What Are Helpful Guelph Medispa Hints For A Lovely Holiday Glow

With the holidays quickly approaching comes much socializing, family gatherings, friends getting together, and many occasions for celebration. It will be the first time people see each other and the last for some time, creating the desire for photos. That means presenting the best version of yourself.

The idea is to bring out your natural essence with some easy wellness commitments, including a few medispa treatments with a trusted, quality facility like Afya Skin & Body Medispa in Guelph, a well-established leader in the industry.

The ideal establishment will work with you to create the perfect regimen meant to showcase your beauty, inner and outer. What are some helpful hints for a lovely holiday glow? Let’s learn.

What Are Some Helpful Medispa Hints For A Lovely Holiday Glow

Guelph residents will soon be gearing up for a joyful holiday season, making it vital that everyone will look their best for the inevitable family pictures. The priority of a wellness regimen is to bring out your natural essence.

That can be easy enough if you incorporate some essential medispa treatments and simple everyday commitments. Find out when you should choose a medical spa for wellness treatments at and learn a few helpful hints here.


●     Hydrate


The human body comprises roughly 60 percent water that needs to be replenished for optimum health, functionality, and the best complexion. Drinking plenty of water daily helps to distribute nutrients and flush toxins from the bloodstream while protecting the surrounding tissues.


●     Protection from sun damage even in the winter


UV rays accelerate the aging process since these penetrate an unprotected surface damaging the skin cells beneath. This decreases elasticity and has the potential for sunspot development, skin dehydration, and vascular lesions.


Individuals with exceptionally fair skin are particularly susceptible to damage. However, medical-grade sun protection is the recommendation for everyone in an effort to prevent “skin discoloration and signs of premature aging.”


●      Routine facials are beneficial to the skin


Routine facials allow for clean skin, clear pores and control the potential for skin breakouts. The skin is infused with nutrients and proteins while hydrated with the benefit of cell turnover meant to maintain a refreshed, youthful complexion.


The recommendation for optimum results is to set up facials roughly two times each month.


●     Exfoliation should be regimented


When skin becomes damaged or dried out, the texture can become uneven, making exfoliation helpful. The indication is that home exfoliation isn’t always sufficient and can be somewhat harsh, making the damage worse.


When you experience a sensation of almost “sandpaper” skin, the recommendation is to set up microdermabrasion. The device gently buffs the skin to exfoliate the surface for a rejuvenating feeling without damaging the tissue.


It eliminates the dullness exposing a smooth, fresh layer beneath with a textural difference after merely one session. The suggestion is a series of sessions spanned in a couple of week increments.

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●     What to do about frown lines and crow’s feet


In youth, the skin should be a mindset, something you’re careful with. You will be grateful that you took measures as age progresses. Crow’s feet and frown lines, referred to as “dynamic wrinkles,” become etched into the facial skin with animation like laughter, frowns, smiles, or even with varied eye movements like squirting.


A muscle relaxant in the form of “botulinum toxin, Botox, can be directly injected into muscles responsible for these wrinkles. This helps to relax these muscles and smooth the lines.


More people are beginning to use these treatments at an earlier age in a preventive context to avoid these wrinkles from developing from the start. Holiday photos never looked so good.


Final Thought


These are merely a few techniques you can incorporate into a wellness regimen for optimum skin and body well-being. When visiting the Guelph medispa, the professionals can help establish an entire regimen that will not only prepare you for flawless holiday photos but keep you at your best all throughout the year. Go here to learn how massage can play a role in the medispa.


Remember you don’t want to wait until age progresses before considering wellness or skin care. You will thank yourself for starting to care for your skin, body, mind, and spirit as early as possible.

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