20 Best Things To Do In Chicago

With mesmerizing museums, mile-long beaches and very friendly residents, Chicago is undoubtedly one of the most obsessive tourist destinations.

While visiting such big city I have found the visitors getting confused on what to visit and which things to do in Chicago?

Taking your desire of visiting the best sites in the city I am back again, and this time with, things to do in Chicago:

I have made a list of 20 must-visit places, without which your tour to Chicago will be partial.

Let’s start the tour!!!

Here is the list of 20 best things to do in Chicago:

1. Feel the Thrill with Willis Tower Skydeck:

things to do in chicago
Warning- this one can make you feel vertigo!
Want to visit the city standing on a cloud, sorry I can’t arrange the cloud but you can take the same experience with the Willis Tower Skydeck. This tower has a glass box 1353 foot above the ground and lets you view four states.

Best time to visit: Though you can visit the place all the daylong but gives the best view in the evening. The night light of the city make the view even more dramatic it is open till 10 pm from March to September and till 8 pm from October to February.

2. Explore the Millennium Park:

things to do in chicago
Millennium Park covers around 25.5 acres of the city public art installations, the centerpiece and the main tourist attraction Jay Pritzker Pavilion, serene Lurie Garden, pedestrian bridges leading to the Maggie Daley Park, art institute and Park Grill.

Long list!

Best time to visit: The past has so much to visit and obviously you should have at least a day to explore it to the fullest.

3. Be an Artist with Art Institute of Chicago:

things to do in chicago
House of some of the face artworks like Grant Wood’s American Gothic and Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, this place is also known for its pair of bronze lions and around 300,000 artworks displayed at the beautifully designed halls and galleries.

Best time to visit: You can visit the place in the daylight as you will take around 3 to 4 hours to appreciate the artwork.

4. Roam around the Wrigley Field:

things to do in chicago at Wrigley Field
I know you might have already made a mind that it would be just for the baseball lovers.

But wait! Let me tell you this place is more than just a baseball stadium.

Apart from baseball, this one has a beautiful Wrigley Park, Friendly Confines, many eateries and a lot to just keep you roaming on the site. When there are festivals celebrations you can enjoy till you forget your own self.

Best time to visit: Baseball lovers visit the field during match time and those who want to go on a free ride should visit it in the evening.

5. Have a bite of Pork tacos at Carnitas Uruapan:

Pork tacos at Carnitas Uruapan in chicago
Before visiting the place you should make a strong decisions on how many pounds you would like to spend hear on pork as the variety of port dishes this place has can make you forget your budget. The specialty of Carnitas Uruapan is juicy pulled pork, which is served with corn tortillas, salsa and onions.


Best time to visit: The shop serves until 5 pm every day and till 6pm during the weekends, so better stop by early if you want to taste the Pork.

6. Taste the Tropical Juices at Lost Lake:

Best the Tropical Juices at Lost Lake in Chicago
Get into a place which is decorated with palm leaves, drinks having the barrage of colorful garnishes and straws and were served by the bartender wearing Hawaiian shirts. This will let you take the pleasure of islands vacation and tropical drinks including juices, cocktail and a lot more.

Feels so cool! Isn’t it?

Best time to visit: The timing of the place is as unique as the site this one opens at 5 pm and closes at 2 am. Cheers to the Midnight drinks!

7. Take a free ride at Lincoln Zoo:

things to do at Lincoln Zoo in chicago
Visit the zoo animals and that too without spending a penny this is the call from Lincoln Zoo. Major highlights include Regenstein Macaque Forest house of around 1000 critters, McCormick Bird House with colorful birds, penguins frolick and flamingos. And the cherry on the cake is the creatively designed Patios calling to relax while sipping some coffee.

Best time to visit: I know you can’t wait and you don’t have to either as this one opens at 7 in the morning and stays till 4.30 in the evening so you have a whole day fun.

8. Kick off the boredom with Dusty Groove:

things to do in chicago
This one is my personal favorite in the list of things to do in Chicago as kicks the boredom out of me. You can spend your afternoon her with some LPs as the shop has everything from Afrobeat to soul and from reggae to blues.

Best time to visit: Visit the store in the noon time and find the best music.

9. Meet the rare plants at Garfield Park Conservatory:

Garfield Park Conservatory in chicago
If you are not in a mood of taking in the chills of the city you can have some warmth at the Garfield Park Conservatory. This conservatory is largest in the world and has more 110,000 plants of around 600 species. The other attractions of this place are its beautifully constructed glass structured and it’s free of cost entry.

Best time to visit: This one as 4 season’s flowering plants, so you can visit this one at any time of the year.

10. Enjoy the late night jazz at Green Mill:

things to do in chicago at night

The club is known for the live jazz, 3 organ players, classic big bands and the fun it holds in a small space. You can enjoy the late night dance, have some cocktail and if you love to dance then this is a place you should be at

Best time to visit: As it plays music till 1 am and the night and gives the best performances in the night light, you can visit this place after 11 pm.

11. Witness 30 plays in just 60 minutes at the Neo-Futurarium:

things to do in chicago
The Neo-Futurarium is known for its 2 minutes plays and its nature of always serving the audience with something knows. Here you can simply judge what you will get to see but one thing is obviously sure and that is the entertainment. As the show is in high demand and for the entry you should have tickets, don’t forget to book your tickets in advance to enjoy the show.

Best time to visit: You can visit this site at any time, between 10 am to 6 pm but for some added fun is there in the evening.

12. Knock the doors of past at Pullman Foundation Visitor Center:

Did you see the movies The Fugitive and Road to Perdition if yes then the old buildings shown in the film might have marked you with some thrill? You can explore those historical concrete structures at Pullman Foundation Visitor Center. Build in the time when businessman George Pullman begins with the railroad shipping car factory, this place will take you a trip back in the past.

Best time to visit: visitors can enter this place between 11 am to 3 pm and explore the past.

13. Know about the Beer’s journey to the Can at Half Acre Brewery Balmoral:

How doesn’t love quenching the thirst with some cold beer, but trust me just as to cherish the drink you will also enjoy witnessing how the beer gets into the can. This is a different yet full of enjoyable experience that you will remember for life.

Best time to visit: this one is open for the visitors just from Thursday to Saturday so you can visit it accordingly.

14. Travel through Steppenwolf Theatre Company:

best Chicago Steppenwolf Theatre
If you haven’t visited any of the city theatres yet and want to trip the one then Steppenwolf Theatre Company should be your first choice. This is a perfect Rainn Wilson, Michael Cera and Michael Shannon) come to show off their chops on stage at Lincoln Park. Don’t underestimate this one as known actors like Michael Cera, Rainn Wilson and Michael Shannon has burnt this same stage on fire with their performances.

Best Time to visit: Though you can show up here at any evening of the week however, it delivers some of the best shows during weekends.

15. Hangout with some of oldest mummies at Field Museum:

Best Field Museum in chicago
Field Museum is the must visit place in the list of things to do in Chicago. This Museum is built in the area of 350,000 square feet enclosing many of the exhibitions. So I am going to recommend you to start your tour from an exhibition named “Inside Ancient Egypt”. Perceive the largest collection of the mummies and the tomb of pharaoh’s son Unis-Ankh, which is as per the archaeologist more than 5000 years old.

Best time to visit: you can visit this one in the normal visiting hours but not in the night because mummies can make you feel a little frightened.

16. Show off your dance moves at Smart Bar:

things to do in chicago
If you love dancing and drinking then this is your place. Explore the old and new generation music like hip-hop and electronics. This one has superb DJs, Wrigleyville club, Sweaty revelers and drag performers dancing at the pulse of a house beat.

Best time to visit: Do I need to tell that? You can rock the dance floor in the night or even better at the late night.

17. Taste city’s best burger at Au Cheval:

things to do in chicago
I am a burger lover, just the name of burger makes my mouth watering and I know I am not alone on the list. Holding the legendary status the signature cheesy beef patty burger of West Loop restaurant’s is a must eat in Chicago.

Best time to visit: As the restaurant doesn’t offer to pre-book you have to grab a spot in here to have a bite of this yummy burger.

18. Visit the pedals of Skylanding at The Jackson Park:

The Jackson Park chicago
Enclosing the beauty of the city with scenic lake and the pedals of Skylanding you can spend some peaceful time at the Jackson Park.

Best time to visit: visit this park in the month of September, October, April and May and admire its natural allurements.

19. Bike (or walk) along the beach of the Lakefront Trail:

things to do in Chicago
Posh beach is the point of attraction of Chicago and having a bike ride along the beach can make you go wow. The Lakefront Trail has an 18 miles long path running at the cost of Lake Michigan. You will never be alone on the path, as there will many cyclists, joggers and pedestrians accompanying you.

Best time to visit: morning and evening is the best time to paddle or walk here.

20. Buy something strangely unique at the Woolly Mammoth Antiques & Oddities:

things to buy in Chicago Woolly Mammoth Antiques & Oddities
Hard to tell you what you can find here as this antique store is full of countless strange items. You can grab anything from diving helmets, Taxidermy, animal bones, military supplies and many other interesting knick-knacks kept the shelves of Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities.

Best time to visit: The store opens at 12 pm and puts the shutter down at 7 pm. It goes busy in the evening so if you are desperately willing something different than you should visit this place in the noon.

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