Fast fashion is one of the biggest issues of the 21st century. From exploited sweatshop workers to overflowing landfills, the fast fashion industry is littered with so many problems that it’s very hard to sum it up in just one paragraph. If you want to pride yourself in being as sustainable as possible, you need to look into sustainable fashion, also known as slow fashion. This doesn’t mean that you need to be less stylish, just more thoughtful in your relationship with fashion. Read on to find out slow fashion tips here.

1. Go through your wardrobe

The best way to be sustainable is to make sure that you’re using up all of the clothes that you already own. It happens to the best of us – you sometimes just forget that you own a piece of clothing. Reserve an afternoon to rummage through your wardrobe and familiarize yourself with the garments. There’s a high chance you’ll find something you’ve quite literally forgotten about and you can incorporate it again in your everyday style.

2. Take care of your clothing

Another tip that deals with the items which are already in your possession is the following – respect the clothes you own. This means to wash, dry and store them with care. When it comes to washing, mind the label. Take dry cleaning to minimum, but if something will get ruined in the washer invest into a proper service. For example, this quality dry cleaning in Chicago uses eco-friendly chemicals, so it’s a great choice for dry cleaning.

3. Up-cycle your clothes

If you like to follow trends, this tip is for you. There are some great ways you can utilize a needle and a thread, or a sewing machine if you know how to use one. You can make something new and fresh from pieces you already own. For example, there was a trend on TikTok focused on making a stylish top out of an old oversized T-shirt only by using scissors. If you don’t have time or skills to do something like that on your own, you can find a tailor who will be willing to spruce up the garment that’s already a part of your wardrobe.

4. Don’t throw it away

If you have a piece of clothing that is still wearable but for one reason or another you know you won’t be wearing it anymore, don’t throw it in the trash. If you chink it into your household bin, it will ultimately end up on a landfill, emitting gasses while its degrading. Try to give it away to someone or even sell it online. If you don’t like it anymore, that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.

5. Shop second hand

If you want to add something new to your collection, opt for getting it second hand. There are many charity shops that offer a lot of fashionable clothing for a very small price. Also, if something doesn’t fit perfectly, you can just get it tailored to your body. Shopping in charity shops may take more time than shopping in Zara or Primark. If this isn’t for you then you may like to shop by using online platforms such as Depop or eBay.

6. Buy ethically

Some items are quite hard to find vintage or it’s just a better idea to get them new, such as socks, intimates or gym clothes. If you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, you should first pay attention to the materials. Polyester is never ethical because it emits micro plastics into the water when washed, so natural materials like cotton, linen or hemp may be a better choice. Another option is to buy clothes from recycled materials, this is the most sustainable option next to buying second hand. 

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