The Advantages of Using Technology to Find the Perfect School and Neighbourhood

Technology to Find the Perfect School and Neighbourhood

Advancements in technology continue to enrich our lives and change the way we do things. From the comfort of our homes, we can use technology to shop, order a hot meal, call a cab, or even develop a new relationship. 

But in some areas, it felt like technology still hadn’t caught up. Parents interested in becoming homeowners and giving their children the best education had little help from technology. They were forced to trudge through piles of data and become amateur data curators while accomplishing little, especially in towns with catchment systems, where kids usually attend their neighbourhood’s catchment school.  

Even after finding the perfect neighbourhood, parents had trouble connecting with a real estate agent that was genuinely interested in helping them instead of pressuring them into making a decision they were unsure of. In a hot housing market with busy realtors, finding the right real estate agent proved to be as challenging as finding a great neighbourhood near the ideal school. 

Finally, it seems like technology has the answer for busy parents. They can try SchoolQ today for a platform created by research, technology, business and design professionals, designed to help parents find a neighbourhood and school district they love. The platform is especially useful in cities with a catchment system. In such towns, finding the right school and the right neighbourhood go hand in hand. Researching to find both has been challenging until now. 

This platform uses a massive database of hyper-local neighbourhood reports, featuring information on the schools, parks, transit stops, and other vital places nearest a specific home. It’s built on the back of the most comprehensive and highly detailed neighbourhood data in Canada and packaged by expert professional curators who understand the unique demands of homebuying parents. 

These curators realized that school information was the biggest priority for real estate agents and homebuyers, so it brought them together on one technologically advanced platform. Like any piece of revolutionary technology, the website offers parents convenience by saving them time and money with its key features. 

Neighbourhood Report

These reports can be downloaded for free and offer a wealth of information on everything a homebuyer wants to know about the area. This includes the number of public, catholic, private, alternative, and special needs schools, parks and recreation facilities, transit information, safety facilities, and daily conveniences such as grocery stores, cafes, pharmacies, gyms, and more.

Parents looking to develop an emotional connection with a town can read more interesting facts about the neighbourhood on the platform such as local attractions, demographics, and history.  

School Report

Like the neighborhood reports, school reports can also be downloaded for free. They include information such as school names, grades offered, address, distance to the home, school website link, and other more in-depth details that can help parents make informed decisions.

Neighbourhood Experts

Homebuyers can use the map on the platform to look at neighbourhoods, the number of homes for sale, and the average home prices. They can also connect with an experienced and highly rated real estate agent. These neighbourhood experts are passionate about developing relationships and helping parents with anything they need.

By offering homebuyers all the information they need in one space, technology continues to make lives more convenient. Now, parents have an uber easy way to research and buy their dream homes. 


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