Concept Art in Video Game Development: Purpose Explained

Concept Art in Video Game Development

Art in Video Game Development industries, it all starts with a concept. Of course, the idea precedes it. But it is the concept art that is the first artistic result of the summation of all references and ideas, embodied in the form of a real and tangible sketch. Next comes the magic: transforming 2D objects into fantastic 3D models, environments and animations.

There are different types of concept art in video game development. They need to be used to ensure a coherent and harmonious result. Continue reading to learn more about concept art for games.

Concept art in video game development

As we have already said, it all starts with an idea. But it remains a fairly abstract thing until it begins to form in visual forms. This is the concept. It is never intended for any kind of marketing purposes, is not pushed out to the public and is not an end product. It helps to visualize all ideas so that they become clear to the whole team.

There are no format requirements for the concept. It can exist in the form of a sketch on paper or in any program, have any detail, display an entire object or a separate part of it. It is important that in the final stage, their combination helps the modeler understand what the model should be.

Concept Artists and their Role

In large companies, for example, the concept art agency Kevuru Games, individual people are allocated to create the concept. Due to the fact that there is a separate team working on it, other artists do not have to combine multiple functions.

Concept artists often work with 2D images. They collect all available information, analyze references and sketch a character or environment. Further, the sketch is corrected, detailed, approved and moves on to the next stages of work.

How To Begin Making The Best art in video game development

To gather thoughts and ideas together, you need at least that they exist. Therefore, the phase leading to the creation of the concept is brainstorming. The team collects ideas, chooses the best and only after that the collection of references begins. They are necessary in order for the artist to form a rough idea of ​​the character or object needed for display. There are too many options, so you need to narrow them down.

After collecting the necessary materials, you can begin to organize and combine them. Artists create images from the bits of data they receive. Further, these images are supplemented and complemented by more and more details. Concept experts also need to consider the appropriateness and realistic equipment of the character. This is necessary so that at the modeling stage, there is no problem associated with an imbalance in the sizes or angles of inclination of different armor, weapons or other items of the character.

Work Format and Concept Artist Toolkit

We have already said that the concept does not have a strictly defined format. Artists work according to the assigned task, but they are free to carry it out as they like. The only thing is, if they undertake to draw an object, it should be depicted in front, behind, from the side, sometimes also from below and from above. This is necessary in order for the modeler to have all the required material to work with.

Concept artists often work digitally. Such drawings are easier to pass further along the pipeline and edit if necessary. The most popular software is Photoshop and SketchUp. They provide all the necessary insight to create a sketch of any complexity. Some also use Sketchbook and Painter. The choice of the program is not predetermined and depends on where the artists are more comfortable and accustomed to work.

Final Verdict

The concept phase is extremely important as it provides materials that unite the entire team as they work on the next phases. They enable all artists to see what the game should look like, what style to work in and what to depart from. In order not to miscalculate with the choice of concept artists, choose those who have a portfolio and whose style you like. Check out Kevuru Games at . This company has brought together the best specialists working with the world’s leading publishers: Epic Games, EA and others. They create the highest quality concepts, precisely tailored to your tasks and meeting all the success requirements dictated by the gaming industry.


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