Top Reasons for Learning to Fly

Learning to fly used to be an exclusive activity that few people could experience. While it’s still more expensive than many other hobbies, it’s now more accessible than it ever was before. If this is something that grabs your attention, here are some of the main reasons why learning to fly may make sense.

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Build Your Confidence

Taking control of an aeroplane for the first time is a terrifying thought. The first lesson taken by a new pilot only covers a few of the basics but it’s still an unforgettable experience. After this, each lesson typically lasts for an hour and you should gradually feel your confidence levels rising as you gain experience and begin to understand how all of the controls work.

The popularity of flight simulators has helped to boost interest in learning to fly, as they give us a taste of getting up in the air but without any of the possible dangers. Planes are also used in simple casino games like the Aviator Game. You don’t need to control the craft in this case, as the gameplay involves placing your bet and then deciding when to cash out as the plane climbs. The idea is to close the bet at the plane’s maximum height before it drops down.

Improve Your Concentration and Other Skills

Concentration is one of the key skills needed by any pilot. This is why it’s a key part of many different pilot tests, with a variety of simple-looking tests used to determine the pilot’s ability to concentrate and react to changes. The SkyTest Preparation Software used by British aviation companies looks at areas such as attentiveness and situational awareness.

This is a skill that is sure to help in other aspects of life once you’ve honed it in your flying lessons. Good concentration is linked to having a clearer focus and mental clarity, which helps lead you to better decisions. If you only fly as an occasional hobby, the improvement in your concentration could help you in your career and other pastimes.

As a Career

Many people who start flying as a hobby eventually consider switching to make it a career of it. Actor John Travolta is among the celebrities to earn a commercial flying license, while Harrison Ford also has a license and has flown to help disaster relief efforts in the past. Angelina Jolie has also used her license to fly to disaster areas and refugee camps, according to Sky Aviation Holdings.

This can be an excellent career choice although the earning potential varies widely, with an average salary in the US of $220,000 mentioned by Epic Flight Academy. Different airlines have diverse salary scales, while the type of aircraft flown and the routes taken also affect the amount of money that can be earned by pilots.

These reasons help us to see why so many people are interested in learning how to fly. It’s the sort of hobby that can easily turn into a passion or even a full-time career if you give it a try.

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