Crying Filter Snapchat Tiktok That Make the Best Prank Trends

Crying Filter Snapchat Tiktok That Make the Best Prank Trends

Crying filter Snapchat Tiktok is a funny filter that makes people’s faces automatically look like they’re crying. Let’s find out why this trend become a thing!

So, people don’t like to share their crying faces on social media. It’s where you find them smiling and showcasing their happiness even if they are not. But then suddenly, you find videos showing people crying in unusual places like clubs, in the garden, while eating, but then it’s all for fun.

So why everyone suddenly loves to cry on social media?

All thanks to the “crying filter Snapchat TikTok” a viral filter people are trying on friends and family when no one is crying. It’s just the filter that turns your happy face into an awful look that makes everyone laugh.

The filter is highly viral. It has a hundred of thousand videos gathering billions of views, making creators rush to try this trend and collect the views, ultimately bringing followers and money.

You might have tried using the filter on Instagram and TikTok but would have failed to find the option to create and wonder from where these videos are coming.

There is a reason behind it, and we have covered every minute detail about the trend, how to create these videos and various other questions in this article.

If you are also looking for an opportunity to get viral on social media, read through to get an idea about using the “crying filter Snapchat TikTok.”

Crying Filter Snapchat Tiktok That Make the Best Prank Trends

What is the crying face filter trend?

The crying face filter trend started because Snapchat introduced a “crying lens” on their application that automatically turns your face into a crying face. The lens was released on May 6, 2022, and got viral overnight.

It didn’t take much time for Snapchat users to cross the 1 billion views mark. The videos then started floating on other social media apps, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube shorts. It was noticed by almost every frequent user of these platforms.

Probably a week after its launch, the lens was termed the most viral filter on Snapchat, and nearly every creator started trying to get featured on the explore page.

Experts say that the filter is pretty unusual. It was new and fun for people to try on social media and attracted many viewers.

However, just like any other social media trend, it was quickly replaced by the next movement, and people quickly moved to browse those videos.

What kind of videos are people mainly creating?

If you want to try the “Crying filter Snapchat TikTok,” you must know about the videos with the most significant number of views.

You can follow a similar trend with a little twist. This way, you will have better chances of getting viral. Creating videos using the viral filter is extremely easy. Just look at these options to have an idea.

1. In a happy place

Remember, you must have your friend with you to shoot his video. Once you have the subject, think of a happy place idea that people most enjoy. It can be a club, mountain hiking, beach, garden, or walking down the street.

All you need to do is take out your phone, open the crying filter and start shooting your friend’s face without letting him know about it.

Your friend will wonder why you are doing so, laugh, and ask questions. That’s it!

Record his reactions, and your video will be ready. Make sure to add a suitable sound and caption before uploading, and be prepared to get viral.

Crying Filter Snapchat Tiktok That Make the Best Prank Trends

2. While eating

No one cries while eating. You can take advantage of this situation and film your friend while eating anything.

The filter will turn their happy crying face into a sad weeping face, provoking unusualness in viewers’ minds and ultimately making them laugh.

Make sure you don’t inform your friend about the shoot in advance because the “Crying filter Snapchat TikTok” works best only when the other person won’t know about it. Moreover, their reactions after you shoot the video is usually hilarious or absolutely mad!

3. On someone else’s video

If you are afraid that your friend won’t allow you to post his ugly videos on the Internet, then try the filter on others’ videos. You need to search for celebrity videos on YouTube and select the “creative commons” filter.

It will showcase all copyrighted free videos you can use at your convenience. They are similar to stock-free videos.

The next step is to play the video on your tv or computer screen. Open the crying filter on your phone and start recording.

It will immediately convert beautiful celebrity faces into crying ones. People are already familiar with celebrities and will easily connect with your videos.

Also, the platform will not remove your videos because they are copyright-free.

Why the crying filter trend went viral?

As I mentioned, the trend is pretty unexpected. It provokes curiosity in users’ minds which ultimately leads to laughter. Here are some other reasons why the filter went viral:

  1. It’s something new. People haven’t seen a similar video filter earlier. Also, never seen so many people crying together on social media.
  2. The filter is straightforward to use. You need to open your camera and shoot; the filter will manage everything because of AI detection. It automatically grabs the user’s facial features and adjusts them accordingly.
  3. The viral uproar of the existing videos made creators rush to record more such videos. It created a trend that everyone followed. This was the primary reason for the filter going viral.

When people love a piece of content on social media, they like, comment and share it with their friends. It indicates algorithms to show more people interested in similar content. Hence, it makes the content viral.

How can I use the crying face filter?

Anyone can use the filter for free. However, most people fail to find it on Instagram or TikTok because the filter was initially unavailable on these platforms.

Initially, it was released by Snapchat, where users created videos and shared them with their friends on Snapchat. When they found it was working, they also started to share it on other platforms.

This means you were only allowed to record the crying videos on Snapchat. Later, you can download and share those videos on the short video platform. Snapchat’s policy will enable you to download and openly share videos across apps.

However, after some time, the filter was available on all platforms. Below are the steps for creating and sharing the video on various media.

1. Snapchat crying filter

The filter is available for registered users of Snapchat. If you are not a user, please download their app from the Playstore or the Appstore to get started.

  1. Open the Snapchat app and select the smiley beside the record option
  2. Then you have to swipe left to find and open the Explore option
  3. In the search box, type “Crying.” This will show you plenty of crying filters
  4. Select the one you wish to record with, and you will find the option to click an image or record a video
  5. Shoot your video, and save it to the camera roll.

Later, you can share it with your friends or make it public, so it can go viral. Also, download the video to share on other platforms. Below, we have mentioned the exact directions for sharing your video.

2. Crying filter Instagram

Initially, Instagram didn’t have a similar filter, but the viral video made them see an opportunity, and they released their filter.

Now, you can download and share Snapchat’s videos on Instagram reels using the traditional way or try the new filter provided by Instagram. Here are the steps to test the filter supplied by Instagram.

  1. Register on Instagram if you’re not a member yet and install their app from the Playstore or Appstore
  2. Please update the app to the latest version if you are already a member
  3. After that, click on the + icon on the top left of your screen and select Reel
  4. Then tap on the search bar and type Sad Face
  5. You will find multiple options to create a reel, select the best suitable one and record a video
  6. Instagram also allows you to edit videos and add audio
  7. After final edits, the video will be available to share and download.

Make sure to add a nice caption and use trending audio for better reach. You can also share the video on Facebook reels from Instagram or share it separately.

3. Crying face filter TikTok

TikTok is solely for creating and sharing short videos. It provides the best reach among all platforms, and you cannot miss following the viral trend on TikTok. However, it doesn’t work in India. Check out the steps below:

  1. Download, install and register on the TikTok app if you aren’t a member yet
  2. Then tap on the top right corner of your screen and search for sad face or crying
  3. The app will suggest multiple video ideas
  4. Select your template from here
  5. The next screen will allow you to record videos using your selected filter
  6. Shoot, edit, add trending audio, add a caption and share the video on the platform.

The process is identical to other apps, but the chances of getting viral on TikTok are comparatively higher. You can also download the video to share with your friends.

4. Crying face filter Facebook

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have the option to create a reel using the crying filter. You need to shoot the video on another platform, download it and then upload it on Facebook reels to collect views.

Honestly, the filter is not viral on Facebook, and you may not get the same response as other apps. So, save time and repropose your content instead of reshooting it.

5. Crying face filter YouTube shorts

Like Facebook, YouTube doesn’t allow users with the famous crying filter. However, you can still download your videos from other Instagram, TikTok, and Instagram to share them on YouTube shorts.

The chances of getting viral on YouTube are pretty rare, and it’s not worth investing the effort. If you already have pre-shot videos, then upload them to YouTube. Please don’t invest your time in shooting separately for the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the right name for the crying filter Snapchat Tiktok?

There is an official name for this viral filter. Search for crying or sad face, and you will find the relevant video templates. Use the best suitable one to create your video.

2. How can I turn on the crying filter?

Currently, the crying filter is available on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Search for the filter and record your video. You don’t have to turn on the filter separately, and it’s automatic.

3. Can I use Snapchat’s videos on TikTok and other apps?

Yes, the videos shot on Snapchat can be repurposed on other apps like TikTok or Instagram. The company’s policy allows you to do that. This ensures your videos will not get deleted from these platforms.

4. Is the crying face filter trend now over?

Yes, the trend went viral in May and June 2022 but has faded away. You can still use the filter to record and share videos, but the chances of getting viral are rare.

5. Can I download “crying filter Snapchat TikTok” from Playstore?

No, you cannot! None of the apps separately allow you to record videos using the filter. Please shot them on supported apps only.

Final thoughts

There was a time when everyone loved the crying filter, and all our newsfeeds were full of those videos, but just like other trends, the “crying filter Snapchat TikTok” also faded with time, and now we hardly see any of those videos on our feeds.

However, there are still fair chances of getting viral using those videos because people still remember. If you can bring some out-of-the-box ideas, the algorithm will love showing them to interested users.

I hope now you understand the exact reason and process behind the viral “Crying filter Snapchat TikTok” trend. Below we have mentioned some common questions. Please go through it, and if you don’t find your answer, leave your question in the comments.


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