directly to your audience, you create a personal connection. And personal connections can create more authority and help you win a loyal audience. Once you’ve developed a regular audience, you can look for sponsors and advertisers. For instance, if your podcast talks about starting a business, you can reach out to relevant venture capitalists and see if they’re interested in getting promoted. 


A DSLR camera and some photography skills – that’s all you need to become a photographer. People crave high-quality pictures that tell a story. While the latest smartphones come with DSLR-quality cameras, the expertise of a professional photographer will never go out of demand. 

If you’re passionate about capturing memories, start your profile as a photographer. You can look for gigs online on sites like Craiglist or Freelancer. Or, you can also start your own photography portfolio website. Once you’ve established a portfolio, you can take up full-time photography as a career. 

Personal fitness trainer

All movie stars and sports personalities have a personal fitness trainer. Leave aside celebrities, even regular people are hiring fitness trainers nowadays. If you’re a fitness freak with a knack of how the human body responds to diet and exercise, you can help others get into shape, and they’ll pay you for it. 

Like any other business, you’ll need to develop your reputation as a personal fitness trainer. Once you develop that reputation and a client base, you can easily turn it into your full-time career. 

Is that all?

There are hundreds of ways you can make money, and there were just a few of them. Are you get at editing videos? You can become a video editor and edit videos for YouTube channels. Do you know how social media works? Brands are always looking for social media managers. Or are you a great dancer? You can also provide dance training online. 

Thanks to the internet, making money is easy. So, look for your passion and turn it into a career.

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