WeatherBug App V/s. Stormpulse: What Would You Choose?

How many times has it been that you had to cancel your plans because of bad weather? An outing, a trek, or even a family get together can be planned efficiently if you haven accurate weather tracking application handy on your phone. However, with so many options of weather apps to choose from, it is tough to analyze which one is suitable for your location.

Nevertheless, what if you find something that is designed to track the perfect and accurate weather all over?Let’s compare two of the most popular weather apps out there:

WeatherBug App

With forecasts, maps, alerts, Life, news, and multiple other customizable features, you could get an accurate weather report of up to 10 days straight. Get in touch and stay abreast of the latest stories, all consolidated in one single app. Compatible with the Android and iOS systems, this is one of the most convenient  weather apps  that is out there.

Track hurricanes, storms, snow, pollen, and even allergens levels in the area only by a simple download. WeatherBug App is customized to give you live traffic updates too. Not only itis free but also can be accessed anywhere on the go. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for allthelatest news and tracking information.

What’s more? You could visualize the weather in 17 layers of mapping which includes wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, Doppler radar, so on and so forth. It is not just for professionals. You could easily be the meteorologist of your group. Multiple language support just makes it easier.

StormPulse App

After being available as a paid version for several years, Stormpulse rolled out free apps to their customers. Even though the initial version faced a lot of backlashes, Stormpulse did not stop covering what they do the best: that is covering Eastern Pacific and Atlantic basin storm activities.

Using Spaghetti models, the app can track the entire lifecycle of the storms, hurricanes and the likes to track the basin activity. Historical data is limited to 24 hours on the app and has a lifecycle of about a day only. You could read and interpret the CARQ and WRNG models, which can give you accurate information of storm activity. However, any tails on the story can be recorded and stored easily.

There is a plan to roll out niche notification and alerts so that users know and stay alert in case of any unusual weather activity. The app, however, does not measure any temperature, humidity, or allergen presence in the weather. It is confined to tracking storm activities.

WeatherBug or Stormpulse?We are going to make that Choice Easier!



It can be used to track the weather such as humidity, temperature and air quality, so on and so forth. This one tracks potential storms the second the officials identify them.
Can be used anywhere in the world. Gives you an exclusive everyday report wherever you go. As long as the data is available from the National HurricaneCentre, users can get live information that can be trusted. Available only for the Atlantic and Pacific Coastline
Severe weather alerts. View alerts concerning hurricane, earthquake, and extreme temperatures. This feature is exclusive to WeatherBug. Professional tracking app with every feature that is storm-related. This Application tracks only the hurricanes throughout their lifecycle.
Pollen Forecasts in the weather can be recorded. People allergic to the former can steer clear of the areas safely. No pollen forecasts involved in the app.
Customize the app to suit your requirements. Filter your display criteria to maximize the efficacy. No customization available, It is pure data aggregation from various centres.
With an average user rating of 4.4.on Google Play it is one of the most used apps. No exclusive feature app available in either store. However, it is compatible with both Android and iOS.
Download WeatherBug App on your Android or iOS phone. This one requires no installation of the phones. You can access it online from anywhere in the world for an accurate storm tracking.

Isn’t this amazing?Byfar, the clear winner among the two listed above is the WeatherBug App; therefore, do not hesitate to download WeatherBug app for instant weather alerts and updates.

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