How to Choose an MBA School that Is Military Friendly

There are some things that the average civilian does not know about branches of the United States Military and about how to choose an MBA School. One of such is how passionate these officials are about education. Some citizens think they are all about combat operations outside the country and protecting the nation’s interest at large. This is true but there is more to these valiant men and women than combat. Studies have shown that they are very passionate about formal education. This is considering the number of uniformed men and women that have a bachelor’s degree at least. You should know that well over 80% of these officials have a bachelor’s degree at least. Some of them even got their degrees while in active service. They put in so much considering that their service to this nation is a daunting one.

The margin is very wide when you consider the percentage of civilians that have a tertiary education. If you are interested in knowing more about this, you can check here.

All these points to the fact that our uniformed men and women in the army, marines, air force, navy, coast guard, and space force have a keen interest in formal education. Some of them even want more than just a bachelor’s degree.

However, the truth is that the average education system is not designed for them. They need something very flexible as regards time for instance. This is because of their many active involvements in different places.

This suggests the need for a program that is military friendly. Well, we will shed light on how these uniformed officials can choose the right school for their MBA program. But first, let us fill you in on 2 reasons why an MBA is a good idea for soldiers. Here is military friendly MBA.

Reasons Why Having an MBA Degree is a Good Decision for a Military Officer

Some of the reasons why having an MBA degree as a soldier is a good decision includes the following:

Life after Service

You would have to think about life after active service at some point. This is regardless of how involved you are in the military right now. After paying your dues as a uniformed officer, you would have to face the civilian reality and you would realize that it is a different ball game.

Some of the things you have learned as a uniformed person will come in handy but you would need more. This is why we advise going for an academic program that will give you an edge and boost your productivity.

Life in Service

Do you know that soldiers are offered tuition assistance to bag graduate and postgraduate degrees by the Defense Department?

Yes, they are! For more on this subject, you can visit:

This points to the fact that the department sees the need to equip soldiers with these formal skills. The reason is that military officers are more productive with such training. As a result, they stand a better chance of getting promoted and achieving extraordinary feats even while in active service.

Tips on How to Choose a Military Friendly MBA School

Some helpful tips include the following:

A large number of Military Students

These schools are mostly online structured to meet your needs as a military personnel. However, you would need more than that.

This is why we suggest that you enroll with one that has lots of military students that also speak well about the program. This will prove that they understand your uniqueness as a soldier considering their experience with people like you.

Military Centered Mentorship Class

There is quite a lot that you do not have in common with civilian students running the same program. It is for this reason that a military-centered mentorship class is of utmost importance. This will ensure that people like you get all the help they need to scale through the rigorous academic environment even as a soldier.

Career Counseling

An MBA program is multi-faceted and this is why people from all walks of life can undertake it. However, you need to pick the right courses that will be relevant to what you do as a military officer and afterward. This is why the right school should offer intensive career counseling sessions to help out.

Well Ranked and Accredited by Credible Bodies

The right school for you has to be well ranked by platforms that understand the realities of a soldier. This will ensure that you enroll in an institution that is committed to helping you get better. The right school also has to be duly licensed and accredited by reputable bodies.

Wide Range of Military Relevant Courses

There are MBA courses that are more beneficial to military students than civilians. It is only logical that the right school offers a lot of them. For the record, some well-known schools that offer military friendly online MBA  are great in this regard.

On a Final Note

Choosing a military-friendly school is very important for soldiers running MBA and any other academic program. This is so that they do not get unreasonably stuck along the way. We have discussed how to avoid this and advise that soldiers take this information seriously.

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