6 Reasons You Should Take A Cold Shower

You are probably one of those people who enjoy taking long and hot showers and you hate when there is no hot water when you are showering. But did you know that you are doing nothing good for your body actually if you are taking hot showers? Studies say that taking a cold shower is actually more beneficial to your body than taking hot showers. If you would like to know why taking cold showers does so much good to your body, you are in the right place because that is the today’s topic in this article. I am going to write about the reasons cold showers are a must!

benefits of cold shower

1> You Will Wake Up Faster Than Getting Hit By A Foghorn

Are you feeling sleepy and exhausted but you must get up and got to work, school or appointment? I’ve got a solution for you. Instead of enjoying a hot shower when you get up, try having a cold shower. It is obvious that taking cold showers can’t be as relaxing as a hot shower, but instead of that, you will be able to experience a cold invigorating shower which will wake you up in a second and you will be as awake as never before. You will be ready for you day in a minute.

2> You Will Improve Your Discipline And Emotional Resilience

There are many studies about cold showers, and the scientists proved that taking cold showers over hot ones will improve your discipline which means you will be able to develop in psychological level and also on a physiological level. If you won’t feel comfortable taking a cold shower that means you will be able to fight through the hard day easier and you will be feeling strong, and no stress will be able to concur you.

3> They Melt Stress Better Than Hot Water

Are you under a lot of stress? Are the exams coming in or are you having a rough week at work? If you don’t know how to fight stress most effectively, try going to a cold shower, and you will be able to feel the difference. When you will be standing under that cold pouring water, the level of stress will lower down or disappear.  When you are under a cold shower two things are going to happen. The first thing is that the amount of uric acid will lower down and there will be a larger amount of endorphins in your body too. When you have your body boosted up with endorphins, you will feel much better really quick, and you will be able to concur all the problems of this world.

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4> You’ll Be On Full Alert Almost Instantly

Cold water is best if you need to wake up really quickly. When you are driving, and it is cold outside you probably turn up the heat to the maximum just to be warm. But when you are warm you are also feeling much more relaxed and soft which is not that great if you still have some work when you get home. If you don’t want to pop into the bed and fall asleep immediately after coming home, try going for a cold shower to wake you up.

When you are soft and warm, and you start showering with cold water you will be able to wake up the body and your mind in just a second. You will be on full alert after a minute standing in there. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, you are going to wake up faster than you would get after drinking a gallon of water. Try it sometimes!

5> Your Skin And Your Hair Will Thank You

If you have noticed by now, showering and washing our bodies with warm or hot water is actually not good! It is not good for our health, and it is not good for our skin and for our hair. Your hair and your skin are in bad condition because you are washing it with water which is too hot and when you are doing that the hair and skin get dried out, and they lose the moisture. If the hair and skin are not oily as they should be the problems start. When skin and hair are dried out, they are forced into producing more and more oil, and that is actually not good either.

If you will start using cold water for washing your hair and your skin you will be able to see the changes really fast. Cold water has that power of cutting the grease and oil off the hair, and when it comes to skin, it has the power to give it a young look and rejuvenates it.

If you practice cold water washing you will see how healthier your skin looks, you will have a better skin tone and it will be less oily and the hair will also get much healthier.

6> You Will Transform Your Body Into A Fat Burning Furnace

And last but not the least – fat burning zone! There are much research done about losing weight after showering with cold water, and they look pretty promising, I would say. If you shower with cold water, you will be able to lower the body temperature to a lower level and when you do that your body will start fighting a little bit just to get warm quick again. When the body starts to pump to get warm, it is using the energy which is stored, and that means all the extra fat will get melted. If you take 5-10 minutes of cold shower very day, you will be able to see the changes on your body just like you would see them if you were working out a little bit every day.

Healthier shower benefits

Like you can see many good things come with taking cold showers and who doesn’t like to get healthier, lose some weight and have better skin and hair? I will definitely start showering with cold water a very day! And what about you? I hope this article was a little bit helpful at least and you are now able to see that you are not doing anything good for your body by taking hot showers. I hope now you will change and give your body a little bit of a boost every day!


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