This Cute 2-Year-Old Boy Tries To Blow Out His Birthday Candle & Constantly Fails

We don’t like to giggle at other people’s great efforts, however this is just so charming and lovable, we can’t resist the urge to laugh (with adoration, obviously).

Little Marty Williamson is cut and lovable kid who just celebrated his second birthday (We wish you very happy birthday, Marty!), and his mother, Ashleigh Williamson made sure to get her son’s milestone capture on camera.

But, beside the precious memory, what she got on film is totally amusing. It turned up that while presenting Marty with a cupcake and candle to celebrate the morning of his special day, Ashleigh and her husband discovered that their son has a bit of difficulty blowing out a candle.

Take a look at cute little boy trying with the large candle on peak of his celebratory cupcake. He continues trying and trying, however nothing happens. That is when father comes to the rescue!

After clearly stating, “You’re terrible at this,” (LOL!), Ashleigh’s hubby came up with a quick trick—he got a straw! With the help of directional air flow, Marty was able to successfully blow out his candle.

And even though he faced same struggle again at his birthday party, he was able to pull through with his father’s help, obviously.

Watch this adorable and cute clips!

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