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There are many benefits to working with a Wellington Capital Group advisor, in addition to their stellar track record of generating healthy returns. Their professional advisors work with individual clients to help them achieve overall financial success. They do this by helping clients to establish a clearly defined investment plan, to set manageable goals and to stick to both.  This process bolsters clients’ confidence and helps them to make effective decisions. Professional advisors may refer to themselves as stockbrokers, investment advisors, and wealth or portfolio managers. With the exception of a few subtle distinctions, they are essentially the same. The best qualities of professional investment advice are exemplified by Wellington Capital Group in Tokyo, Japan.

Investment Advice

Even though cheap online trading has proliferated over the last decade, investors continue to turn to Wellington Capital Group for three main reasons: improving their understanding about managing their investable assets, planning financially for the future and avoiding bad decisions. One of the most important things that clients are paying for is objectivity – it’s easy to be emotional about one’s own money. For this reason, even the pros often turn to each other for guidance – from London to New York and Tokyo. As one of the seasoned advisors explained, walking a new client through the process of clarifying their risk tolerance and investment goals, and establishing a clearly written plan to achieve these goals is half the work of the investment decision process. Once the client and advisor know what they want, the analysts and research department can help them to fulfill these needs.

The Wellington Capital Group Portfolio Vs Mutual Funds

Many people ask whether they should invest in mutual funds, or buy stocks and bonds directly. Both have their benefits. When you buy a mutual fund, you are investing in a pool of money that is combined with other investors and managed by a professional money manager. When you invest directly, you buy stocks and bonds and own them outright. The main benefits of mutual funds are the ability to invest a smaller amount of money and achieve sufficient diversification, as well as the ability to leave the investment decisions to someone else. The downside of mutual funds are that they comparatively expensive. There are often hidden management fees and there may be additional commissions or fees for buying or selling that aren’t reported in reviews. Owning stocks directly in one’s own portfolio is usually more cost effective, it may involve a larger sum of money to ensure adequate diversification and it will involve some decision making. Wellington Capital Group in Tokyo, Japan advises that as a rule of thumb, once you are able to take positions in five different stocks, it is usually best to invest directly in one’s own portfolio.

Retirement Planning

As John Maynard Keynes famously said, “In the long run, we will all be dead.” In the meantime, we want to enjoy our lives, but at times this can feel like a trade-off between enjoyment now and comfort later. Retirement planning refers to the process of allocating money towards the future, when once will cease active work. It involves determining what one’s financial needs will be and establishing a savings and investment plan to ensure that those needs are met. People are inclined to defer retirement planning into their mid-life, but the younger one starts the less one has to contribute on a regular basis to achieve financial security, and the more one can enjoy life in both the present and the future. Regardless of where one is in their career or life cycle, the best time to start planning for retirement is now. Pensions in many countries are no longer sufficient to meet people’s financial needs especially with aging populations. In Japan, for example, men used to retire at 55 or 60 and it is now common for people to continue working until they are 70. Wellington Capital Group advisors help clients take stock of their current situation and calculate future needs and set measurable financial goals and methods to help achieve a comfortable retirement.

Risk Management

The first rule in investing is don’t lose money. The best way to accomplish this is by working with the trusted professionals at Wellington Capital Group. While there are many sophisticated strategies to manage risk, there are 3 simple concepts that all investors should follow religiously. The first is diversification. Hold a minimum of 5 different investments, and be sure to diversify among different asset classes and sectors, and different markets. Secondly, buy quality. The Wellington Capital advisors are backed by a highly educated team of research analysts who have access to information the individual investor often doesn’t, and the knowledge and skill to analyze it effectively. In addition, by making it a habit to discuss all potential investments with your personal advisor, you will avoid falling prey to the latest scam, bubble or overhyped market darling. As an example, there are reports in the news of people mortgaging their homes right now to buy bitcoins who certainly lack sound guidance. Working with a professional keeps investors grounded and protects them from very costly mistakes. The third rule is to focus on the long term and review your investments regularly. Buy good quality and hold it, which is the essence of Warren Buffet’s success.

Navigating Major Life Changes

‘The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ Living life is a constant series of decision making. When one is confronted with major life changes, it helps to have someone to discuss things with, and most major life changes have a financial component. Births, death, marriage, divorce, children growing up and leaving for college, job promotions, retirement. They all have financial implications and will impact one’s investment planning. Your Wellington Capital Group financial advisor is there to help you make the best possible decisions to protect your wellbeing and steer you through whatever the transition is to the best possible outcome.

To sum it all up, working with a trusted investment advisor is the best single decision you can make. They will help you clarify your dreams and goals, make plans to achieve them and keep you on track with regular reviews. They pick you up when you stumble, protect you from a scam, and help you navigate the normal ups and downs of life. To find out more about living your life with confidence and financial security, speak to one of the advisors at Wellington Capital Group in Tokyo, Japan.

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