What Does Taylor Swift’s House Look Like?

What Does Taylor Swift’s House Look Like?

Taylor Swift, is largely famous winning 10 Grammy’s and much more, yet to this day she is loved by thousands and many listen to her music. She is still seen as a role model for many people, as well as girls looking to one day be as influencing as she is in everyone’s life. With this being said, many want to know more about her and her life such as where she lives, personal life, and her beginning.

Where is Taylor Swift Living Right Now?

Many want to know; just where does Taylor live? As it happens, she actually owns lots of homes according to VelvetRopes.com which is not surprising as she made about $170 million last year! The three locations of houses she owns are in Nashville, Tennessee, two in Beverly Hills, California, two in New York City, and one in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Out of these six houses she spends the most time in Nashville. The house in Nashville cost Swift $2 million dollars and is a two-story penthouse. The penthouse is located in the Adelicia complex but Taylor definitely made the apartment her own. The apartment consists of 3 bedrooms and 4 ½ bathrooms. Another added feature is two balconies. Some of the features of her home include floor-to-ceiling windows, brick walls, book shelves, and a style that was found to be very “whimsical.”

The two homes in Beverly Hills are just as amazing as her penthouse. The one is a “Cape Cod-style” and has four bedrooms and bathrooms. The home also includes a tennis court and a guest house. This residence cost Taylor about $4 million! The other house in Beverly Hills is the Samuel Goldwyn Estate. This property has seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a tennis court, a pool, and a guest house. Now this place is like a dream to many and cost $25 million!

Another one of Ms. Swift’s homes is in Rhode Island and cost $17.75 million. This home is definitely reflective of the cost. The homes features consist of eight fireplaces, eight bedrooms, a swimming pool, 5 acres, and an oceanfront view.

The New York homes she owns are lavish and what I am sure every person dreams of. The first of her New York homes is 5,400 square feet, has five bedrooms, two living rooms, a pool with a chandelier, a garage, and a basement. It also costs her $40,000 per month! Her second home in New York cost $20 million and is a two-story penthouse. This penthouse in 8,300 square feet and is currently under construction, costing Taylor another $500,000 in renovations.

Why Does Taylor Swift Always get Dumped?

Another burning question that many have for Taylor Swift is why she is constantly getting dumbed? I mean Taylor is beautiful, reportedly very kind, successful, and hardworking, so why? Upon reading the many interviews with her and research it seems there is some noticeable problems to Taylor’s relationships with men. The first is Taylor’s pursuit of men interested in her. It seems Taylor tends to go from zero to a hundred when she should just let the relationship naturally develop as well as let the man pursue her more. Another problem is her being famous. I mean anyone who dates Taylor is going to be in the public eye probably within the first date. That is something I think a lot of even famous people can’t handle. Having a relationship publicly displayed can make the romance fizzle out and lead to frustration between the couple. This is why a lot of famous individuals don’t have long-lasting relationships or can make finding that right person hard if their only out for the fame. Being that Taylor is such a famous person, it would be a good idea for her to date someone that is not famous and try to keep the relationship quiet. If she was more “chill” and let things fall in their own places, she probably would have more success and kindle a deeper connection with her love interests.

What Song did Kanye West Write for Taylor Swift?

Of course, another huge aspect of Taylor’s life is Kanye West. Kanye west, as I am sure many know, dissed Taylor on stage when she was receiving her 2009 MTV Music Award. He claimed that Beyoncé should have won and pretty much humiliated Taylor on stage. This was the beginning of the war that still goes on today. Then in 2016, Kanye made another stab at Taylor by making a song called Famous. This song has some pretty apparent language towards Taylor, even putting her name in the song and claiming how he made her famous! This angered Taylor and her fans causing even more of a feud. My guess is these two still don’t get along. Taylor later went on to make a speech at an award show, where she put out there to not let people take away your success or your fame. Many guessed that the speech was directed towards Kanye!

Did Taylor Swift win American Idol?

Some may be wondering where Taylor Swift was discovered? Was she another talent from the show American Idol? Believe-it-or-not she was discovered in non-other than a café. The café was called The Bluebird Café and it is located in Nashville. Scott Borchetta seen Taylor performing and must have loved her, because he offered her a contract with his music company, Big Machine Records.

What was Taylor Swift’s First Song Ever?

Taylor Swift’s first song was “Tim McGraw.” The song was on the country’s top 10 list! Since then she has taken the world by storm, creating many more songs and evolving her style from country to something more like pop.

What Does “Long Live” by Taylor Swift Mean?

“Long Live,” by Taylor Swift was a song that seemed to have great meaning for her. According to statements made by her, the song reflected a celebration of her life and how grateful she is to have the people surrounding her that helped her in life. I think this song is an example of why she is so likeable in that she appreciates everything she has in life.

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