Where Do Bed Bugs Come From? Bed Bug Facts

Where do bed bugs come from? Imagine this – after a hectic of work and travel, you reach back home, desiring your bed where your comfort zone lies, you hit it the moment you enter your room, and yikes! You are attacked by these blood sucking bed bugs! Instead of having rest, the very second moment you are battling with those nasty bed bugs and constantly thinking that where do bed bugs come from?where do bed bugs come from

To avoid such situations happening again with you, let us help you find out where do bed bugs come from and also we will be providing you with some remedial stuff regarding the same. First of all, let’s get to know a little more about these tiny monsters:where do bed bugs come from originally

  1. They are not a new source of trouble, they’ve been invading the human blood since years.

  2. A fully grown bed bug can measure equivalent to the size of an apple seed.

  3. Good news! These tiny monsters do not have wings, hence they won’t be making you struggle in the air.

  4. They have a reddish brown body. And the effect of their bite depends on a person’s skin’s sensitivity.

  5. Where do bed bugs come from in the first place – First of all we will like to bust the myth about the reason behind the occurrence of these blood sucking creatures. Usually dirt and filth is considered to be the main reason behind it, but the truth is that there is no relationship between dirt and bed bugs!where do bed bugs come from and how to get rid of them

  6. The residence of bed bugs is not confined only to the bed, but also in your clothes, your storage spaces, the places you visit like a mall or a movie theatre etc.

  7. Also the occurrence of bed bugs has nothing do with your bank accounts! You are human, and have blood? Be prepared to be infested by these bugs any time!

  8. The moment these bugs gets hitched to you, and once they feed on you, they won’t be staying there for long, but definitely you would be making an easy entry for those bugs inside your house. Once they feed on you, they will be searching a different person to feed on to, coz variety of blood makes a lovely treat (wink).

  9. Now for those people who don’t travel much, and reside in a nuclear family house, your experience with these bed bugs might have been rare. The reason behind is that, the occurrence of these bugs usually takes place where human population turnover has been high. A place which is visited by several people, is prone to be infested by these tiny monsters.

  10. Where do bed bugs come from and how to detect their presence – In case you doubt the presence of bed bugs in house, search for the dead skin of the bugs. Using this trick can help you find dead bed bugs if they ever existed in a house!where do bed bugs come from in the first place

  11. They can also leave behind reddish black feces on your bed. Also you can find clusters of eggs in dark feeding areas.

  12. Where do bed bugs come from and how to get rid of them? So you’ve got completely frazzled by vacuuming the bugged areas again and again, but still you have got no relief? As mentioned above, these bed bugs have no relation with the amount of dirt, in fact  they get attracted by the blood and the carbon dioxide emitted by humans.

  13. To deal with these bugs, you need to practice the following – You can choose from a number of products available in the market to have a direct impact on the little devils, several products are available to sweep them off from your house easily.

  14. When it comes to the basic evolution of these bugs, constantly clean your bedsheets, curtains, linens, clothing etc. to avoid the breeding if these bugs.

  15. In case if the bugs are present, the constant cleaning will kill them avoiding them to increase their numbers.where do bed bugs come from in the first place

  16. You need to constantly vacuum all your surroundings specially your bed area. Brooming isn’t enough for you to prevent these bugs from breeding, vacuum cleaner minutely cleans all the dirt. The accumulated dust is to be immediately thrown out of house in a plastic bag.

  17. Although tiny in size, bed bugs can survive for about a year without feeding on human blood, but for their residence they can make space deep in your mattresses. Therefore keep your mattresses enclosed in a cover, to kill them inside itself.

  18. Stop wondering where do bed bugs come from and try clearing up all the ditches, cracked plasters, or damaged wallpaper in your house. These places provide a good residence to these tiny creatures, therefore it becomes mandatory to repair such bugs prone areas.where do bed bugs come from originally

  19. Getting rid of clutters is a must! Do not ignore it as these tiny clutters can give you huge damage in the future!

Hope we helped you figure out where do bed bugs come from and how to get rid of them, if our ideas helped you don’t forget to give a shout out below in comments!

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