How To Make Yourself Pee: Secret Tricks


Holla all, this post is rather a relieving one in which we would be telling you about how to make yourself pee in different ways, some ways are so weird and wonderful you probably never heard of them before! Quite interesting right?How To Make Yourself Pee

So to explore the inventive means of peeing…… Stay Tuned!

Why would one want to learn “How to make yourself pee”? Ok, the phenomenon of eliminating excess fluids and waste is a natural process but we often take it for granted. Mostly urinating occurs easily and regularly. This happens when it is a call from nature. However, it is not always the nature’s call which makes you run for the restroom; sometimes it can be a medical test which demands your urine in the form of a sample, or maybe an excuse to avoid a particular situation (wink).

How To Make Yourself Pee By Drinking Fluids:

Drink loads of Water, yeah it is by far the easiest way. Drinking loads of water is the most common way to urinate. If you want to be prepared for a urine test at a pathology, you have to drink water, more than you usually do. This will make your bladder filled with urine and you won’t be finding it difficult to collect a sample at the right time.make yourself pee by drinking fluids

Warning! Do not overload yourself with water, or else you will have to Drink Tea or Coffee:

It’s a very well-known fact that tea and coffee stimulate frequent urination. Just take a cup of green tea or black coffee before taking a urine test. Note: excess of these beverages are to be avoided as the caffeine content can cause abnormality in your blood pressure if too much of it is taken.

Drink juices:

Cranberry juice, lemon juice, or apple cider if you want to make yourself pee. Some fruits make you feel like urinating because of their diuretic properties.

How To Make Yourself Pee By Eating:

Consuming juicy fruits also helps in making you run for the restroom. You can also eat juicy fruits like watermelon which has a lot of water to increase your urge to urinate.Make Yourself Pee By Eating

Switch To Herbs:

Some herb’s contain natural diuretic properties that induce urination. Herbs are also a rich source of antioxidants that boosts your immunity. Herbs that can make you pee are cilantro, garlic and ginger.

Munch On Vegetables:

Vegetables, such as celery, carrots, cucumber and cabbage promote urination. Because of the high water content in these veggies it tends to make you pee. Along with their diuretic properties, they are also rich with nutrients like vitamins and minerals which benefit your health.

How To Make Yourself Pee By Physical Practices:

Relaxing your muscles helps in generating an urge to pee. When you relax your muscles it makes it easier for you to pee specially in public toilets. Try relaxing one muscle group at a time, first the shoulder and neck muscles, then the arms, next to be massaged is the torso and finally the hips. This will make you pee easily and naturally.

Distract Yourself:

Try distracting yourself in case you are not able to pee in a public toilet. You can read something or listen to songs. The main reason of distracting yourself is to put you at ease so that you can naturally pee.How To Make Yourself Pee

Hold Your Breath:

In order to relax yourself you can hold your breath and release. Try this repetitively until u feel relaxed. That will ease your way to peeing.


Sometimes it is possible for a person that he is not able to urinate along with that experiences pelvic pain. Under such circumstances it is mandatory to seek medical advice before the conditions gets worsened.

Additional Techniques To Make Yourself Pee:

  • In case of pregnancy which makes it uncomfortable to pee, lean forward as u sit on the toilet. You’re your tummy up a bit so that your uterus would not press on your bladder. This technique would help you pee better.
  • Try squirting some warm water with a peril bottle or try leaving the faucet water running in the sink. It would help you to feel the urge to pee right away.

Additional Techniques To Make Yourself Pee

  • Try using oil of peppermint which is used by some women to stimulate urination after giving birth. You can also try popping a peppermint gum or candy in your mouth. That would help you pee easily.

Benefits Of Peeing:

Once you flush out the liquid which was accumulated in your bladder, you feel totally relaxed and free from any sort of discomfort. It also helps in discharging wastes as urine consists of wastes generated by body, when flushed out it paves a way for a healthier and a lighter body.

We hope you have learnt new interesting ways of how to make yourself pee, naturally or forcefully, and also we hope the above given techniques prove to be useful for all of you. Practice them and don’t forget to share the results.

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