Aliens On Earth- Do They Exist Or Not

Aliens On Earth- Do They Exist Or Not? There have been plenty of UFO sightings over the last century but still people are claiming that aliens on earth do not exist. Most of the authorities all over the world do not give weight age to such alien sightings and just tend to ignore them.

Recently, a couple of years back a Canadian minister also claimed that up to 5 species of aliens have visited earth till now. Surely enough, the statement by a man of his repute would not be wrong.

If you look into the history of alien encounters, it all started with the Roswell UFO crash which was witnessed by a lot of witnesses as well. There are quite a few such instances where witnesses aliens on earth are present at UFO sightings and UFO crashes as well.

If you look into the files of an organization named MUFON which keeps a record of all of these UFO sightings and crashes, you would find out that there have been countless such instances of existence of aliens on earth in the last century all over the world.

If you look into the website of MUFON there is proof of UFO sighting in September, 2014 as well. The witness was a police officer and therefore the witness has reasonable credibility as well.

There have been plenty of such UFO sightings over the years but the government always ignores such UFO sightings of aliens on earth.

The UFO sightings over the years have not just been limited to the United States but they have actually been seen all over the world as well.

During the Cold War era, the United States and Russia signed the agreement citing that they would be disclosing data about unidentified flying objects to avoid mistaking them for enemy aircraft. There is no bigger evidence then this which is needed to make certain that UFOs aliens on earth actually exist.

The Texas State of United States, each year has at least 30 witnesses for UFO sightings with same detailed explanation which cannot be refuted.

So, it is evident that aliens on earth do exist and it cannot be refuted that there have been no alien sightings on earth as the evidence we have discussed in this article is more than enough to believe that aliens on earth exist and they have visited earth as well in the past century.

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