Top 5 Things to Do in Cuba with Kids: Family Travel Tips for Cuba

If you plan to go on a family holiday to Cuba, you are in for a lot of beach fun, some exciting excursions, and horse riding. Cuba is mostly rural, so there are no big amusement parks to entertain kids. However, it’s a fantastic place to become closer to nature and learn to admire the greatness that can be achieved through labor. Don’t forget about delicious foods. Your family is sure to pick up a few recipes while on holiday.

5 Best Things to Do in Cuba with Kids: Swim, Have Fun, Learn

1. Send kids exploring the zip wires

Cuba offers many zip lining opportunities in some of its most beautiful places. This includes the Vinales Valley with its renowned Mural of Prehistory. If you are on a tour of the Cuban countryside, looking for zip lines should be on the list of must-dos.

Toddlers are allowed up on some of the lines, but only when accompanied by a professional guide. This activity will excite children and help them see the glory of the local nature from above.

2. Take a tour through Havana

Havana has many hidden gems as well as a very interesting history. If you want your family holiday to Cuba to be educational as well as fun, you definitely need to explore this city. The easiest way to do this is to take free walking tours in Havana. This will allow you to learn about the most interesting sites in the city, including those not marked by monuments. Learning about the complicated history of Havana will help both yourself and your kids see how incredible the people of Cuba are. Despite all that strife and violence in their past, they remain cordial and welcoming.

You should discover Havana from different angles as this city is fascinating and diverse. Be sure to enjoy some local food during your visit as it’s some of the best on the island. You definitely need to try some medianoche, Cuban chicken stew, and Cuban sugar cookies with guava.

3. Visit Fusterlandia

Fusterlandia is an incredible neighborhood in Havana redone into a wonderland that came from the creative mind of Jose Rodriguez Fuster. Known for his ‘childlike’ and naïve art, Fuster turned this impoverished part of the city into a magical place that can be ranked up there with Park Guell in Barcelona.

Today the mosaics in the neighborhood are one of the main tourist attractions in Havana. You have to see this place during your family vacation in Cuba as it’s one of the most unusual sites on the island.

4. Relax on beaches

There is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Cuba, so you can choose to visit a new one every day for your entire stay. They differ in available facilities and overall infrastructure. However, two things all Cuban beaches have in common are crystal-clear waters and soft sand.

Some of the best places to visit with kids include:

  • Playas de Este
  • Santa Maria del Mar
  • Playa Esmeralda
  • Playa Pilar
  • Playa Mal Tiempo
  • Sirena Beach

5. Go horseback riding

A family vacation in Cuba might feel like a trip to the past. And what better way to make the experience more charming and authentic than going on horseback?

Horse riding tours are very popular and varied. You should be able to find one in every major city on the island. There is a multitude of beautiful trails for riders of every level. Some of the available tours last days and will take you through major attractions on the island. You will ride across mountains, valleys, and streams. This is the best way to enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of the island.

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