Top 10 Beaches In The World

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Going to the beach is one of the biggest highlights in most of our summers especially when we live close to one or have the money to travel to one. No one beach is alike, which is why several people have a bucket list of sorts to see the most highly regarded ones. When we look at the top beaches worth seeing, we’ll want to take into consideration some key aspects that a ranking beach should offer a tourist or local alike.

Here is a list of the top 10 beaches around the world to see at least once in your life:

  1. Anse Source d’Argent (Republic of Seychelles):

This is one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find with pink sand and majestic cliffs. Once you’re here, you’ll see why it’s photographed so often.Anse Source d’Argent

  1. 7 Mile Beach (Jamaica):

Really only six miles long, this beach holds the title for longest beach in the world.7 Mile Beach

  1. El Castillo (Mexico):

With the ancient ruins of the Mayans civilization behind you, you’ll enjoy the beach’s scenery as you enjoy the culture and water sports.El Castillo

  1. Hidden Beach (Mexico):

Made from supposed past bombings in the area, this beach is hidden for a reason with a secret passage you’ll have to swim to reach.Hidden Beach

  1. Plage de St. Jean (St. Barths):

This beach is actually at the end of an airport landing strip, making it an exciting place to be as you enjoy the water and sand while planes attempt to land on the short strip without any issues.Plage de St. Jean

  1. Ipanema Beach (Rio de Janiero):

This is the greatest beach for those looking for a great place that offers fun and people for those long party nights and scenic beaches in the day.Ipanema Beach

  1. Paradise Beach (Greece):

Another great spot for those looking for a good time with a party atmosphere. Enjoy the Aegean Sea as you dance the night away on the sand.Paradise Beach

  1. Plage de Tahiti (France):

Not a beach for the family since swimwear is optional.Plage de Tahiti

  1. Bells Beach (Australia):

If you love surfing and other sports, you’ll enjoy your time here with its annual Rip Curl Pro competition.Bells Beach

  1. Baia do Sancho (Brazil):

If you want an adventure before you even get there, this beach is for you. Its coral reef and seclusion make it worth the trip.Baia do Sancho

With each of these beaches, not only can you see the world, you can also find something for everyone from relaxation to party-like fun to family fun while admiring the view, the culture, and the various water sports available to you in each location. Traveling to the beach is one of the greatest memories we have and going to the right beach makes all the difference in the world for those wanting to experience something new this beach-going season.

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