17 Best Things to do in Sydney, Australia

If you are planning a trip then Sydney can be your destination. This small place has everything to give and let you enjoy your holiday. If you love beaches then Coogee, Manly etc are just perfect for you. If you love music then visiting the Sydney Opera House is a must for you. Those who love to explore water can do the same at Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbor. Even if you are a little boring and want to spend your time in a museum then visiting the Australian National Maritime Museum can make your day. If you are with your kids and want to spend some time in a park, nothing can be better can hanging out at Royal Botanic Garden and Luna Park.

So as I have already said Sydney has something for everyone coming to visit this place. Apart from the places I have mentioned Sydney has grasped much more love and excitement and delicious multicultural food for the visitors. And that is why we are going to tell you 17 best Things to do in Sydney. You can surely consider this list if you are about to show up in Sydney, Australia.

Now keeping your excitement continue let jump straight on 17 best Things to do in Sydney:

17 Best Things to do in Sydney:

1. Watching a show at Sydney Opera House:

things to do in sydney

I know anyone who is planning to show up at the biggest city in Australia will surely consider Sydney Opera House as the first place to visit in Sydney. Your trip to this beautiful city is incomplete without Watching a show at Sydney Opera House.

Spreading its spark in the night this place is also registered in the world heritage buildings. Opera House always has many great shows for their audiences and enjoying these shows can simply make your trip a level up. If you are not a show-watcher type then skipping the show you can take a walk at the Opera House admiring its beauty and enjoying the great food at its premises.

2. Bondi Beach:

things to do in sydney: Bondi Beach

Hanging out at the Bondi beach is next in the list of 17 best Things to do in Sydney. Visiting Sydney and not visiting this beach can make your trip go a serious flop one. This beach is the best to relax and feel the ocean and hence every year this beach receives countless local as well as the international visitor.

You can come and enjoy your whole day here with your family and if you are lucky you can also see some celebrities here.  You will be surprised to know that this beach is also registered in the Guinness World Record, for the world’s largest swimsuit photo shoot. Ready to spend your day here, wait don’t forget to have your sunscreen lotion!

3. Visit Paddy Market:

Places to visit in sydney: Paddy Market

Around 150-year-old this paddy Market is the biggest one in the biggest city in Australia. Between Flemington locations and Haymarket is this place has more than 1,000 stalls. Shopping here is full of fun and excitement as you can pick your stuff in a very reasonable price and a must place to visit in Sydney for shopping lovers.

Apart from just shopping, this place has many food stalls serving good food which is irresistible to taste. The atmosphere of this market is also very great for the visitors and hence you can easily eat, walk and shop from day till night.

4. Climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

places to visit in sydney

Next comes this breathtakingly beautiful bridge in the list of things to do in Sydney. It is also one of the famous and must-visit spots in Sydney. The best part is this one is among world’s few climbable bridges. So all you have to do is get stuffed with required safety gears, get the knowledge of the weather and make some climbers your friend and you are all set to climb the Sydney harbour bridge.

Taking a walk or a ride on a bridge is really very common but climbing the one can give you a different experience. While climbing you can witness some mesmerizing views and the climbing experience would be superbly astonishing.

5. Take a long walk at the Royal Botanic Garden:

things to do in sydney

Established in the year 1816, Royal Botanic Garden is the oldest scientific institution and botanic garden in Australia. Recently when the garden became 200 years they celebrated the whole year by organising numerous events.

You just have to take a few minutes walks from Sydney Opera House or from Sydney CBD and you will find yourself right in front of the Royal Botanic Garden.

This place will let you know about the botanical history of Australia and take a look at many pleasing plants and flowers.

You can take a walk all the way by your own self or can even explore it under the guidance of a tour guide.

6. Keep it interesting with Museums:

If you want to witness the past, presence and future of Australia than nothing can be better than visiting these museums. At Sydney, you can find theme based museums where you can explore the things brought all around the globe and kept just for the visitors to take a gaze of it.

If you are a bit interested in science and technology then visiting The Powerhouse Museum would make your soul happy. This place has futuristic robots, 80s steam engine and a lot more for the technical geeks.

You can also visit The Australian Museum if you want to explore historical Australia.

The Hyde Park Barracks Museum is also great if you want to take some glimpse of the past. This museum is also registered as the world heritage site in the list of UNESCO.

7. Have your dinner at the Circular Quay:

things to do in sydney

Next in the list of things to do in sydney is the Circular Quay. Circular Quay is a great option if you want to spend some relaxing and calm time watching the blue water and eating some very delicious food. From the long list of dining options, this place is known for dishes like the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar, ARIA and Yayoi Garden and Tapavino. These options are super delicious and hence can go a little out of the budget. If you want to make it pocket soothing you can go with the street sandwich, burgers and other street foods.

8. Take ferry ride around Darling Harbor and Circular Quay:

things to do in sydney: ferry ride

If you want to give your holiday tour to Sydney a clam and romantic touch, all you have to do is take a cruise or ferry ride Darling Harbor and Circular Quay. The mesmerizing beauty of the land surrounding water and night lights can make it even more pleasant.

At a reasonable price, you can take a ride from darling harbour to the circular quay. And if you are big in the budget then you can even hire a private cruise and take the best of sightseeing.

9. Explore the beauty of Darling Harbor:

Darling Harbour is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. The best part of visiting this place is, you don’t have to travel a distance from Sydney. This place is present right in the heart of the city.

This place is especially known for its nightlife and would surely suggest you enjoy your night at the Darling Harbor.

Crowded with many renowned restaurants and pubs, apart from the alluring view this place is also known for its delicious food. You can also visit Chinese Garden of Friendship which is a great place to explore, Dockside Pavilion and National Maritime Museum.

10. Make most of it with your kids at Luna Park:

things to do in sydney: Luna Park

If you are in Sydney with your family then Luna Park should come in your list of things to do in Sydney. This park has a very attractive entrance which makes you even more eager to explore the park and offer you a great fun.

You can directly hit the am amusement park and take a super exciting roller coaster ride with your kids. The park also has a Coney Island area, which is actually inspired by the original Coney Island present in the United States.

Also, this place is great when it comes to classy restaurants and dining. You can even give your loved one a beautiful dinner date and let her enjoy the food in a breathtaking ambience.

11. Check out the Night Life of the city:

Along with Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbor, this city is also known for its sparkling nightlife. Sydney has many restaurants and street food stalls that keep you energized while wondering on the city’s road at night.

Sydney’s gay area is known as the Oxford Street looks beautiful in the night lights and serves great food for the mixed crowd.

12. Sports lovers visit SCG:

Places to visit in sydney: scg

Do you love watching Sports live? If yes, then you can’t give a miss to the SCG. Every weekend and even throughout the week this stadium organises many sports like rugby, cricket and AFL. Spending your time in this stadium makes it full of fun and excitement and who doesn’t love that!

13. Visit Sydney Historic Pub Crawl:

In Sydney, Pubs has every very impossible part ever since the historic period of the city.

Sydney is good when it comes to the stories and the Historic Pub Crawl of the city can make you familiar with some of the great older times stories.

There is a place called 4-hour historic pub crawl connecting four very famous pubs in the city. These pubs will tell you the story of the old, always crowded and a lot different from today, Sydney.

14. Touch the feet of nature at Garigal National Park:

Things to do in sydney

The next one in the list of 17 best Things to do in Sydney is visiting the Garigal National Park. I can say that you cannot explore the natural beauty of a city or a country without visiting the nature park of that place.

This park is around 20 km from CBD covering 2202 hectares of area and present at the North Shore of the city. Away from the city noise, this place is great to give your weekend or holiday trip a natural touch.

Here you can see, the variety of plants and flowers, engraved rocks, cave art and magnificent scenery.

15. Let you Children be playful at the Taronga Zoo:

Taronga Zoo is highly appreciated for the way they have made the Zoo exploring exciting for the visitors. Here you can see many animals kept in natural surroundings. The zoo is just a ferry ride away from the city and a place of great fun for the family. As the zoo is very large you get sky Safari and zoo train to make it comfortable for the visitors. You can also spend a night with the zoo animals at the safari tent.

16. Visit the past with Elizabeth Farm:

Set during the 1830s Elizabeth Farm is the oldest home state of Australia. Actually, this one is a type of museum where you can touch and feel everything. This place has no barriers and hence it feels like you are actually looking living in the 90s.

17. Climb up High at the Sydney Tower:

things to do in sydney: Sydney Tower

Sydney has many tall structures and the tallest point among those are the Sydney Tower Eye. This place is known for the 360° panoramic view of the city, which you can see while standing at the top of the Sydney Tower.

This place is good during both day and night, however, I would suggest you visit this one just before sunset so that you can experience both day and night view in a single visit.

Along with all these Sydney has much love to watch and enjoy. You can go shopping, enjoy long drives, make it adventures with some water sports and can relax while sunbathing on the beach.

So, just grab you first flight and land here at Sydney!

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