Warm countries to travel in spring

March is a month of transition. You are still wrapping yourself in a coat, but you are already smiling at the first sun. It is getting warmer in Europe, which means that you can think about opening the excursion season. At the seaside winter resorts, you can still have time to soak up the beaches and grab the tail until the unbearable heat sets in or the rainy season begins. 

Where can you get a nice tan and swim?


A feature of the March holiday in the UAE is the transition from relatively warm and fresh weather at the beginning of the month to a noticeable heat at the end of the month. March is considered a good holiday time for those who do not like the heat of the United Arab Emirates. 

In the UAE, you can choose the resort of your choice. For example, Dubai or Sharjah. Of course, by choosing the first option, you will have the opportunity to experience the luxurious life of Dubai: ride cool supercars, stay in a luxury hotel with a balcony set Dubai, choose the best hotel furniture. You will be able to enjoy the best outdoor furniture, as well as sunbathing and swimming, while enjoying the swimming pool furniture


Thailand is a favourite for winter holidays among tourists. The popular resorts are very crowded, but we still come here time after time to relax on the powdery beaches and swim in the turquoise sea. 

The country will delight you with excellent beaches, a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. You will find here an interesting culture and a rich selection of excursions. The leisure options are quite varied, and the food is very tasty. In addition, there is a large number of fresh exotic fruits. 


A non-trivial and underestimated direction. A very interesting country, suitable for seaside holidays too. 

Kuala Lumpur is the Malaysian capital, and it is incredibly beautiful. The city is not inferior to large metropolitan areas and, at the same time, is considered the greenest Asian capital. A feature of Kuala Lumpur is the perfect harmony of modern and ancient. 

For lovers of modern architecture and beautiful photographs, there are the world’s tallest Petronas Twin Towers and the Menara TV Tower. Amazing panoramas of the city open from the observation decks of these skyscrapers. Walking around Kuala Lumpur will bring a lot of pleasure. Of course, it is worth visiting the parks, temples, and mosques of Malaysia. Perdana Botanical Garden is worth visiting as well. 

For beach holidays, islands such as Langkawi, Borneo, Penang are suitable. However, the capital has a rather popular Sunway Lagoon water park. Many rides, cinemas, water labyrinths and scare rooms, kayaking, and artificial waves for surfing will be interesting for children and adults. 


March is the right time for excursions in the Holy Land, which can be organically combined with a vacation on the three seas of Israel at once. Vacation in Israel in the spring is a very good chance to see all the sights of the country of three religions in a week.

Israel is like one big open-air museum. In a week, you can drive through Eilat, Jerusalem, Haifa, Caesarea, Nazareth, Netanya, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, see the Garden of Olives in Gethsemane, where Jesus Christ spent the last night before his arrest, Golgotha, the Wailing Wall, the Jordan River, Persian gardens, and much more. And also visit the three seas – the Red, Mediterranean, and Dead Seas. You can swim in the Red and the Dead, and if the temperature allows it, in the Mediterranean. 

Sri Lanka

Another direction where you can go for the warm sea.

The most impressive thing is, of course, nature. You will have the opportunity to go on a safari to the Yala National Park and watch the whales. It is very exciting. Be sure to visit the mountains, for example, in the village of Ella. This is a paradise on Earth. Also, go surfing or fishing. In Ratnapura, you can go down into the mines and see how sapphires are mined. There are many excursions on the island: to tea plantations, to the elephant orphanage and turtle farm, to the sacred mountain of Adam, and to Buddhist temples.


An island nation unique in its beauty and culture. For many centuries, some rulers have replaced others here. The islands have been under the influence of European conquerors for many years, but nevertheless, amazing original traditions of the local natives have been preserved in their culture. And yet, despite the fact that the Philippines has long been considered a true paradise for tourists, the islands are famous for the fact that the unique, pristine beauty of nature has been preserved here. 

The country has a very long coastline, which is washed by the South China, Philippine, Sulu, and Celebes Seas. Most of the state’s water area belongs to the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. 

Our planet is full of beautiful and unique places. Every one of them has its own features that attract tourists and visitors. Travel more and find your favourite places that give you special emotions and feelings.

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