Importance of Animation in Explainer Video

30-second explainer videos have been a trend in recent years. The popularity of animated video explainers is only growing. Explainer video characters emphasize the individuality of the company and engage the user more than text. Animation explainer videos are also easier to remember because they are bright and associative. That is why the alliance of marketers and web designers is so important. According to statistics for 2019, 85% of companies use video as a marketing tool. This is 22% more than in 2017. And at the end of 2020, this figure has already exceeded 95%. We are talking not only about large concerns, but also small businesses that actively maintain accounts on Instagram and TikTok. There is an obvious tendency that both filmed and animated videos will only gain momentum. In this article, we will talk about the importance of animation explainer video and other animation trends in marketing and web design in 2021.

Any movement in the visual component of the site attracts users better. It is very important to correctly compose and arrange a narrative for an explainer video. It depends on the presentation of information whether the viewers will not turn off the video at 5 seconds and whether they will share it with friends.

Trend # 1. Video: Best Advertising

Video, whether filmed or animated, is and will always be the number one decision. In my opinion, any client today, and especially in the future, needs a video displayer that describes the business. The task is to describe a complex array of information in a short time with maximum immersion of the user’s attention. The user is overloaded with visual noise, scrolling sites, skips information, even if it is well presented. Video has no competitors when it comes to human attention per unit of time.

The format of an animated clip can be different: 2D, more complex 3D-animation, a combination of 2D and 3D, and a combination with the captured video. There are many options, the main thing is that the video solves a specific problem.

It’s important to remember that the optimal length for a marketing video is up to 2 minutes. For this duration, the viewer remains focused and engaged.

B2C product presentation

Short videos are super trend. All the guys with online stores who can afford to spend money and time to shoot a product are either already doing it or will be doing it in the next 2 years. We are talking about those areas where the product raises the social status of the buyer and the comfort of his life: clothing, interiors, cars, accessories. Areas where the picture is important.

Video instruction

72% of video content is explanatory videos about a product or service. In the video instructions, the following logic is: a problem and a solution (product or service). The following shows how it works. And it should be clear at the end. This is exactly the scheme that fits into the concept of a traditional sales funnel.

A typical video begins with an illustration of the problem. You have to show some common problem for your entire target audience. The more this pain resonates in the hearts of people, the better you will be remembered. Even if a person is not relevant to your proposal now, he can return to it later. Then you need to show the reasons for the problem. The climax of the video is the way you propose to solve the problem. The main thing is that the problem is solved quickly and efficiently. At the end of the content, do not forget to mention that the client will receive such a result only by contacting your company.

Company video: storytelling video

According to a research by marketers, videos about the company accounted for 49% of video content last year. Such a video is ideal for the home page of the site, for social networks and YouTube.

There are two uses for company videos: for customers and for staff:

  1. For clients, the video briefly shows how reliable the company is, what projects it does. This allows the client to gain confidence, as he understands how the principles of the company are similar to his principles. As a result, the company gets a more loyal customer.
  2. Videos for employees also increase their loyalty. This makes it easier for them to understand how much they share the values ​​of the company and are ready to work in that rhythm and team. Such a video can reduce the number of interviews and eliminate hiring people who do not share the principles and values ​​of the company, which is time and money.
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