Trademark is a distinctive mark that is used to differentiate your product or services from the other company or organizations. There are federal laws for trademarks. The law defines it as anything that has a distinctive form. It can be in the form of words, signs, names, pictures, titles, letters, logos, seals, hallmarks, figures, drawings, advertisements, engravings, packs, or any kind of mark.

In the fast-paced world, innovation takes place every day. For innovations, intellectual property is a crucial component. It contributes to the company’s success. Besides, it is equally vital for the longer-term survival of any organization. Trademarks will help companies to protect their brand name. It is also a way to distinguish its product or service from the other competitors. Hire Trademark Lawyers in Dubai and Law Firms in Dubai for trade mark registration. 

Trademark infringement refers to the practice where a competitor to anyone else uses a similar trademark that matches or is similar to your product or service. In UAE trademarks are protected under the law. It is done to combat trademark rights violations. Therefore, to defend the trademark, the companies need to be very active. It is important for protection and thus, infringement cases should be reported timely to the concerned authorities.  Once reported, the competitors won’t get a chance to win the suit. Once your trademark is infringed upon, this will provide you with a competitive edge over your rival firms.

To file for the infringement dispute or case, one needs to prove that the trademark is identical to yours and thus, confuses the customers. Confusion arises when the products are similar to yours or the company is associated with yours. Once you are in trouble, you must seek professional advice once the infringement takes place, you should immediately inform the competent and composed trademark lawyer about it. 

You and the lawyers can work over the possible line of action. Lawyers will initiate the action. The attorney will assist in counterfeiting and will guide you in how to enforce your rights. They will also notify you about the administrative and civil remedies that are available. Lawyers will assist you in sending the ‘cease and desist letter’ if needed. The alleged infringer will be dispatched to legal notice to resolve the possible conflict. The trademark attorney will do it in writing.

Trademark lawyers will ensure that no one impersonates the owner. He will guide you in filing for infringement complaints in the UAE. He will adhere to the trademark laws prevalent in UAE. This will offer a sustainable brand identity to the company and also contributes to its growth and survival. The company’s reputation is at stake with infringement disputes, thus, a lawyer will mitigate the risks attached to it. Trademark lawyers are knowledgeable about trademark law and have the skills and expertise to prosecute trademark infringement lawsuits and litigations.

The knowledgeable and well-trained trademark attorneys draft ‘desist letters and cease letters’ and other legal notices to serve the purpose.  They will try their best for the out-of-court settlement. They will make efforts to amicably resolve the matter in the larger interest of the client. 

Why Experts?

Trademark, copyrights, infringements, patents, logo etc rights are protected by the experts called as Trademark Attorneys. Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, will offer you the quality services for company setups, registration process etc. These are the best Law Firms in Dubai and UAE for such services. Let’s cut it short, there can be found several such Law Firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE. These Law Firms are established and all owned by Senior Emirati Advocates. The Law Firm we recommended here is also owned by most senior Emirati Lawyer and Legal Consultant, Advocate Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba. 


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