Top 13 Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

John Green once quoted, “Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but the truth is it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” But is it really that? With the increasing popularity of the adventures and activities, Amsterdam is reaching the new pinnacle for wander fanatics. It is known to be Europe’s most eclectic destinations and it is getting vibrant with passing days. Let’s delve into the aspect of knowing what are the best things and activities to do in Amsterdam.

Things to do in Amsterdam.

1. Visit Vondelpark – The Largest City Park of Amsterdam

things to do in amsterdam

  • Known as the larger city park of Amsterdam, the Vondelpark is a 116-acre, most favourite leafy retreat for you which is situated in the southwest of the centre of the city.
  • There are tourists and travellers who enjoy spending some quality time with their family members as well as you will be able to view some picnicking in the area. Though it is better not to visit post the dusk.
  • There are ponds, fields and playgrounds which are a junction with winding pathways. There is also an open-air theatre, a rollerblade rental, a rose garden, numerous cafes and different forms of statues and sculptures.

2. Bloemenmarkt

things to do in amsterdam

  • Situated on the south bank of the Singel Canal, the Bloemenmarkt is another of the best places of visit in Amsterdam. It is known to be the first floating marketing in the world.
  • Located between Muntplein and Koningsplein, this market has flower sellers with all sorts of flowers, all the year round. This market includes more than a dozen florists, gardening stalls and souvenir stalls.
  • Though you will be able to come across many local shops too, this market has been specifically gaining the attention of the tourists. There are designing of bulbs which are done for export services.
  • If you want you will be able to purchase the fresh narcissus, daffodils and other bulbs that will be with you as a souvenir to Amsterdam

3. Begijnhof

things to do in amsterdam

  • Another of the best places to visit in Amsterdam is the district of Begijnhof. Also known as Beguines Courtyard covers the centre circle of the land in Amsterdam’s circular canal system.
  • It was mainly an enclosed courtyard which was known to be the residence of the Catholic Beguines in the 14th century. Begijnhof was not completely converted in the traditional form of way. This is so because the women had the freedom to leave the order if they want to get married.
  • During the Reformation, the sisterhood’s chapel was confiscated. They then started worshipping at the Begijnhof Kapel, secretly. It is mainly an awe-inspiring structure that is formulated with marble columns and windows that are stained with glass.
  • Not only this, Begijnhof is the centre or you can even call it the home of the English Reformed Church that was built in the year 1392. Even the oldest wooden house in the city has been developed in the year 1465 which is also located in Begijnhof.

4. Rijksmuseum

things to do in amsterdam

  • One of the best attractions in Amsterdam is the Rijksmuseum, the holder of the nation’s arts and historical monuments. If you are a lover of history and artefacts, this museum is sure to attract your attention.
  • There are millions of artefacts that you will come across which have been in the store since the 13th century. For many years, the collection was in store until 1876, when a design contest was conducted. It was won by architect Pierre Cuypers, post that Rijksmuseum was built.
  • Inaugurated in 1885, there are nearly 8,000 objects on showcase in the museum. Out of which there are paintings by Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer.

5. De Wallen

things to do in amsterdam

  • If you are looking forward to finding the best things to do in Amsterdam, you can probably pay a visit to the infamous red-light area, De Wallen. This area is known to be legal for prostitution.
  • The entire area tends to cover many canals and side streets located to the south of the Central Station. You will be able to find 100 single room apartments where the sex-works reside on rent and tend to entice the onlookers from there.
  • Before you pay a visit to the place, you need to know that you are not allowed to click pictures there. And also that it has a strong police presence.
  • Known to be the oldest part of Amsterdam, you will be able to come across numerous historical buildings which involve the Gothic-style Oude Kerk, the city’s oldest church.

6. Anne Frank House

things to do in amsterdam - Anne Frank House

  • Another of the best attractions in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House. Situated along the Prinsengracht canal, it is that house where Anne Frank along with her family and 4 other Jewish people from the Nazi hid there.
  • It has been remembered as the memorial of the Holocaust in 1947 where Anne’s father published a diary written by Anne while their hidden stay in the building.
  • The preservation of the building came to limelight in the year 1955 where there was the thinking of the plan of demolishing the structure. In 1960, this building finally got opened as a museum. You will be able to see the rooms where Anne lived along with the other members.

7. Van Gogh Museum

things to do in amsterdam- van gogh museum

  • One of the best attractions in Amsterdam is visiting the Van Gogh Museum where nearly 1.5 million visitors visit the museum every year. And due to this, it is known as the most important art galleries in the entire world.
  • There are more than 500 drawings, 200 paintings and 700 letters from Van Gogh that are showcased. You will be able to come across Gogh’s tragic life and high exemplary talent that makes the museum worth visiting.

Activities To Do in Amsterdam

1. Climbing the Westertoren

things to do in amsterdam - westertoren

One of the best things to do in Amsterdam is to climb the tallest tower, located in the centre of the city, the Westertoren.

The building is historical and was known as the crown of the Hapsburg emperor on the top. While other got buried under the church.

There will be six people allowed to enter the building every half an hour, you can reserve your place beforehand. It is open only during the summers.

2. Partying At Ruigoord

things to do in amsterdam - ruigoord

It is mainly an old village situated on the western side of Amsterdam’s harbour zone. It is known to be an artistic retreat for communities. It is mainly the answer of Amsterdam to Christiania, filled with love and creative juices in the event. It takes place mainly in the first week of August and is known as the five-day Landjuweel Festival.

3. Visit the boom Chicago

things to do in amsterdam - boom chicago

If you are planning what are the other things to do in Amsterdam, you can check out boom Chicago which is mainly a nightly show. It is a show of the fusion of American and Dutch baiting sketch and comedy show from the famous troupe. There are numerous English language comedies to checkout, storytelling nights as well as weekly workshops to attend to.

4. Beer Tasting Under The Windmill

things to do in amsterdam- the windmill

The easiest to visit windmill is the being de Gooyer in the Oostelijke Eilanden (Eastern Islands) neighbourhood. It is not just a simple windmill but is known as the key featured landmark for Brouwerij‘t Ij.

Brouwerij‘t Ij is one of the best places to visit in Amsterdam. It is microbrewery that has got a large outdoor drinking terrace and guesses what? This award-winning place has a 30-minute guide tasting tours of the beer.

This microbrewery produces different organic and seasonal types of drinks which you will not be able to find at any other place.

5. Click Pictures At I Amsterdam Letters

How can you even forget of not clicking a picture there? If you are visiting there, one of the things to do in Amsterdam and you ought to do is to click the picture at I Amsterdam letters. It not only is huge and dope but also it will be worth clicking a picture of your memories being there.

6. Take A Canal Cruise

things to do in amsterdam - canal cruise

To keep the sea at bay, there was a formulation in the 17th century. The Amsterdam’s UNESCO protected the canal belt for keeping it safe of the picture-postcard outlook of Amsterdam. It is indeed a breathtaking sight to look at any time of the day and night. Taking a guiding tour, floating along the canals visiting the quintessential city, Won’t the best the best things to do in Amsterdam! There are many cruises you can choose for such an adventurous venture.

Final Words –

You will garner the never ending experience in Amsterdam. May it be visiting places or attractions or going for adventures, Amsterdam has something or the other in-store for everyone. From lip-smacking food to wandering through the city pathways or tram depot, you will inculcate a whole new experience of delving into the culture and the hustle bustle of the city life.

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