Factors Influencing Dog Bite Claims Of A Victim!

Facing an aggressive dog and getting bitten by one can traumatize you. However, you can seek compensation from the dog owner as part of the victim’s right without going into a legal battle. But how you should pursue it and how much depends on multiple factors. Also, is it okay to settle out of court? All these are some valid points that a dog attack victim must consider.

Interestingly, these settlements usually range from USD 30-50k. Minor injuries can reduce this, though. They can withdraw if you are unhappy with the offered amount and insist more. It is a possibility, so don’t discount it.

If you want to avoid risking your chances of getting the best compensation you deserve for your sufferings, walk to your nearby San Diego injury law firm for help. They will guide you about an appropriate figure for your injuries and if you should file a lawsuit against the pet parent. Moreover, let’s look at different scenes and scenarios that can affect your compensation demand positively or negatively.

  • Extent of injuries 

Injuries led by a dog bite can be visible or disabling. Visible scars on your legs and arms can affect your appearance. Hence, you must seek a substantial amount. If the owner denies it, you can file a lawsuit. Disabling injury relates to brain injuries or other severities that hamper your functioning in some way. In this case, you can drag the person to court because you have the right to ask for enormous compensation. They will most likely pay a hefty amount if they don’t want trials.

  • Injury-led consequences

Your settlement consideration should also include ongoing treatment or medical costs. You can take them to court if they refuse to compensate for this. 

  • Personal responsibility

If the dog owner holds you also responsible for the attack, the case can take a slight turn. Suppose you abused or teased the dog, and hence it assaulted you. You will lose the right to compensation. Of course, the defendant should have proper proof to establish this. Nevertheless, you must account for this and settle for less if you have been at fault too.

  • Lost earnings

Staying away from work due to diagnosis and medical therapies can affect your income. You can seek reimbursement for this from the dog owner. If it also affects your future income, they should pay for affecting your earning capacity.

  • Multiple damages

If a dog is recognized as dangerous under specific city, state, or county law, the owner will need to compensate heavily, maybe two or three times more, for the injuries. 

Your main goal should be to secure compensation from the dog owner to tackle your medical bills that will soon become a financial burden otherwise. But this negotiation process can be easy if you have an expert lawyer. Otherwise, the other party may refuse the blame and pay nothing or offer a negligible amount. But lawyers can streamline everything and solve your concern. You can focus on your healing while they prepare a solid ground for your financial compensation.


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