Four Safe and Inexpensive Ways to Do a Summer Detox

It won’t be long before the temperatures turn hot and you’re ready to head out to the beach. Before putting on that swimsuit, get your body ready with a summer detox. Cleanse the impurities from your body and drop a few pounds to give yourself that perfect beach body.

A summer cleanse is all the rage and it’s helping people feel better both physically and mentally. Don’t get caught being the only one without a cleanse. We’ve found some great ways for quick detox that won’t break the bank.

You’ll feel amazing after you eliminate the toxins from your system. Summer is your time to shine.

What is a Summer Detox?

People fill their body with processed foods, sugar and fatty meats. These foods can be horrible on the body leading to health problems, free radicals and weight gain. Many times, these damaging free radicals will sit in your system and over time lead to serious problems.

A cleanse or detox is designed to flood your body with nutritious foods. These foods fuel your body to lose weight and eliminate the free radicals from your system.

A cleanse can last a few days or longer depending on what you want to accomplish. It’s important to note that a detox eliminates sugar and other negative foods and your body will crave them. If the cleanse is to work, you can’t eat those foods.

The result is a better feeling you that’s ready to hit the beach in your Gucci leather tennis sneakers.

Juice Cleanse

A popular type of cleans involves not eating any solid foods and only ingesting juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. This takes pressure off the digestive system because it doesn’t have to break down solids and fill your body with micronutrients.

You purchase vegetables such as kale, carrots, celery as well as fruits such as apples, oranges, etc. and put them into a juicer to create drinkable meals. The juicers extracts the juice and leaves the pulp, which you can recycle.

Make sure to include more vegetables than fruits as fruits do have a lot of natural sugars. You’ll feel hungry after the first day, but as the cleanse goes on, it will lessen. It’s also important when you stop the cleanse to ease back into solid foods.

Vegetable Cleanse

A cleanse is meant to be temporary. A short-term shock to the system that helps get your body in shape for the summer. One of the best ways to cleanse the body is to remove the negative foods and replace them with high fiber nutritious foods.

If your diet consists mostly of processed foods and sugary drinks, eliminating and replacing them vegetables and fruit is a wonderful cleanse. Instead of drinking sugary soda, replace it with lemon water.

The lemon provides flavor and your body needs water. After a few days, you’ll stop craving soda and start craving water.

What happens is your body uses the food to fuel your body. You’ll notice more energy; weight loss and you’ll feel great.

Summer’s Almost Here

Don’t wait until the last minute to get summer detox. Now’s the perfect time to start, so you’ll be ready for the summer. You’ll have a body you love, have energy to party and eat foods that make you look and feel amazing.

If you’d like to learn more about detoxes and ways to naturally feel better, then explore our site.

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