When Do Clocks Change? Everything About It

Hi People… How are you doing? Is everything alright?? Today let us take some time and talk about brevity. Brevity… What is it?? Okay I will tell you it means doing something in concise because you have less time. Let me ask you another question… What is Timepiece? Don’t know okay no issues I will tell you it is an instrument such as wall or clock for measuring time.

But you must be thinking why I am keep on taking about terms associated about time. Why we are only discussing about time. Yes time today we will discuss about Time, clocks how to measure Time, when do clocks change, how does the clocks change across the globe?? Time is a very important factor to be taken care off in life. in all the schools, MBA colleges, corporate world everywhere people focus about Time management, knowing Time. so Today i will tell you how clock changes across the globe, what is daylight saving Time. Basically we will cover all the areas associated with time so let us begin our conversation.

Time and clock

When Do Clocks Change…????

You know we all know clocks go forward on the last Sunday of March and it again comes back on the last Sunday of October. But there was the time when they do not used to change it then that was the time when Daylight saving was introduced.

What is Daylight saving?

IN various countries rather almost everywhere on the last Sunday of the march people advance their clocks by one hour to experience sunlight an hour longer and they revert it back on the last Sunday of the October.Generally, close to  summer time people forward their clock by one hour and close to autumn they correct it to standard time.

daylight saving

  • In USA Daylight saving time begins at 2:00 am on the second Sunday of the march and it reverts to standard time on the first Sunday of the November. USA switches differentially in different time zone.
  • In European Union it begins at 1:00 am at last Sunday of March and again comes back to standard time on last Sunday of October. It exactly goes with the famous saying “Spring Forward, Fall back”

When did it started?

Daylight saving time is quite famous but actually it is British summer time. British summer time was introduced by a builder William Willet. He was irritated because of people being wasting daylight in the early morning summer hours.

william willet

He suggested this change as a proposition called waste of daylight. After an year of his death it got introduced as a law as a British Summer Time ( BST). The UK has not always followed BST. During Second World War, UK had not followed BST to save money and fuel. Then it followed it till 1945. During current year UK is followed British Double Summer Time as it is two hours ahead of GST i.e Standard Time.

Now let us talk about the benefits involved with the same:-

According to certain number of people it reduces the effect of Effective Seasonal Disorder and also ends the gloomy winter weather. Also it helps in bringing UK in line with the same time zone as most of its European counterparts. Lighter evening is also believed to reduce road traffics.

Which Places uses Daylight Saving Time?

Most European Union countries which synchronize with the BST includes UK, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, Switzerland etc.

Countries which do not follow BST are Russia, Iceland, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus.

Also many cities in United States starts its daylight saving from 2:00 am on march 13.

 daylight saving

Coldplay’s Relationship with “Clocks”:

Founder of BST William Willet is a great grandfather of Coldplay’s lead vocalist Chris martin. Even Coldplay has two songs dedicated to this concept One is Clocks from the album “A Rush of Blood to the Head” and another one is Daylight from the same album.


Downsides of Daylight Saving:

The changing of clocks or failing to do so can lead to a problem of being late for an event also it is economically disruptive. It has also increased the risk of heart strokes. A research from the University of Turku in Finland stated that the rate of the most common form of Heart stroke was quite high in the days following the daylight saving time transition.

 Three Years Data for Clock Change:

Year Clocks go forward Clocks go back
2015 29 March 25 October
2016 27 March 30 October
2017 26 March 29 October

So people I have familiarized you with the facts and figures about clock change so if you visit any of the countries during this period then take care about it.. Happy reading and keep Exploring!!!! ♥♥

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