Is The NFL Workout Method Sustainable?

Is The NFL Workout Method Sustainable

These days, everyone is working out at home, including professional American football players. For an average fitness enthusiast, exercise might come in a lot of forms, including video, apps, and customized Zoom workouts. If you are curious about what custom training sessions look like, the NFL workout method are an ideal option to get started.

You might have probably noticed that the NFL players are always in tremendous shape. So, you can imagine how effective their workouts will be.

This article will show you the practical differences between how an average person trains at the gym and how NFL players’ train. Additionally, you will also learn the fundamental principle of exercise philosophy and the reason behind why you train.

Why the Average Person Trains vs. Why NFL Players Train

Most people train intending to either get healthy or gain a better-looking physique. You might train to be strong, gain weight, lean, lose weight, or just look healthy. 

This is the “why” behind why people usually workout. However, NFL players don’t work out to look a particular way. The “why” behind an NFL player’s training sessions is to be the absolute best at what they do.

When it comes to physical ability, you can’t ever go higher than the National Football League. NFL players always put forward their absolute best at everything to get even 1 percent better. This is their main focus and nothing else.

For NFL players, an attractive physique is nothing but a mere side-effect of their training. And, we appreciate this. So, to put it short, how NFL players look is a function of their job.

For this reason, the average gym-goer doesn’t and cannot train like an NFL player because where they begin is significantly different. It might not make sense for a typical individual to train like an NFL player if you aren’t going to be one.

In fact, experts recommend that most people don’t train like NFL players. However, you can make a few changes to the NFL player training regimen and tailor it to your needs.

NFL Player Training Regimen: Warm Up

As mentioned previously, everything about the NFL Player training regimen revolves around the athlete’s function and aiding them to perform at the absolute peak of their ability.

With that in mind, the first thing NFL athletes do is warm up their bodies before they get to the main workout. The warm-up session typically comprises stretching, foam rolling, mobility, and fascia work.

As an athlete, it is crucial you have the ability to move your body the way you need it.  So, NFL players will spend enough time working their hip flexors, shoulders, calves, hamstring, and quads.

From then on, the athletes will move into a dynamic warm-up session with some high knees, banded resistance work, shuffling, sprints, and carioca. Though the whole point of stretching is to improve the range of motion, the dynamic warm-up will help get the blood flowing and boost the muscle groups’ temperature.

NFL Player Training Regimen

NFL Player Training Regimen: Speed and Acceleration

A considerable part of the training for a speed-focused position like the cornerback is concerned with increasing speed and agility. They have to be capable of accelerating quickly and instantly changing direction when needed. This includes many banded sprint training work, side jumps, hurdles, the ladder, board jumps, and more.

NFL players will perform the first few steps of the movement repeatedly to master their body position, balance, weight distribution, and acceleration. All these movements should be second to the athlete. A cornerback can’t track their receiver while also trying to ensure they are leveraging the right form for their sprint.

With all these types of exercises, a specific exercise isn’t of importance. Instead, it is hitting as many perfect repetitions as possible. The athletes will have to focus on executing the movements as precisely as possible.

The NFL Player Routine

On a final note, about the NFL training method, players discipline themselves into a routine. Meaning they make their training a habit. This is perhaps the most crucial difference between a typical gym goer and an NFL player.


NFL players include the same things in their diet each day. They train the same way every week and at the same time. This means they also recover in the same way every single day. This is what makes the NFL workout routine truly powerful. It is highly important that athletes recover fast as the injuries affect their odds of winning the super bowl.

Habit is perhaps the primary reason that results in optimal health. Successful dieters eat the same meals every day, get into the habit of hitting the gym at the same time every day and do the same structured routine every week. Without a schedule, plan, or a routine, it is pretty hard to get the results.

So, instead of trying to train like an NFL player, always try to develop their mindset. Put your mind to working out, and create a plan that works for you. So, it will deliver the results you have been dreaming about. Then, all you have to do is stick to it.


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