14 Exciting Things to Do in Dubai

things to do in dubai

Dubai is known for its breathtakingly beautiful man-made architectures, luxurious shopping Malls, mesmerizing nightlife, Desert and beaches. It is an Emirate or a city in the UAE and is also a famous holiday destination receiving Millions of visitors every year. Dubai has kept safe both it’s old-generation and also the modern structure and this makes Dubai just the perfect place for every type of visitors. There’s a lot to places to explore in Dubai like you can start your day by visiting the very prominent Burj Khalifa, spend your day at the Jumeirah beach and can get out of budget at the Dubai Mall.

Dubai is fun from the point it starts and till the point, it ends. It is just impossible to cover everything you can experience or view in this city. So here we will be telling you about the 14 most exciting things to do in Dubai.

14 Most Exciting Things to Do in Dubai:

1. Gazing the city from the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa:

things to do in dubai

It is not shocking if I will tell you that Dubai is full of admiringly beautiful man-made architecture. And the one which is standing the tallest on the very first position is Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is a uniquely designed piece of architecture and it’s height and interior add starts to its beauty and is a must place to visit in dubai.

Burj Khalifa has two sky-high decks on the 124th floor and the other one on the 148th floor. These decks let you experience Dubai in the most unique way. If you are up to this trail then you have to book the tickets at the earliest as this place always stay busy with visitors.

2. Redefining luxurious shopping at the Dubai Mall:

things to do in dubai

Dubai Mall has more than 1200 shops and thus instead of calling it a big shopping mall you can even call it a small city. Apart from shops of almost all the renowned brands, this place also has around 170 restaurants.

If your budget is not allowing you to shop at the mall you can even visit this place to gaze its interior. This mall has the skeleton of a gigantic dinosaur handing in the middle of the mall, a great aquarium and also a stirring theme park.

3. Enjoy your stay at the most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab:

places to visit in dubai

Burj Al Arab is the prepossessing piece of construction encompassing many big budget hotels and restaurants. As an art of modern Dubai, Burj Al Arab looks like a sail-shaped silhouette. This masterpiece has more than 200 luxurious suites, 5 pools, a waterpark, Sinbad’s Kids Club, Spa, and 9 world class bars and restaurants. Along with its interior and the oceanic view, this place has 3 floors under the ocean providing the epic view of the sea. However, visiting this place can seriously harm your pocket but trust me Burj Al Arab truly worth that.

4. Watch the dancing water near Downtown Dubai:

things to do in dubai : fountain show

Next in the list of places to visit in Dubai is fountain show. This fountain of Dubai is the world’s largest fountain dancing with the fully choreographed water system. The Dubai Fountain is 900 ft long and is able to shoot water up to 500 ft. Illuminated by more than 6500 lights and around 50 colour projectors this one is a pleasure to watch.

It feels like a night of celebrations when the fountain starts dancing to the songs.

5. Ride a camel at the Desert:

things to do in dubai: camel ride

Dubai is a place where you can see the advanced city, shining ocean, green island and also large desert. Desert safari is one of the top activities not to be missed when visiting Dubai. And you just cannot give a miss to the Dubai Desert. You can spend your whole day starting with watching an alluring sunrise in the desert, taking a Land Rover ride or a camel safari, enjoying food at some of the classy and theme based desert resorts and spending an evening with full of traditional entertainment.

If you are a little daring then you can even go for the sand sky, quad biking and dune bashing to explore the desert closely. You can even make it romantic with a momentous ride in a hot air balloon.

6. Explore the Ace architecture Palm Jumeirah:

The next one in the list of things to do in Dubai is visiting Palm Jumeirah. Build in the shape of a palm tree this man-made island is among the most visited attractions of the world. Palm Island is a home of Atlantis, the most beautiful rose-hued structure of Dubai. Standing at the top of Atlantis you can see the most beautiful view of palm island. Atlantis also let you swim with sharks, sea lions, dolphins and other water creatures. You can have fun at the palm island water with paddle boards, speed boards and cruise.

In addition to these, you can also take advantage of free fall, taking a spa, enjoying the sunset at the penthouse and much more at palm island.

7. Feel the waves at the Kite Beach:

things to do in dubai: kite beach

The sound of sea weaves, fresh blowing wind and colourful flying kites, all this makes Kite Beach a must visit place for the tourists. This beach is also called as a hub of water sports where you can go on a number of sports with your friends and family.

This place is full of top-notch watersports gears and hence let you try your skills with wakeboarding, kitesurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, underwater diving and more.

8. Visit JBR to walk, shop and beach like never before:

JBR area has everything required to give your tour a perfect enjoyment. JBR beach lets you relax, feel the waves of water and perform some watersports. You can even go on a camel ride on the beautiful streets of JBR. If shopping is your major goal then you can spend some money at the flea market.

Even the street arts at JBR are worth watching. Or you can simply go on a long walk holding the hand of your loved one in the illuminating night of JBR.

9. Take a look at the beautiful culture of the country at Dubai Opera:

things to do in dubai: dubai operaShaped like a Dhow (a traditional sailing vessel generally seen in Indian ocean or read sea with one or more masts with lateen sails) Dubai Opera is a uniquely crafted structure of Dubai. Dubai Opera provide a stage for the biggest entertainment talents of the world. So if you want to see some epic plays, music and performances then you should visit Dubai Opera. Also, the interior of the place is designed by world-class artists and hence gives the real definition of beauty. Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance.

10. Visit Dubai’s heritage district Al Fahidi:

places to visit in dubai

Al Fahidi is a heritage district of Dubai and hence holds many things and memories related to historical Dubai and that is why it is in the 10 positions out of 14 things to do in Dubai. By spending some time at Al Fahidi you will get to know the real culture of Dubai. You can give a visit to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and raise your knowledge of the city. Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum is also a great place to visit.

You can even offer some prayers at Diwan Mosque. If you are a fan of museums then visiting Coffee Museum and Bait Al Wakeel Maritime Museum won’t disappoint you.

11. Feel the thrill at IMG World of Adventure:

Are you a kind of adventures person then you cannot give a miss to IMG World of Adventure. This is a huge park inaugurated in the year 2016 and can entertain around 30,000 visitors in a day. It is an indoor theme park, where you can have fun with your favourite superheroes and your kids will get to see many cartoon characters.

The theme park is divided into four parts which are Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard and Lost Valley-Dinosaur Adventure so that you can hit the one you like.

12. Take a ride on the Dubai Canal:

things to do in dubai: Dubai canal

2.9 kilometres long Dubai Canal connects Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. The canal project is divided into three zones first The Water Network, second The Green Network and third The Public Realm. It is a beautiful place for long drives and night walks. The night lights added more charms to the sight of Dubai Canal.

13. Take the pleasure of Dubai’s Night Life:

The nightlife of Dubai is as bright and shiny as the day. Glowing with colourful light every street and shop of the city enhances its beauty. In the night you can go on shopping as the shops here are simply awesome. You can also watch Dubai fountain where water dances on a rhythm. Enjoying the cruise ride will also be a good option for the night.

14. Have a lunch at Souk Madinat Jumeirah:

If you have no short of money and you literally want to explore Dubai then you should never miss souk Madinat Jumeirah. This place is located near Madinat Beach and has Souk which means a marketplace, bars, restaurants and hotels. You can go on and get some relaxation at the spa, shop at the numerous shops and the best is to have a lunch with your family and friends at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

In addition to this, you can even visit Dubai Aquarium, have BBQ dinner at the Dubai desert, visit Ferrari world, go on scuba diving, have fun with your kids at Wild Wadi Water Park and can even do hot air ballooning.

So what are you waiting for, visit Dubai and enjoy the best days of your life.


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