The Four Factors That Affect Hair Growth


The strings of keratin produced by our body, if sewed under the ideal circumstances on the 5th day of July on a full moon, can signify vitality and youth. While we might be exaggerating in the previous conjecture, maintaining a healthy hair care routine can, at times, be daunting. We’ve all probably tried hundreds of products in our lifetime just to tame the disobedient strands that like to wander free. Some products might have worked, some not at all, but our frustration was a constant throughout the trials. Without further ado, here are the four factors that can influence the growth of your hair.

1- A Nutritious Diet

There is no point in patching and mending on the outside when the strand of hair has already come out brittle, damaged, and broken. The hair care industry has embedded the notion that products can reverse damaged hair deep within our subconscious brains. Possibly what explains why we instantly rush to the market for new products.

The truth is, you have to supply your body with energy, the right building blocks, and organic elements to regulate the hair growth cycle.

Life of a hair constitutes three primary stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is the period of hair active hair growth. Whereas catagen refers to the stage of inactivity and telogen marks the end of the cycle. Vitamins are capable of altering the above phases by either delaying or prolonging any of the phases. Consuming a balanced diet rich in the necessary proteins and vitamins will give your hair the strength and shine it deserves. However, while vitamins are your best friend, in excess, they can stab you in the back. A little hair drama, but overdosing vitamins such as vitamin A, can shorten the phase of active hair growth and fast forwards the cycle to the telogen phase where you bid your hair adieu.

2- Eschewing Heat

Since the stands of your here are merely units of the protein keratin, it’s important to learn the foes and the buddies of your crown. Proteins and heat don’t go hand in hand, as the latter, at high degrees, can denature the former. Therefore, wear your natural hair when possible and abstain from applying heat, because the damage is irreversible.

3- Coconut Oil

Set aside the hair products you purchased and block your ears from the false claims of their effects. Coconut oil, according to research, is the only oil that could penetrate through the strands and block the gaps that harmful material tends to reside in preserving the health of your strands.

4- PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is a procedure that utilizes your own growth factors to stimulate growth and speed the nurturing of your strands. Patience is a virtue in hair growth as it could take time. PRP, however, can speed the results you are desperate to see.

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