How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster: Tips for Hair Growth

Getting your hair to grow faster is the question of the century. So many different people have wondered this and many different studies have been done as a result. From sifting through a bunch of proven hair growth techniques, we’ve formulated a list of ways to get to help your hair grow faster.

Ways to Help Your Hair Grow Faster

There are a ton of different ways to help your hair grow faster and keep it healthy in the long run. These are some of the best-proven ways to get your hair to grow faster and some reasons that are preventing you from getting that commercial ready hair.

Avoiding Hair Dye

If you are in the process of growing long natural hair, perhaps you should reconsider dyeing your hair. Dyeing your hair damages it and makes it dry- which only makes it more breakable. You want strong and healthy hair to ensure that the length continues.

Heat is No Good

Blow drying and straightening your hair also makes brittle hair that breaks easily. If you want to maximize your hair growth, cut down on the heat you apply to your hair to ensure that you’ve got strong and healthy hair. This doesn’t mean cutting it out altogether, but reconsider blow drying your hair every single morning if that is a part of your routine.

Stripping Oil is Bad

Applying shampoo to your hair every night is terrible for the strength of your hair unless you’ve got a serious oil problem. For most people shampooing your hair dries it out, once again contributing to brittle hair.

Choosing the Right Shampoo

There are different shampoos for different hair types. This means that not every shampoo caters to the same person and so depending on your hair type you might want to look at something different. Be wary of companies who promise that their products are good for all hair.

If growing black hair fast is your goal, then checking out the different moisturizing argon oil shampoo might be in your best interest. In contrast, if you’ve got thin oily hair, moisturizing shampoos might not be a good choice. Assess your hair needs before choosing the perfect shampoo for your healthy hair needs.

Hair Masks

If you’ve got dry and brittle hair from years of chemical and heat treatments, then using a hair mask can be a great benefit to you. This enables your hair to take up the oils that have been routinely stripped off. This enables your hair to return to it’s former strong and bouncy days.

Hair Vitamins

Hair vitamins are good, but this doesn’t mean jump on the next expensive Instagram trend because more often than not a normal grocery store will sell these vitamins. Omega-3 is a common vitamin that is proven to help with hair silkiness that you can also find at your local grocery stores or even a drug store.

Not only is Omega-3 an option if you’ve got brittle hair, but there are tons of other hair vitamins that can greatly benefit your hair. Vitamin A is a hair growth vitamin that could be found in vitamin form but is also in common foods. Most of these vitamins part of hair trends can be found already a part of foods, but looking into getting the vitamins can help with your hair growth journey nonetheless.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera isn’t just for sunburns anymore. It is shown to have some impressive benefits for your hair. A lot of the time rapid hair growth products also have the side product of creating dandruff as a result of speeding up the cell division that results in hair, aloe vera can help with that. Not only can it help with side effects from those fast hair growth products, but it can also ensure that your hair is moisturized to prevent brittle hair.

Hair Loss

Sometimes hair loss is the issue itself and there are tons of different products to help combat hair loss. There are vitamins that can help if you’ve got a vitamin deficiency, there are creams that stimulate hair follicle activity and many other products. Researching which one for your specific cause of hair loss is going to be your best bet, as there are many different reasons behind hair loss.

Reasons Your Hair Might Not Be Growing

There are a ton of different reasons that your hair might not be growing and identifying the reason your hair isn’t growing is an important step in your hair growth journey.

Diet Choices

Sometimes diet choices can lead to brittle, thin, and generally unhealthy hair. This often results because junk food just doesn’t have all the vitamins in it that you need to have healthy hair. Changing your diet or getting ahold of the vitamins you are lacking is a good start to regaining healthy hair.


A lot of people go through hair loss as a result of their genetics, but with modern medicine, there is a ton of ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. There are specialized shampoos, vitamins, and even medications that your doctor can put you on to ensure that hair loss doesn’t happen to you.

High-Stress Levels

While this is not always possible, a large reason for hair loss in younger people is stress. You’ll notice stress related hair loss is different because it is a significantly different pattern than typical hair loss. Once this is noted, going to the doctor for help is the best bet, but following up with hair vitamins and shampoo catered to your hair needs is important.

Medical Issues

If you’ve tried everything that you can possibly do and your hair is still thining and becoming more brittle, that could be indicative of a medical issue. Certain medical issues sometimes manifest in hair issues, so checking with your doctor is a good way to rule this out and ensure that you have no health concerns.

Treat Your Hair Well

Hair is an incredibly important part of most peoples lives, as it is what frames the face, and so it should be taken care of. These tips to grow hair faster are proven ways to make sure that your hair stays healthy while it grows out. We hope that with this information that you can make your hair grow faster and healthier than it was before.

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