Everything You Need To Know About Felony Drug Crimes

You can face felony or misdemeanor charges based on the nature of a drug-related crime.Your liability in case of a misdemeanor can be comparatively less severe. But if you are arrested for a felony offense, the criminal punishments can be harsh, resulting in massive fines or long-term imprisonment under most state laws. You can also lose your driving license for up to 5 years. At the same time, it can also have an impact on your employment, insurance, financial condition, firearm ownership, etc. It can stigmatize your name forever. The only way to alleviate or get rid of these likely consequences is to get in touch with a professional drug bail bond company.

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Misdemeanor drug crimes relate to possessing illegal drugs. However, a felony offense includes much more than carrying illicit drugs. Here are some instances of such drug-related crimes.

Drug trafficking:

Smuggling and trafficking drugs is a serious offense. It covers possession, sale, buying, delivery, and manufacturing of illegal and restricted substances. Both state and federal laws apply in such cases. If it is proved that a particular crime crossed the state lines, then it becomes a federal crime, and accordingly, the laws are applied.

Possession of Drugs beyond the permissible limit:

You can be convicted on felony charges if you are found with a large volume of drugs in possession, which hint an intention to sell or dispense drugs. Carrying how much quantity is illegal depends on where you are in the country. Besides, which drug is it that you have been found with also determines the severity of charges you face. Some drugs are considered to be most dangerous, such as heroin, and some are the least risky.

Drug tampering:

Any effort to change or substitute a dangerous drug with some other substance is also a felony crime. It is generally considered as a third-degree offense in Ohio and, hence, can cause up to 36 months of incarceration. If any person has been physically harmed in this case, the convict may have to face jail for up to eight years.

Corrupting another person with drugs:

Whether someone forces another person to consume drugs to deceive or steal him or gives it to harm the other person physically, all these are punishable acts by law. Involving a juvenile to watch over drugs or to supply it to him or her is also a crime. All these different cases, however, can fall into a first to four-degree felony type depending on the circumstances.

Permitting drug abuse:

In Ohio, a vehicle or property owner can face penalties if he allows someone to use it in a drug abuse felony case. Again, the level of punishment depends on the nature of the crime.

Distribution and possession of the drug in a restricted area:

In most cases, selling or having drugs on or near school ground is seen as a severe offense and can lead to felony charges. Besides, there can be some swimming pools, parks, public transportation, and buildings also where if you are spotted with the drug, you can face criminal charges. Using it in front of children or people less than 18 years is also not allowed.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you may probably face a small fine and a brief term in jail. For felony charges, you may have to pay thousands of dollars and spend a long-term in prison. By chance, if you or your dear one get caught up in any such case, you may want to know how much is bail for possession of drugs. For that, you can contact a trustworthy bail bonds company and understand the process in detail.

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