25 Ultimate Things To Do In London


Planning a trip to the city of romance, London! Then I think you have got to take a quick look at these super striking things to do in London.
I must say, London has something for everyone!

Being the most visited site in Europe, London attracts around 27 million visitors all year. London is a true heaven for the tourists as it has everything, from the technically advanced dwelling, well-off history, astonishing culture, amusement parks and all you can imagine in your beautiful dreams.

So, let’s get started with things to do in London:

1) Have a Visit to The Westminster:

You will remember if I say Big Ben! Westminster is famous as a bell house of the iconic clock tower, chiming and reminding you of every passing hour. Moreover, Westminster is home to the London’s House of Parliament. You can have a visit to the Westminster Abbey, opened most of the days for the visitors.

Things To Do In London

2) Feel The Lavishness Of London’s Queen:

Buckingham Palace is a home for Queen Elizabeth II. Except for some private quarters of the Queen, the palace is open for the tourists. Here you can have a look at around 19 rooms of the palace, beautiful pieces of art and of course the official wedding snaps of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Things To Do In London

3) Cruises Of Thames:

The Thames is the longest river of England and the lifeblood of the city. This river is the flowing reason behind the technically advanced city of London. The romantic cruises ride can make you fall in love the city all over again. And love will get deeper as the night covers the city and reveals its actual splendor.

Things To Do In London

4) Magic At Platform 9¾:

Are you a harry potter fan! I know you are who will not be? Want to visit Harry potter’s platform 9¾ and experience some ancient magic. Yes, London can even make you experience this. At the King’s Cross railway station you can witness Platform 9 ¾ and poses with an almost disappearing luggage trolley. See you at the Hogwarts! This place is wonderful if you are willing experience some best things to do in London to make your kids flabbergasted.

Things To Do In London

5) Take A Spin On London-Eye:

How you can visit London and not take a ride on London-Eye! This is the most thrilling thing to do in London. This giant wheel can give the perfect city sight and that too in an adventurous manner. 30 minutes of the London eye ride can bring out around 55 city attractions in front your eyes.

Things To Do In London

6) London Aquarium:

Ok I am telling you this right after London-Eye because you can team these two places. London Aquarium is a must see one, as the one has fishes and marine creatures of the world.

Things To Do In London

7) Tattoos and Piercing:

If you love being sure funky with tattoos and piercing you just cannot skip the one I am going to tell you! Camden! A place of alternative culture, you can see people here with punks, tattoos, goths, rockabillies and much more you can miss in the city. Other than tattoos and piercing you can even take the zest of city’s best cookies at Cookies And Scream.

Things To Do In London

8) Walk At The Hyde Park:

One of the most visited parks in the city, Hyde Park is a must-see for the tourists. The park covers 142 hectors, around 4000 trees and two beautiful lakes. The park is also known for the numerous protests, debates and beautiful concerts it has witnessed since past. Even today you can find the park acquired by many artists, giving you pleasure with their striking performances. Here you can enjoy the fresh air while boating in the lakes.

Things To Do In London

9) Night Life:

Ok people! When it comes to enjoying the night, the darkness brings out the actual spark of the City. Shoreditch is a place situated at the end of the east London, here you can enjoy the gorgeousness night with wines, bands, and much more.
The Night Life of London, here you can take the most of it by visiting Soho, London’s sex industry. Here you will spot gay and lesbian clubs, strip clubs, bars and a lot more to make your night jazz.

Things To Do In London
10) British Film Industry:

Are you a film lover! Yes! Then British Film Industry aka BFl is your place. BFI showcases blockbuster movies and special screening every day and lets you enjoy the one. It even has libraries and shops for serious movie lovers.

Things To Do In London

11) Take A Look At The Past:

London is a city of Museums. There are many free museums here, helping you witness the past. Museums like British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and V&A Museum are a must see. At the Natural History Museum, you can even pose with the very famous Diplodocus skeleton.
Imperial War Museum will let you experience the real voice of the First World War. The British Museum will let you experience some strange things like murman mummy. You can also stopover Bakers Street where once a detective named Sherlock Holmes use to live, I hope you all know him very well; he was the globally known detective. Routemaster museum can take you to the London, back in the era of red buses.

Things To Do In London
12) Pose with Wax Statues:

How can you left the most famous museum of the world Madame Tussauds! Madame Tussauds is eminent for the wax statues of many internationally recognized celebrities and the best part is you can even pose with them.

Things To Do In London

13) Visiting London with Your Kids:

London has something for everyone. If you are a family man, then you astonish your little one’s mood b taking them to the Zoo. The ZSL zoo of London, is a must visit place full of animals, fishes, birds and for those kids who love to get horrified here, you can even have meeting with bats and spiders. At ‘In With The Spiders’ your kids can see countless number and species of spiders. Trust me this place will never disappoint the kids.

Things To Do In London

14) Window Shopping:

Got into the city with your loved women! Want to adore her? Bring her to the Portobello Road Market. This place offers almost everything from coffee shops to eateries from fruits to cookies and from clothes to music. You can bring your lady here and indulge her with the thing I guess very women just fall for window shopping.

Things To Do In London

15) The London Bridge Experience:

Want to witness some horrific history of the city; oh you don’t have to wonder anywhere The London Bridge Experience is your place. Here you can feel, hear and smell the historic and scary side of London. Though you have to make sure you kids should not find it more horrible than adventurous. The old street of London, William Wallace, The great fire and much more is waiting for you at the London Bridge Experience. But be careful you can even become a prey of jack the ripper!

Things To Do In London

16) Tower of London:

Oh you cannot give a miss to this mesmerizing place called Tower Of London. Apart from the crown jewel aka the largest diamond in the world, snoopy history, the interior beauty of the place is the less the more you talk about it. Situated on the northern bank of river Thames, this tower is 900 years old and has spotted some great historic moments.

Things To Do In London

17) Epic City View from The Shard:

Giving new heights to the city The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe. Some upper floors of The Shard are open to serve the visitors with a view and make them realize that they are looking at the city from a cloud.

Things To Do In London

18) Let The Silence Talk At The Primrose Hill:

Let you and your love spend some quality time together in the silence of Primrose Hill. The beautiful sunset and the superbly posh cafes make it a perfect picnic place. You can take a break at the top of Primrose Hill, with your family and friends and take the best flavor of the day.

Things To Do In London

19) Feel Vertigo At The Tower Bridge:

At the city’s most famous tower now you can even get the perfectly frightening view of the city. Shocked how! Nothing much, but just the floor of the bridge is made up of glass! Scarred ha! Yes, folks this bridge is 42 meters above the ground and has 6 glass panels which actually make the bridge’s floor. Dare to walk!

Things To Do In London

20) See The Pelicans:

London has many parks and the animals and birds they are famous for, like Richmond Park and Greenwich Park is known for the dears, Holland Park has many peacocks and Clissold Park is recognized for the Goats but trust me the one you should visit is St. James Park which has Pelicans. This striking bird has baggy-beak and can be seen chewing fishes.

Things To Do In London

21) Party Hard at Notting Hill Carnival:

If you are planning to visit the city in August, then your question of the things to do in London has a very obvious answer, Part at the Notting Hill Carnival. This carnival is a celebration of the Indian Culture and biggest party of Europe takes place on Bank Holiday in the month of August.

Things To Do In London

22) St Paul’s Cathedral:

St Paul’s Cathedral has the tombs and memorials some great heroes of the nation like the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Lord Nelson. Not just the tombs but the interior of the cathedral is also admirable.
Oculus gives you the 270-degree film experience and shows off some of the worthy historic moments. You can even climb the dome of the cathedral, called the golden gallery and capture the panoramic view of the city in the camera of heart.

Things To Do In London
23) Experience The Marine Life in Sea Life London Aquarium:

The largest collection of marine life creatures like seahorse, penguins, jellyfish and many are there at the sea life London aquarium situated at the banks of river Thames. Take a step beneath the striking waves and get the lifetime aqua experience only at the sea life London aquarium.

Things To Do In London

24) Take The Glimpse of Christmas lights in Central London:

Switched on near the beginning of November, these sparkling lights illuminates every part of central London. Though these lights are especially to attract the crowd towards the market vendors, however, walking in the evening under the roof that is glittering like mad, gives you a celebration mood.

Things To Do In London

25) Acquire Some Grown-up Excitement At Science Museum:

You might have thought to touch the new discoveries of the world; however feeling powerless to do so is not unique. But unique is the Science Museum of London, you cannot just see but also hands on the new discoveries of the world. Buy the tickets and you will be open to visit some live shows and experiments.

Things To Do In London
So what are you waiting for, the priceless beauty of London is calling you with open hands. Choose your trip mates, pack your camera and let the tour begin!

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