4 Million Trees- and Climbing!


    The environment is very important to all of us. After all, it’s responsible for keeping us alive every day. Heck, it’s also responsible for allowing us, Humans, to exist in the first place. Given the odds of the universe coming together just right for that to happen, we hit the motherload in THAT jackpot casino.

    Sunlight gets turned into energy in the grass for photosynthesis, cows eat the grass, and we eat the cows. We then get buried into the ground, the grass absorbs sunlight and our nutrients, and the cycle begins anew Arlington tree planting service.

    It’s all connected, in chains and circles. If a link is removed, huge parts of the environments could be affected, potentially destroying an entire cyclical process. And that’s not good.

    One important cycle is the process of creating oxygen. Sunlight and Carbon-Dioxide are consumed by trees, and oxygen is released. We breathe oxygen and release Carbon Dioxide. And thus, a cycle.

    In addition, trees provide lots of other useful functions, from the homes of animals to wood for our houses to food we can eat. So while trees are NOT the largest contributors of oxygen to our atmosphere (that title goes to ocean-dwelling Algae), they’re still incredibly important to our ecosystem. Deforestation and wildfires are incredibly damaging, to both the forest-dwelling critters AND humanity Deltona tree expert with tree planting service.

    Let me introduce you then to #TeamTrees.

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    #TeamTrees is an environmental movement started by Jimmy Donaldson, known better online by his handle “Mr. Beast”. Born in 1998, his content is mostly about various, ahem, ‘endurance stunts’ (which is not, I assure you, a euphemism). One of his most popular videos is of himself counting to 100,000.

    Since then he had made videos about giving away thousands of dollars to those who complete challenges, such as awarding participants based on how long they can stay inside a large bowl of cereal without leaving. He has also made videos of and for various charity events and has given away $32,000 to the Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program and $70,000 to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

    Meanwhile, #TeamTrees is all about… well, trees.

    A while back, Mr. Beast was challenged (when he reached 20,000,000 subscribers) to plant 20,000,000 trees. As it turned out, that challenge was taken seriously and October 25th, Mr. Beast released a video about doing exactly that.

    Lots of Names

    However, it’s now become a global movement and, not only that, but it’s also that largest YouTuber collaboration event EVER. Participating in the event iJustine, the Slow Mo Guys, Marques Brownlee, Hannah Stocking, PewDiePie, The Try Guys, AsapScience, Smarter Every Day, How Ridiculous, Half as Interesting, Captain Disillusion, Guava Juice, Life Noggin, It’s Okay To Be Smart, HowToBasic, The Action Lab, Ted-Ed, ElectroBOOM, Fine Brothers Entertainment, plus loads of gaming channels including Jacksepticeye and Mini Ladd.

    So I’ve been going in circles around the topic, but what exactly IS #TeamTrees?! It’s a charity. For every dollar donated, a single tree is planted, with the goal of planting twenty-million-trees before the deadline of January 1st. According to the site, Mr. Beast himself had already donated over two-hundred-thousand dollars.

    Within 24 hours of the event launching, Mr. Beast’s announcement video became one of the highest trending videos on YouTube, and, more importantly, the movement has already raised more than four million dollars!!!

    4,403,608, to be exact, by the way. This means that 4,403,608 are definitely going to be planted! That’s insane, and if you were feeling down about humanity (a not uncommon feeling, if you follow the news regularly) this should definitely be a go-to motivational source.

    Yes, obviously it’s not 4,403,608 individual people responsible, but it’s already hundreds, if not thousands of people putting their money where their mouth is to do something positive for humanity and the environment.

    And that’s just awesome.


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