Why Are Diamonds Ring So Special?

Diamonds have been around for a very long time and were used as a decorative stone in Indian temples for their gods. Over the years, they have become the favorite kind of jewelry that everyone wants to have either as a gift, engagement or wedding ring.

Why Are Diamonds Ring Special?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and are the strongest element on the earth known to man. They are colorless, transparent and shiny stones with a crystalline structure. The name diamond is from the Greek word “Adamas” meaning invisible. Diamonds are beautiful stones but until they are polished and free from the dirt they cannot be referred to as precious stones

A precious stone is a highly valuable and attractive piece of gem that used in jewelry making examples are diamonds.

Diamonds are formed deep in the earth crust. They are as a result of high heat and pressure that reorganizes the crystalline structure of carbon to produce the beautiful stone known as diamond.

Why are diamonds special?

1. Beauty

Diamonds with their colorless, transparent nature of a diamond make this precious stone that evokes the feeling of love, happiness, and care. Each stone is custom made to fit your personality and style. The sparkling and light reflective nature of diamond makes them stand out amongst other precious stones

2. Durable

Diamonds are durable. They last forever if properly cared for using the right methods they also retain their values even after years of use.

3. Symbolism

Having a diamond symbolizes love. Diamonds are meant for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, graduations, childbirth etc., but whatever the reason there is definitely a story behind those sparkling piece of rock.

4. Uniqueness

No two diamonds are unique even when cutting from the same parent piece. This property of diamond makes it a wonderful gifting item for the feeling of being unique and distinct.

5. Assets

Precious stones and metals are worth investing into as they appreciate in the market. Diamonds are no different, the difficulty of mining, and the process involves perfecting it with the endearing nature and makes diamond the one precious stone worth investing into as it’s a viable asset. Having known the reasons why they are so special, let see how they are formed?

How then do diamonds come to the earth surface?

Diamonds are formed deep in the earth crust; temperatures this deep are usually very high and unstable. Geologist believes that the only way that diamond can come to the earth surface is by a volcanic eruption. The eruption disburses the diamond-crusted stones in sedimentary rocks where they are mined into diamonds

South African is the world largest diamond mining country in the world with record-breaking diamond sizes found it its mines. The world’s biggest diamond “Cullinan” was mined in South Africa at a whopping weight of 3107 carats and that’s not all, other massive diamonds have also been mined in South African, one of which is the part of the crown jewel for the queen of England.

South African produces 46% of the world natural diamonds with significant amount found in Brazil, Australia, India and Russia. The diamond is mined from the kimberlite and lamproite volcanic pipes with spit the diamond rocks to the surface after high heat and pressure help in the crystalline structure.

The engagement ring has to be a way of accepting a proposal, even though rings exchange has been around since the Roman and Egyptian times, it was until recently that diamond was used as engagement rings. The first engagement ceremony with a diamond ring was between Archduke Maximilian of Austria asked Mary of Burgundy to marry him in 1477; even then diamond rings were expensive even for European aristocrats.

The engagement ring is a commitment ring that shows the love between the couples.

It shows that the man is serious about settling down. It is a promise of marriage.

It signifies that the lady is not available. Although a diamond engagement ring means a lot, the engagement is not a criterion for togetherness in any relationship until the wedding vows are exchanged.

A diamond ring is an expensive piece of jewel and giving the lady means you can take care of her and after all diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In the early 20th century, a diamond was insurance to the lady as women were not working and a diamond was one expensive gift at their disposal.

shapes of diamonds

They are a variety of diamonds in different hues and shape. The diamonds are either round, which is the most common cut in the market. They also come in rectangular shape, octagonal (having 8 sides) and cone shape. The hues seen in diamonds are as a result of impurities but otherwise, diamonds are mostly white and transparent. In getting a diamond ring for your lady, please pay close attention to the 4Cs. The cut, clarity, color, and carats

Diamonds can be either is smooth or rough depending on their cut. Rough diamonds are of two varieties. Rough cuts used for jewelry, and rough cuts that cannot be used for jewelry but for industrial purposes.

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