Interesting Wine Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

The wine’s origin

Wine is a wonderful drink and many people are enjoying it on a daily basis. Some even become utterly infatuated with not just the beverage but with the entire culture behind it and start frequenting sites like Le Petit Ballon. However, even the most enthusiastic of wine drinkers might be surprised by some of the interesting wine facts that we have prepared for you. In this article, we are providing you with some very interesting and lesser known facts about this truly amazing drink that is loved beyond all borders. So if you’re ready to have your wine knowledge expanded and challenged, read the following examples of how wine is fascinating and surprising.

Interesting Wine Facts

The Chinese are actually the biggest red wine drinkers

You would think that a country like France would hold that title, but when it comes to red wine, the country that holds the record for most bottles consumed is China. There are multiple reasons for why this is, and why China managed to snatch first place from France. For starters, let’s mention that in China, red is a lucky color. So when a drink’s color is automatically associated with good luck, you can imagine it gets pretty popular. It gets deeper than that however. The Chinese also like their benefic health properties in their drinks and when it comes to red wine, there’s no shortage of those.

Names are based on the wine’s origin

If you thought all those fancy names that wines are given are displayed on the bottle are just for the sake of being fancy, you’re mistaken. In fact, wines are named after the geographical location of the vineyard that produces it, or after the kind of grape used in its fabrication. That being said, next time you read what’s on a wine bottle just know that it represents a real place or type of grape out there in the world. A popular example would be the Bordeaux. Obviously this French wine has its origins in Bordeaux, France, thus its name.

More wine equals better sex drive

This is one you probably didn’t see coming, but it’s true. A study has been made and it turns out that drinking wine regularly will help improve your sex drive considerably. The candidates of the experiment were reported to be enjoying themselves a lot more during sex than those that haven’t been consuming wine. So if you ever think you need a pleasure boost for both your privates and your taste buds, you can pick up the habit of having just a bit of wine regularly.

Wine calories don’t stack on your hips

It is a common misconception that you get fat from drinking wine. That’s just not true, and there are professionals in the field that consider that the calories in wine act different in the body. As a result, drinking wine won’t give you any more hip length.

The wine’s origin

This should be quite a relief for many that love to have their fair share of wine in the evening or even throughout the day. With so many things that pose a threat to our health and our slim waist, it’s great to know that wine isn’t one of them and that it’s something that can be enjoyed even if you’re on a diet. So the next time you feel like pouring yourself a glass, you won’t have to concern yourself with weight problems.

Wine culture is 6000 years old

When it comes to wine, everyone loves having a taste but how many people actually stop to think about where wine comes from? For those interested in the matter, you should know that wine culture is 6000 years old. What this means is that people have started harnessing the potential of grapes 6000 years ago. Having played a part in all cultural development stages within the evolution of society, it’s quite fascinating to think that wine has been around since medieval times.

Wine was discovered by monks

Monks were the first to discover that you could use certain processes in order to transform grapes into wine. They harnessed this ability and improved it over time. It is because of their perseverance that people today are able to so easily grab a bottle off the supermarket shelf and enjoy a smooth red wine. Even thought the process behind making the wine has changed a lot since those first batches, the discoveries made back then are still used to innovate the way wine is made today.


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