How to make your property look amazing for renters

Once you decide to rent your property, you are embarking on a proven method of generating passive income but it could be done only if property look amazing. However, it all relies on your ability to secure a tenant, and securing a tenant relies on outcompeting other rentals. Because people want to live in the nicest place they can afford, it is up to you to prove to prospective renters that your house offers exactly what they hope to find. The difficult thing about making your home inviting is that doing so relies on your ability to successfully implement specific staging strategies that reveal the house in its all-encompassing glory.

1. Photos

Because most people shop online for rentals, it is important to have professional photos for your listing. The key for every listing is to have between 10 and 12 photos. Too few photos will leave your shoppers unfulfilled. Too many will leave them frustrated. If you place 10 to 12 photos online, they will allow shoppers to review all the main rooms as well as any that can be used for an office or home gym. Photos should also show the yard and the garage.

In terms of photo composition, you should stand back far enough from the room to get a snapshot of the entire room. To do this, you might need a wide lens. Whatever equipment you use, you do not want the photos to be closeups of corners or floors. These types of photos make it seem as if you are renting a corner or a floor. What you want to convey is spaciousness, and you will need a wide-angle lens for this.

2. Deep cleaning

The carpets should be clean because even though the photos might not show any spots, the visitors that respond to your attractive online listing will be able to smell the spots. The fact of the matter is that they will grimace to one another in private without saying a thing. Once they complete the tour, they will smile and never return. You should do yourself a home-renting favor and steam your carpets.

3. Open windows

As long as the weather allows it, you should open the windows to allow fresh air to come into the room. This will make the touring process pleasant. An open window also allows in light and sound. Birds chirping and lots of light can leave a lasting, peaceful impression.

4. Neutral colors

Bold purple or lively red walls might work for a child’s room, but it is doubtful. Nevertheless, many renters attempt to rent their homes without painting the walls in colors most people can tolerate. If your home has too much so-called personality or taste leftover from a previous tenant, you should return the walls to a rent-acceptable color, such as light tan or light blue. Trim should be painted a semi-gloss white in order to contrast nicely with the walls. The semi-gloss coating will create a nice shine and leave the room feeling refreshingly clean.

5. A plant or two

Nothing says peace and quiet quite like a plant. Plants have the ability to calm people, and many will absorb certain odors. However, the plant must not overtake the room. Shoppers want to see your home. They do not want to tour a greenhouse. Consequently, all plants should be suitable for the space they are in without seeming like a gargantuan prop. Because the effect you are going for is something subliminal, people should notice the plant without really noticing it at all.

6. Landscaped yard

Prior to showing the yard, you should at least have it mowed. Weeds should be sprayed, and the areas around the trees should be clipped or trimmed in such a way that everything feels professionally maintained.

Other ways to make your yard serve as the property’s welcome mat include the following.

– trim bushes

– trim driveway cracks

– trim around the mailbox

– remove all leaves and other types of natural debris

7. Light

In addition to opening the windows, one trick that a rental property management company might use is to turn on the lights prior to the tour. Doing so will allow your prospective renters the opportunity to experience the room when it is brightly lit. If you do not turn on the lights, the first impression will be a sense of darkness.

Additionally, you can leave nightlights plugged in. Doing so will cause the light to turn on as soon as the shoppers test the wall lights. When the nightlights turn on, they will feel safe and at ease because everyone feels safer in a strange room when a nightlight is on

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