15 Best Things to Do in Exploring Bali

In Mule,  S.A Tawks quotes about Bali, “You need a break every once in a while to enjoy every day and you need every day to enjoy the break you take every once in a while.” One of the most popular destinations in the world, Bali undoubtedly is that beauty which deserves the title of “Island of Gods.” People who have visited Bali say that it is more than just a place, it’s magical, majestic, beautiful. It is that enhancement of the mood which brings a tropical state of mind.

With pristine sea beaches edged with blue sky and vermillion marked dusk, Bali is the paradise for surfer aficionados. Situated in the middle of Indonesia, Bali is home to several eye-catch attractions that are bound to make you have a jaw-dropping experience. From adventure activities to discover its history, there is so much to do and unwrap in Bali.

Come let’s take a short tour as to how can you enjoy the Island of Gods in the best way possible –

Here are top 15 best things to do in Bali

Activities to do in bali

1. Surfing in Kuta

Beach lovers, as well as surfer aficionados, the most famous beach in Bali, welcomes you with all their heart, the Kuta Beach. The gentle waves and the surroundings are bound to make you feel enlightened. The beaches have rolling surf that is completely free from any sharp reefs. You can easily sign up for a surf lesson if you have little or no knowledge about surfing. And if you do, boarding is easily available.  This is one of the things to do in Bali which you should never tend to miss. The locals, as well as the tourist, enjoy the beauty of the dusk. And what you can do?

Take your beloved for a romantic walk under the vermillion sky. Or just sit along with a chilled beer and enjoy the beauty of the ambiance.

2. Diving in Tulamben

There is ample number of things to do in Bali. And one of the most amazing things is diving in Bali. Tubalem has the shipwreck which is nearly 15 meters away from the beach. So that leaves you with an option of taking up snorkeling at the same time two things to do in Bali and enjoying the experience.

Tubalem is also famous for the big fishes and the one giant barracuda. If you tend to dive deeper into Tubalem, you will be able to discover different beautiful macro species like nudibranchs. Another place where you can do dividing is Nusa Penida where you will be lucky enough to dive with ocean sunfish. Not only this, another thing to do in Bali is the Manta Point which is famous for diving with loads of manta rays.

3. Enthusiasm at Bali Treetop Adventure Park

things to do in bali, treetop adventure park

If you are yearning for an adrenaline rush in the afternoon while exploring Bali, one of the most amazing things that you can do is to head toward Bali Treetop Adventure Park. This is where you will be able to do something different where the place is filled with greenery and lush green forest at the same time, enjoy different rides in there.

For families and couples, the park is the best to explore. There are several ranges of circuit attached high up in the trees. There are nets, swings, flying foxes galore that will let you fly high up in the air and visualize the aw-amazing views over the forest canopies.

4. Spend time in Sidemen

things to do in bali, sidemen

Another place where most of the touring go for exploring Bali is spending time in Sidemen. It is one of those alternatives to crowded places in Bali like Ubud.

Filled with green rice paddies, Sidemen is situated in a cool valley. Another most of the best things to do in Bali is trekking in the encompassing regions, walk through the secluded waterfall and breathtaking vantage places where you will be able to enjoy the majestic view of the mother nature.

5. Climb Mount Batur

things to do in bali, mount batur

If you are willing to do something different in Bali then you can easily head to Mount Batur that has been standing 1700 meters above sea level. It is one of the most special and popular places in Bali where the tour commences around 4 am.

Known for its volcanoes, getting up early in the morning will let you garner the beautiful landscape of the sunrise over the mountains encompassing the beautiful lakes. Though one of the easiest apart from the other mountain trekking, you will be able to flaunt that you trekked through the volcanic mountains.

6. Go river rafting on Ayung River

things to do in bali, rafting on Ayung River

While exploring Bali, again you get to indulge in water sports activities is river rafting while your trip to the Ayung River. Filled with whitewater rapids, rafting on the Ayung River are a once in a lifetime experience where you get to view the beautiful little villages nearly and the lush greenery of the surrounding areas. You will be able to notice so many beautiful things that will make you go awe.

7. Swimming at Waterbom

things to do in bali, Waterbom

Great for families or someone who wants to enjoy the splash, Waterbom is here for you in Kuta.

With different sorts of pools as slides, there are raising rides too where you will get down from a high place where your adrenaline rush will leave the peak. There is a number of cafes you can binge on to whenever you are hungry.

Places to Visit in Bali

8. Visit Pura Ulun Danu

things to do in bali, pura ulun danu

Exploring Bali means you ought to visit the most touristy and photographed place that is the Pura Ulun Danu Beratan. One of the most inexplicably beautiful places to visit in Bali. Exploring this place in Bali is not that time-consuming.

Situated at the edge of the Baratan Lake in Bedugul in Bali, Ulun Danu is a Buddhist temple surrounded by the greenery and beauty of nature. Dedicated to the goddess of the lake, it is one of the places in Bali where you can enjoy serenity and tranquility.

There are different forms of shrines where each is dedicated to a different god. The beautifully carved architecture and those intricately carved gates are worth for a jaw-dropping experience when you tend to explore Bali.

9. Marvel at Tanah Lot Temple

things to do in bali , Tanah Lot Temple

One of the most visited places and best site of Bali is a Hindu temple which is a scenic rock formation, Tanah Lot Temple.

When you are exploring Bali, you will be able to hear and see, over the passing years, the sea has separated the rock from the main course of land. During the time of high tide, the rock is encompassed which makes to view the most majestic sights in Indonesia.

Tourists and visitors are here to enjoy the sunsets and reach early to ornate themselves with the breathtaking view. And when there is low tide, you can easily walk across the sand and reach the temple.

10. Enjoy Watching Kecak dance

things to do in bali, kecak dance

Something different things to do in Bali is to delve into one of their oldest art form developed in the 1930s known as the Kecak Dance.

Derived from the “cak” sound which is repeated again and again, is basically the depiction of the true story based on the Hindu epic, Ramayana. You will be able to view the dance style all over the place and also there are shows that occur at night under the stars.

11. Bathe in the sacred waters of Tirta Empul

things to do in bali ,sacred waters of Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul is one of the places to visit in Bali. You must have seen the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” featuring Julia Roberts, that is where the place has come to spotlight.

Situated outskirts of Ubud, there are numerous pools surrounded with fountains in this temple. The water of the temple is known to be holy and especially Hindus tend to come here to take the holy bath.

There is so much t it. The ornamenting architecture and statures are way beyond explanation in words.

12. Spend the day on Menjangan Island

things to do in bali , Menjangan Island

Situated in the north-west of Bali, Menjangan Island is a bit time consuming to reach but that search is worth it when you get to visit the Menjangan National Marine Park.

The main reason to visit the place in Balise is to indulge in trekking, diving as well as garner the beauty of the underwater delights like the different colorful fishes and the coral reefs. Also, you might be lucky enough to view other sea animals or species at the same time.

Relishing Life While Exploring Bali

13. Nightlife in Kuta

things to do in bali , nightlife

Who doesn’t love partying! Engaging all party needs just step your foot to Jalan Legian in Kuta.

Known for its nightlife of Bali, you will be able to discover different pub, cafes, live music events and crowd here. The parties go on till early in the morning and not only this, you will be able to come across huge joints of eateries to binge at.

14. Dinner in Jimbaran

things to do in bali , dinner at jimbaran

Once being the fishing village, Jimbaran is now home to seafood restaurants, one of the places to visit in Bali. Sitting on the coast along the golden pristine sea beach, you can come here in the evening or at night and relish the lip-smacking seafood. The traditional seafood barbecue is so amazing to eat while enjoying your bare feet on the sandy beach. As per the weight and the freshest catch of the day, you will be able to order the seafood accordingly. The entire process of cooking involves the fish with rice and other side sides.

15. Visit Spa

things to do in bali, spa

Popularly known for the best experience in the spa that delves into the ingredients that are a local and traditional method of massage that will make you relaxed and refreshed. So, if you are wondering where to head to, one of the best places to visit in Bali for the spa is The Spa and The Edge Hotel situated in Pectau.

Final Words

There are so many things to experience in Bali which is never-ending. Won’t it be so amazing to watch down from the cliff and there you are enjoying the most luxurious spa mix with flowers, rice, and holy water. Not only the spa and luxurious experiences, but Bali will also let you rediscover your own self yet again.

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