How To Save For Your Company Summer Party

There’s no bigger event in your work’s social calendar than the summer party. Sharing a few drinks and good food with your colleagues and their families on a sunny day outside — there’s nothing better.

But the best parties don’t come cheap. You need to save and scrimp throughout the year to pull off a great summer party. Read on to learn a few tips on how to save for your company’s summer party.

Make the switch to cheaper business expenses

Every business has its internal processes for dealing with daily overheads. From HR systems to payroll, these are necessities required for running a successful, growing business.

Many businesses pay different companies for different services, such as email or helpdesk resources. However, paying these separate companies often results in higher fees overall.

However, software suites like Zoho, for instance, consolidate all these into a single package, helping you save money in the long run. Consider switching to a single provider for your office suites 

Fuel cards too are a simple business addition that will save you money in the long run. Shop around to find the best deal for your company — iCompario has a useful guide to help you find the most cost-effective fuel card for your business.

There are plenty of simple switches that you can make to save money for your business (and, as a result, your company’s summer party too). Just because you’ve used a provider for years, it doesn’t mean you need to stick with them — look for cheaper alternatives that save your business money in the long run.

Opt for fewer or cheaper socials throughout the year

Depending on where you work, your workplace’s social calendar can get pretty busy. Between Christmas parties, client drinks, off-the-cuff socials, and everything else, your socials budget can quickly get depleted.

But summer is arguably the best time to have a party. The warm weather and sunny days make it perfect for going outside, throwing a barbeque, and having a few drinks with your colleagues, partners, and families.

As such, it might be worth cutting out a few smaller social events throughout the year so you can spend more on your summer party. Instead of putting money behind the bar for your Friday drinks, eschew them altogether or have people buy their own. A bit of belt-tightening throughout the year will make your summer party extra special.

Consider stopping or changing your work perks

Most businesses offer some form or another of workplace perk to improve their employee experience: gym membership, massages, free food, and so on. These all make working somewhere that bit more enjoyable and are great for attracting top talent.

But if you need to save money for your company’s summer party, it might be worth getting rid of a few here and there.

Avoid ditching the most popular perks — gym membership is a popular perk that many people rely on. But do you really need a weekly massage? Instead of getting rid of a perk entirely, you could instead reduce its frequency to mitigate the cost.

If you want a great summer party, you need a budget to match it. Follow the tips above and soon you’ll have enough to throw a memorable company summer party that your colleagues will never forget.

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