Where Can You Get Transportable Card Machines?

Mobile card machines are perfect for on-the-go sole traders or SMEs. They work solely off WiFi or GRPS connections so that you can accept payments wherever your business takes you.

Powered by mobile network connectivity, you can operate them from 100m away from the base (plug in at home). Alternatively, you can choose a countertop machine that connects via wired internet to provide an extra layer of security.


Designed for restaurants and bars, portable card machines enable staff to take payments at the customers’ table rather than making them queue in the bar or restaurant. This improves customer service and enables the business to work more efficiently.

A mobile card machine works as a wireless payment terminal that connects to the customer’s smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, GPRS or 3G mobile connectivity. These are ideal for hot food and drink vendors, market traders, taxi drivers and hairdressers that want the flexibility of taking payments ‘on-the-go’ without having to connect to a desktop computer or POS system.

This type of machine doesn’t rely on WiFi or mobile networks to function and will have no need for charging. It’s also a great choice for small businesses such as hair salons, cafes and boutiques that want the convenience of being able to take payment anywhere in their premises. This style of device often comes with a touchscreen and third-party apps that provide additional functionality, similar to a POS terminal.


Rather than requiring customers to move from their table to a till to pay, handheld card machines allow you to take payment at the point of sale. They’re ideal for restaurants, cafes and hair & beauty salons that want to make payments as convenient as possible for their guests.

Portable card machines use Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G and Bluetooth technology to connect so you can take payments around your premises. The Castles iWL200 series is an example of cutting-edge portable equipment that features durable hardware and an outstanding battery life to power a full day’s work.

For maximum portability, choose a model that can be used with a smartphone (e.g. the iZettle or SumUp) for simple, hassle-free processing. Some models also sync sales data to your account so you can access statements and track revenue – a great feature for SMEs and sole traders that operate on a mobile basis. Most mobile readers can read EMV chips and support contactless NFC payments such as Apple Pay.


Card machines, or card readers, take payment cards and send the details to the relevant processor. They can be as simple as a mobile card reader that connects to your smartphone or tablet, or a full countertop register and POS system linked up by cables.

Many mobile and portable card machines can sync with your business accounting software to automatically update your sales reports and inventory when you take payments, making the day-to-day bookkeeping for your business easier. This is useful for restaurants, cab drivers, market stall owners, and other businesses that have high volumes of daily transactions.

Countertop card terminals are popular in restaurant and bar settings, where customers can settle up at their table rather than waiting to be rung up on the till. Wireless, handheld card machines are also available and work on the cellular network for speedy and reliable transactions, and eliminate the need for pesky plug sockets. Dojo Go, for example, includes a built-in battery and mobile SIM connectivity so you can continue taking card payments even when Wi-Fi is down.


Typically found within retail establishments and located at the till, a countertop card machine can offer customers a more convenient way to pay for their goods. With payment solution providers offering low transactional fees, it’s easier than ever for small businesses to get their hands on a countertop card machine with no contract, no monthly fee and no hidden charges.

Ideal for newsagents, takeaways and barbers who operate with a fixed checkout area or till point, countertop card machines come with a reliable connection linked to broadband or a telephone line, processing payments in under 2 seconds. GPRS credit card terminals also support ‘Same Day Settlement’, which means the funds from your card sales are sent to your business account within the same day, rather than the usual 3-5 days. This gives you a much more flexible cash flow.

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