GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Everyone these days seems to be fighting the frustrating battle of the bulge! Frustrating, because though you fight long and hard, the results are not worth the effort you put in. You try hard, resorting every trick in the book, read eating right and exercising, yet you are unable to shed the extra kilos. The important thing to note is you need a jumpstart to your weight loss regime. Thankfully, amidst a plethora of diets, there is one, which fulfills all your requirements. It is the Indian GM diet plan for weight loss. The diet is simple to follow and you end up losing at least 5-7 kgs in 7 days. That seems like music to some of us, who find it just so hard to lose even 1 kilo of weight.

So, what is the diet plan all about? It is pretty simple to follow really as there are clear definitions on “what to eat” and “what to avoid.” All you need to put in is, a lot of resolve for the next seven days and you are pretty much good to go. The GM Diet enables you to lose weight, it also detoxifies the body, getting rid of all the toxins in your body. It is basically a win-win situation. All said and done, it is not very easy to follow the diet, as you can only eat a few specific things from the diet chart. We will do a quick dekko to find out the basic do’s and don’ts of this diet plan, so you can quickly lose those stubborn extra kilos. Before that, what is the GM Diet plan and how did it come about? This is a General Motors Diet Plan, as it was originally conceptualized for the “General Motors Corporation” employees. This was originally planned to help the employees lose a lot of weight and improve their work prowess. Start with this diet plan and find out whether it works for you too?

The Basic Rules of the GM Diet Plan

In this diet, you basically have to go without your staple rice and roti. Well, don’t worry you can have lots of fruits and veggies in its place. Not together though! Let us find out what to eat and what to avoid in these seven days.

Day 1 – Kick-start with the Fruitarian Diet

This day can also be known as “the fight your cravings day.” Yes, because all you get to eat on the first day, is fruits, fruits, and more fruits. Also, it does not mean you can gorge on your favorite fruits, such as mangoes and bananas, all you get to have are fruits with high water content, such as strawberries, pomegranate, melons, lime, apples the works. Whenever you are hungry, you need to feast on fruits.

Day 2 – Get into the Veggie Zone

The next day is an all veggie day so if you have enough of fruits the first day, the second day you will only get to have veggies. However, you cannot have potatoes galore, only one potato with a spoonful of butter. You cannot cook your veggies though, you can only boil it or steam it. This is going to be a difficult day to follow for sure, but the positive point is when you are loading up on veggies, you are loading up on fiber, which enables digestion. Cucumbers and cabbages are a great option. Select more veggies with high water-content and which are low on starch.

Day 3 – Add both Fruits and Veggies

This day gives a break to your palate as you can combine Day 1 and Day 2 for Day 3. Consume as much as fruits and veggies as you want but potatoes are still off limits and so is bananas. Try a variety of veggies such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, tomato and so on. Stick to the plan and don’t capitulate to the cravings for sugar and too much of salt. Sugar is a complete no-no, salt you can have in moderation. Instead of refined white salt, try rock salt and Himalayan pink salt for its myriad benefits.

Day 4 – The Milk and Banana Day

Day 4 is officially the Milk and Banana day, this day is a welcome break to all those who needed a break from regular fruits and veggies. Have up to 6 bananas and 4 glasses of milk. Blend it into a smoothie. You can also up the nutritive value of the day with wonder soup. This is a soup with the goodness of tomatoes, garlic, onions, and capsicum. It is a satiating and is the answer to your sudden hunger pangs.

Day 5 – The Tomato Protein Day

The original GM diet recommends you beef on this day. However, you can substitute beef with different vegetarian protein options such as 250 gms of cottage cheese, 20 gms of soya chunks and so on. Also, if you are a big fan of chicken then Day 5 gives you the reason to smile as you are allowed to consume chicken minus the skin.

Day 6 – The Soup Day

Have sprouts, paneer, and veggies. No tomatoes though, this day is all about replenishing yourself with water and soup. You will feel energetic and agog, and raring to go and reach your weight loss goals.

Day 7 – The Final Day

The final day is a reward or a treat in itself, as you can have brown rice and even palak paneer if you want. Stay hydrated with plenty of soup and water. In fact, water should be your best buddy throughout the diet plan.  The more you drink the better are your chances of losing weight and getting closer to your fitness goals.

So, now is the time to kick-start your diet plan. Do keep up with your exercise plan too. Nothing too intensive, just a mild workout to expend calories and complement your diet plan. Give caffeine a miss on all of these days. You are what you eat and the seven days of the GM Diet epitomizes this potent truth with great alacrity.

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