Top Cannabis Strains for the Wake and Bake

Most people use cannabis to relax and destress — and weed is undeniably a wonderful tool for that. However, it might be interesting for marijuana beginners to learn that cannabis can also be helpful in helping users to wake up and feel energized.

The practice of waking and baking, or using cannabis in the morning, can be as effective at providing get-up-and-go as a cup of coffee — but only if users choose the right strains. Here are the best strains to wake and bake with in 2020:

Green Crack

One of the most popular sativa strains, Green Crack comes with a whopping 25 percent THC and not only kicks in fast but lasts for hours. One of the best effects of this strain is an abundance of energy, which provides a boost to mental acuity and focus. However, users also attest that this strain improves one’s ability to socialize, making it perfect for the stoner who has to attend a Zoom meeting first thing in the morning.

Chocolate Thai

Not as easy to find as other strains on this list, Chocolate Thai might be the best wake-and-bake strain there is. Though lower in THC than other strains on this list, there is no better feeling than when Chocolate Thai sitting in your custom rolling tray freshens up your whole place with its gentle scent. This strain boasts coffee and chocolate aromas that are perfect for the morning time. Even better, its effects include a smooth high with a moderate amount of energy that gives users a good attitude with which to face the day.


Voodoo is another Thai landrace strain, making it a sativa with intense and long-lasting effects. Providing a burst of euphoric energy immediately upon use, this strain is certain to get users out of bed. Plus, its nutty, spicy flavor pairs well with a cup of coffee or a bold tea.

Sour Diesel

Found almost everywhere, from California cannabis dispensaries to the coffeehouses of Amsterdam, Sour Diesel is one of the most notorious strains in history. Pungent and potent, Sour D offers a strong cerebral high that is best managed by experienced smokers only. Those with a lower THC tolerance are likely to get distracted and succumb to a dreamy daze that prevents productivity.

Island Sweet Skunk

Sweet and citrusy like a glass of OJ, Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 18 percent THC — which many consider to be the perfect amount for waking and baking. Especially for those who need to rise early, this strain offers energy and relaxation that fights lethargy, body aches and other common morning-time complaints.

Golden Goat

A complex aroma belies a complex high with this hybrid strain. Golden Goat has the genetics of a few different tropical strains, ensuring a fruity, sweet and sour flavor profile. While the respectable THC content offers energy and euphoria to the brain, a good amount of CBD allows the relaxation of the rest of the body. Users might not feel as awake as they would with coffee, but they will definitely feel good.

Golden Goat

Pineapple Express

Regardless of whether the strain or the movie came first, Pineapple Express has become a beloved mainstay amongst stoners. Despite boasting THC content around 25 percent, stoners generally agree that this strain provides a subtle high that vastly improves creative endeavors. What’s more, the effects last for hours, even with a small dose, so when Pineapple Express is enjoyed right after getting up, users can expect a full day of creative success.


Hempstar is sometimes found under another name, Brainstorm, but however it appears at local dispensaries, this strain is amazing for the morning. Mild and well-rounded, Hempstar improves a user’s mood throughout the day, which is ideal for users who don’t want to feel overly energized or too relaxed but need a good euphoric booster to get started.


Citrus strains almost always provide a good burst of energy, and Tangilope is no different. As potently orange-and-lemon flavored as the more famous Tangie strain, Tangilope offers a slight chocolatey aroma, too. Even better, the strain is a full-blooded sativa that lends happiness and creativity at the very start of the day.

Candy Jack

A descendent of Jack Herer and Skunk, two world-famous sativas, Candy Jack hits hard, which means only those accustomed to waking and baking should consider using this strain. Still, the strain won awards for a reason: It provides ample energy and uplifts the spirit without causing the buzziness or paranoia of other sativas.

Not everyone likes a cup of joe in the morning; plenty of people want to wake up to merry jane, instead. Varying in accessibility and beginner-friendliness, these strains offer something for everyone when it comes to getting high straight out of bed.

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