Trendy Christmas Gifts of 2023: Top Holiday Gift Ideas


Here are some trendy Christmas gift ideas for your last-minute shopping to say thanks for such a wonderful year during this wonderful holiday season. 

1. Cool Calculators

These are some very cool calculators. Can’t even pick out one to show you because there are so many different cool ones on Amazon Starting at $8.99. If you just type in calculators to the search bar you won’t find these cool calculators. One of them has the big round typewriter-style buttons with the classic orange “=” and “MC” keys and the casing in your choice of nice pastel colors. The ones with erasable writing boards on the inside of the compact cover and little dry eraseable pens are so cool from IPepul, Aucanla, and Hion. The bamboo case and button calculators with a 12-digit large display make the solar power panel look especially fun. There are more…

2. Pressman Mancala

Real Wood Folding Set, with Multicolor Stones by Pressman for $11.99 on Amazon. Mancala is a thousands of years old tabletop board game that requires counting and strategy. You can upgrade your own home mancala set with different gems, stones, and charms of your own and variations on the rules to create a truly unique and fun home set. This Mancala board comes with a hinged design for easy storing and displaying, making it a great choice for home and for use as a travel set. Quality and safety tested. Reinforces skills necessary for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mechanics. For two players.

3. Engineering Paper

TOPS Engineering Computation Pad, 8-1/2″ x 11″, Glue Top, 5 x 5 Graph Rule on Back, Green Tint Paper, 3-Hole Punched, 100 Sheets (35500) $13.37 on Amazon. Using the engineering paper and your choice of pencils, pens, markers, crayons, or pieces, you can play Mancala on the engineering paper. You can also use it to play the ancient Chinese game of Go, 3-dimensional Tic Tac Toe, the ancient game of kings, Chess, or the big science mathematician John Conway’s Game of Life. Make up your own games. Keep your own records. Rule and mark the graph however you would like. It’s your engineering paper now.

4. Fireproof Safes

These are some very cool home-safe boxes. Can’t even pick out one to show you because there are so many different cool ones on Amazon starting at $35.01. You’ve got your basic cash register-sized fireproof cash and document boxes: The SentrySafe 1200 Fireproof Box with Key Lock and 0.18 cubic feet of storage. There’s the KYODOLED Fireproof Document Box with Key Lock, and the ROLOWAY Fireproof Document bag with lock and file folder safe organizer. They just keep getting bigger and with more features from there.

Find the best starter for you and start feeding it, see how big you’ll end up getting to— these are a good shopping habit to form because you just end up saving and shopping for more things to put in your safe and more safe, like safety deposit boxes at your bank or local credit union, more nicer safes for the home and office, different safes for digital and also crypto gifts for yourself and loved ones to have a nice board set of cash on hand for daily drivers and monthly drive throughs to top up, trade in, or swap out this for that or whatever somewhere in the cryptoverse. 

5. Not A Tinfoil Hat

Get a Faraday cap to cover your head with radio wave blocking material from Lambs $89.99. It’s not a tinfoil hat. It’s a Faraday cap. Do your own research and find out why this incredibly important technology is a great way to keep your cover when you go outside. Or check out these Faraday sleeves for phones from SLNT EUR$58. Protect your devices from penetration by external intruders. Keep them safe from prying eyes.. Law enforcement hates them: FaradayBags.

6. Hourglasses

Hourglasses use sand to keep time, something important at the base level of computation for the most massive crypto blockchain ecosystems on the wide open Internet three point ‘o.

These are some very cool hourglasses. Can’t even pick out one to show you because there are so many different cool ones on Amazon starting at $25.60.

7. Survival Garden Heirloom seeds 

Just imagine your friend or adversary combing through the forests of a distant and remote region looking for a place to homestead and wait out the end of civilization to the point that they will have to rely on themselves for their own food production. They reach into their stocking and get out their 32x variety heirloom seeds (15,000x) of them! (From OpenSeedVault)

8. Blue and White Ceramic Flower Ginger Jar Vase

Sugar Canister, Sugar Container, Tea Container, Hand-crafted Jingdezhen China $39.89 on Amazon.


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