Top 10 Things You Absolutely Must Do Before You Die

“The only people who fear death are those with regrets.”

Every one of us has a bucket list. Whether it’s wild, wacky, fearless or frolicsome, most people compile a list of things they want to do and places they want to visit before they die. It is quite obvious that life is short, so get a few of these incredible experiences in your kitty while you can!

The purpose of making such lists isn’t to instill some kind of a race against time or to build repugnance toward death. I don’t see our life to be limited to just our physical presence – I don’t see our life to be limited to the number of years we spend on earth – our lifespan is nevertheless a short speck of our existence in the cosmos.

The point of making a list of “things to do before you die” is to make the most of every moment of our existence and to live our lives to the fullest. It’s a reminder, so that rather than pandering our time in worthless activities, we are directing it completely towards what matters mostto us.

  1. Devour a meal good enough to be your last one.

things to do before you die

When the end knocks at your door, there is a distinct possibility that you would not be in a position to relish white truffles. However, if you plan ahead warily–if you eat as much as your heart wants now–you won’t die feeling resentful. Think of it as your personal death insurance and don’t pay any attention to your trainer- after all – haters gonna hate!

  1. Plan a pilgrimage.

things to do before you die

The destination could be a traditional one like Rome or Jerusalem or Mecca. It might be a place of primeval rituals, like Machu Picchu or Stonehenge. If you are a nature lover it could be an Amazonian rain forest or African savanna; or if you are a music lover it could be Bayreuth or La Scala. The objective is a place of adulation you hold sacred, a place where you feel part of something bigger. The reward is a moment that would be so precious that no camera in the world can capture it.

  1. Climb a mountain.

things to do before you die

Climbing a mountain is not something people go on vacation to do. Mountains are considered dangerous and futile. If you ask me these are just excises made by those who are too afraid to climb. The whole point of climb a mountain is to mount something you are afraid to mount and see something new.

  1. Try a new profession in a completely different field

things to do before you die

How long have you been engaged in your current profession? Is this the right time for a change? It’s fun to do something different from what you are currently doing, and it doesn’t mean you need to quit your current job — you can experiment with some volunteer work in some field you like or startup a your own part-time business on the side. It’s all about trying something new and expanding your horizon.

  1. Achieve your ideal weight

things to do before you die

If you are a binge eater who constantly makes commitments to overcome her emotional eating, lose excess weight and live healthily, then this item on our list of “things to do before you die” is the single best thing you can do for yourself. Make a commitment to be healthy. If you are not at your ideal weight, start making some changes from today.

  1. Run a marathon

things to do before you die

A marathon is definitely not an easy thing; it requires extensive training and hard work. Training and running a marathon will develop your physical strength and stamina as well as your mental perseverance, will power, and attitude.

  1. Take up a new sport

things to do before you die

Sports are a great way to keep in shape! Whether you are an outdoor or indoor person, there is a sport for all and sundry. Here are some sports you can try your hands on:

  • Water sports: Swimming, Kayaking, Water rafting, Sailing, Snorkeling, Scuba diving
  • Technique sports: Golf, Archery, Bowling, Skateboarding, Billiard, Skating, Ice skating
  • Racket sports: Badminton, Squash,Tennis, Table tennis
  • Group sports: Rugby, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball
  1. Let that special someone know how they mean to you

things to do before you die

In this journey we call life, we are continuously touched by people around us, be it our family, friends or acquaintances. Can you remember someone who once made a difference in your life? Get in touch with that person today and let them know how much they mean to you. This would be a wonderful experience for both of you and this one the best things to do before you die.

  1. Surprise someone

things to do before you die

When was the last time you surprised someone? It’s always uplifting to come home to a lovingly cooked meal, to have a bunch of flowers sent at the office, or to get a simple text from a loved one. Surprise someone today; give someone a moment of sheer love and care. You’ll see karma will send lots of positivity and love your way as well.

  1. Pursue a passion

things to do before you die

Life is too short to be wasted doing something we don’t love. What are you passionate about? Is it art? Music? Travellling? Or To help others grow? Ask yourself, how can you begin to pursue your passion? Either pursue your passion part time or make it your career the important thing is to experience the power of labor of love.

What would be on your list of things to do before you die? Do share in comments.

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