How to Become a Professional Darts Player

There are key features that will help you improve your skills set as a darts player. You need to know the basic grip, the throwing techniques and stance used in the game of darts. There is a place to discover what works for you and how you can improve your style of playing the game.

7 Insane Facts to Become A  Professional Darts Players


It is true that the ones who are given to practice always rise to the top. You can use different type of darts boards to sharpen your prowess in the game. There will be no room for surprises if you go for a tournament that will not be using the conventional dart board designs. Most of the things that apply to this game apply to other aspects of life. It is what you put into the game that determines what you get out of it. The 10,000 hours rule can help you rise to the highest levels if you want to be a professional.

The 10,000 hours rule states that when you practice on any area of interest for this long, you automatically become an authority in that area.

Aim and Direct

One of the things that a professional darts player stated during a session with upcoming players is this rule – learn how to keep your dart pointing up in each throwing stage. This remains the chief objective of the basic grip when you are playing the game of darts. It is vital to mention that there are different things that people use in order to sharpen their focus. As much as the aim of this piece is not to go into details; we will mention that you can get a role model in the game to help you sharpen your playing style.

You may not need to engage in a physical training session with this individual, but you can use his materials to build your throwing technique. One of the most powerful things that anyone can do is to have someone that can help them move their game to a new league.

Solid and Relaxed

It is important to learn how to keep your grip firm and stable. You must not put so much tension on the muscles of your fingers. If you discover that your finger turns white and you are not able to easily release the dart, it means that you are applying so much pressure on the muscles of your fingers.

A key feature about the game of darts is that it is not a game of force. Darts is more about that unique touch that helps you keep things steady when you are set to make a throw. In order to raise your game as a professional, you must learn not to hold your darts too tight because it can stop you from hitting the scores that you desire.

Use at Least Three Fingers

Finger coordination plays an important role when you are about to make your throw. In a sense, using all your fingers to hold the dart when you are speeding up for a throw gives you a firmer grip. However, it becomes difficult to make the throw if you are not using three fingers. Most professional dart players keep practicing with the use of three fingers until they master this act. It is vital to state that you can use a simple dart design to keep sharpening your skill until you are set to take things to a new level. The push to become a professional is not so difficult if you know the path to follow.

Shape of Dart Barrel

It is not every barrel that may suit your playing style. A shorter dart barrel will require less fingers for coordination while a longer dart barrel will require more fingers. In a sense, there is no dart barrel that is ideal. Your playing style and the comfort you feel with a given dart can determine what you do.

Do not use a fist

There are people who use four fingers to hold a dart, but they unconsciously allow their fifth finger to be part of the grip. This makes it difficult to make the release when you are speeding up for a throw. Everyone who wants to truly become a professional must understand that there is no room for slips. You must keep practicing and doing all you can in order to move thing to a whole new level.

The important aspect of everyone’s pursuit to be a professional is that you must never lose your focus until you get to the heights that you desire.


You must ensure that your body is made still when you are set to make the throw. In one word, the major thing that will determine how far you go in your quest to become a professional is FOCUS!

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